Sadda Haq 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 30th January 2014 Written Update

Starts with Vardhan saying forget about winning dream team, Kabir. You couldn’t win 12 years ago and won’t win this time either.

All students are getting ready to leave. Vidhushi takes photographs with the dean. Inside, Kastuki and Sanyu meet Jiggy. They ask what happened on his face. Jiggy says Randhir was very upset yesterday, don’t know for what. He asks Sanyu if they had an argument again. They then get ready for the group photographs. Sanyu realizes that Randhir will also be in it, so she makes an excuse to leave from there. She’s going to her room and sees Randhir. They both look at each other awkwardly and then walk in opposite direction.

At Sanyu’s home, her parents talk about her alliance. Sanyu’s mum asks Sanyu’s dad to wait for couple of years, but her dad wants Sanyu to meet the guy as he’s from a very good family. He is afraid as Sanyu doesn’t care about his reputation. Sanyu’s mum says she will talk to her. Sanyu’s dad says he can’t trust her as she is the one who supported Sanyu in going to college. He says he will talk to her first and if needed, then she can talk. Sanyu’s mum tells him to talk nicely to her.

Kastuki takes Sanyu for the group photos. YoYo tries to touch Kastuki, but Jiggy comes in the way. Jiggy asks Randhir to come for the photos, but he walks out.

Principal comes to Vardhan and says Kabir is trying his best to win this competition. Vardhan says he won’t be able to win. Vardhan is nearly hurting himself. Principal asks him to be careful. Vardhan says this pain is nothing in front of the pain that he has gone through.

Sanyu returns home and is surprised when her dad talks nicely to her. She hugs her mother. Her mum asks if she didn’t take care of herself in college. Sanyu’s bro is frustrated as everyone is giving extra attention to Sanyu. Her mum takes her to her room and Sanyu shares her college experience with her. Sanyu also expresses happiness as her dad talked to her which she wasn’t expecting. Her mum recalls her dad’s words and tries to talk indirectly with Sanyu. She asks her about her college friends. Sanyu tells about Kastuki. Her mum says there must be many guys, if any friend from the guys. Sanyu tells her directly that she doesn’t have any boyfriend. She remembers her kissing and fighting scene with Randhir. She then tells her mum she will cook today.

Randhir comes to some garage at his uncle’s place. He bonds well with his uncle’s son. Randhir says he started learning about engineering in this garage so he always comes here in his free time to learn new stuff. His dad calls and asks why he didn’t go to his house. Randhir says there are bad memories and all. His dad asks him to promise that he will go to his house next time else he will again get embarrassed in college if his dad goes there. Randhir promises and says he never gets embarrassed because of him.

Sanyu brings halwa (a dish) to his father. He praises her and then tells her to go shopping with her mum, and also to a beauty parlor so she looks pretty in a week time. Sanyu gets very happy and asks him if there’s any function. Her dad tells her about a family coming to see her. Her smile disappears. She says her studies are not completed yet and she is not ready for the marriage yet. Her dad says they are not getting her married, they just want her to see the family and the guy. Sanyu gets upset now.

Precap: Sanyu tells her mum if she knew about her alliance, then she would have never come home. Her mum asks where else she would go. Sanyu shouts anywhere else, but not to this house. Her mum slaps her. The family who is going to see Sanyu stops at Randhir’s uncle’s garage. Randhir sees Sanyu’s photo and is surprised. Randhir’s uncle tells the guy he will need to take a mechanic with him as it’s a complicated issue with the car. The guy asks Randhir to go with him and his family.

Update Credit to: Nishi

  1. Wow,nice precap..Randhir will go to sanyu’s house

  2. anjani sharma

    i would love to see the reaction of sanyu wen she will see randhir at her home.

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