Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 30th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash bringing Bansi Prasad. Vikas and Shilpa are shocked to see him. Bansi says arrest them inspector, they are great thugs. Akash says Monica Didi told us what happened here, I wanted to know about you both, so I had a talk with Bansi. Bansi says your name is Aditi. Akash scolds them for fooling Prabhunath and Vandana. Akash says you will get your real house where you belong, and thats jail. Vikas and Shilpa are shocked. Vikas and Shilpa speak against Akash and Poonam. The inspector says enough, tell your story in police station, come with us now.

Poonam says one more truth, this house is not on my mum’s name. Akash says you became fools. Poonam says I wanted to make you tell the truth which you told. Bansi thanks Poonam and Akash. Prabhunath

stops the inspector and returns the money to Vikas and Shilpa. They leave with the police. Poonam smiles.

Akash informs Shashikan what happened with Prabhunath. Shashiaknt offers his support. Dadi asks what happened. Shashikant tells her and Mangla everything. They are shocked too. Prabhunath is upset that he did not identify those cheaters, he says its good Monica Didi found out everything. He calls him unlucky. Akash pacifies him. Monica Didi says its not your mistake they were big thugs. Poonam says I told you, but you did not listen to me, now enough, you have to listen to me now, sell this house and shift to Sitapur, thats final, its my decision.

Prabhunath and Vandana look at Poonam. Poonam says my decision won’t change, what would happen to me if anything happens with you, I have only one mum and one Papa, who don’t worry about me. Why will you as I m a daughter. She gets emotional and cries. She says I m not your daughter after my marriage, is it so. Vandana says no, its not like that, enough. She hugs Poonam and cries. Prabhunath says you know we can’t see tears in your eyes. We will do what you say, we agree with your decision. Poonam smiles.

Prabhunath says this house has old memories of you and Deepak, its special for me, its tough to leave this house. Poonam says the situation demands this. Prabhunath says I will sell this house and stay near your house in Sitapur. Poonam hugs him. Akash looks on. Akash and Poonam come back home. They have a dicsussion about Prabhunath and Vandana and how they got fooled. Mangla gives her opinion on Prabhunath and says he should have read the papers before signing.

She says till when will Poonam and Akash do for them, don’t they have a son and bahu. Shashikant says enough Mangla. Poonam says Mangla is right, I m this house’s bahu and my duties are for this house. She says even Akash is unable to focus on his work. She says Prabhunath agreed to buy a house in Sitapur. We will buy a small house near out house. Mangla is shocked. Shashikant is happy with this decision and says I will help Prabhunath. I will help in finding a good and cheap house.

Mangla is angry that Prabhunath and Vandana would be coming back to them again. She thinks how to get rid of this problem. Kanno smiles and says we should first look at ourselves. She says its your mistake. Mangla asks what did I do. Kanno says you gave importance to Poonam and gave rs. 25 lakhs back to Poonam. She says if you let them stay near our house, it will be your next mistake. Mangla says then you try to stop them from coming here. Kanno says yes, I can, but why would I, they are of no harm to me, if you give me anything, then I can. Mangla asks what do you want. Kanno says give me the full responsibility of the house and give me the locker keys.

Mangla is shocked. Kanno says you should not interfere in my decisions. Mangla agrees. Kanno leaves smiling. Kanno calls Kiran and tells her that Prabhunath is surely selling the house this time. She tells her everything what happened. Kiran and Deepak are shocked. Kanno says this time Poonam made them agree. Poonam does not want to tell you, you can understand why she is not telling you. She says you come here as soon as possible and see whats going on here. Kanno is happy that Deepak will take action this time.

Its morning, Akash looks out for calculator. Poonam sees him throwing clothes out of the cupboard. She says Akash, what are you searching. He says calculator. She says see what did you do. He says sorry. She gives him the calculator. Akash says I will clean the room. Poonam says no need, I will do it myself. She cleans the room. Akash does his work. Akash gets a call from Chandru and he scolds him and ends the call. Mangla talks to Mama. Mama asks did you think how to get rid of Prabhunath, don’t have any hope from Kanno.

Mangla says I understand, I want to stop them from settling in Sitapur, we have to find out some solution. Poonam comes to Mangla. Mangla and Mama are shocked seeing Poonam. Poonam does not hear anything and looks on.


Deepak and Kiran come to meet Prabhunath and Vandana. Deepak is annoyed with Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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