Sadda Haq 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir and sanyu come out. Randhir calls Renuka Saniyal. His PA picks the call he says I wanna talk to renuka its urgent. He says how dare you to call her. what you thought you will burn the house and we wont know? If you had to do this you could have turned of the CCTV. Randhir says I don’t wanna talk to you let me talk to renuka. He says I don’t wanna talk to you as well and I am leaving you because renuka asked me to otherwise I would have taught you.

Maya asks for orientation marks of students. PKC shows her the list, he syas ranndhir has highest marks and sanyu has lowest. maya says don’t make sanyu and randhir’s marksheet. pkc asks why? She says there is a case filed against them both. Media has made fun of FITE. PKC says randir and sanyu are the best students of FITE, can we do something? Maya says media thinks we defend spoil students. Cops can even target us.

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Rajveer comes to priyali and comes close to her. He says are you scared? Because your body guards have gone? Priyali says they are not my mentors any more. He says so come in my team but you have to show your loyalty. Priyali says what you mean? He says say sorry. Priyali says I am sorry I went against you. He says you have to come to boys hostel in mini skirt and you will have to dance. We need full entertainment only then we will forgive you. Priayli says I have never worn skirt. He says you never messed with me before? You have to live here for four years. I will be waiting for you.

Scene 2
Priyali comes to rajveer and his pals in mini skirt. Rajveer is shocked. He says a gift came to us by itself. priyali says you called me I came here I am sorry. Rajveer says come sit here. He says now you are in our team. priyali says I don’t know why I went against you, cops should take them jail today. Manish had to leave the college. can you call him tomorrow? he will feel better. Rajveer says not at all. He is much scared of sanyu. Priyali says yeah poor manish, she went to maya’s cabin and said you manipulated the CCTV. He says yeah she had to blame someone. Priyali says she must be doing something in her room to blame you. I can stop her if you want. He says no you don’t need to do anything. Cops will do everything. She says okay then I have to go, warden will come. He says yeah stay like this your and mine engineering will be interesting. he leaves. his pal says she is perfect for you. if you told her truth she would have died. Rajveer says no one should know that I have trapped him in this. We have to wait for tomorrow.

Scene 3
Next morning, maya reports are filed. Cops will arrest and you and right in that moment you will be rusticated. Where are you parents? Randhir says no one coming for me. sanyu syas my mom will take an hour. Maya says cops wont wait. Maya calls and says send the cops in. Priyali comes in and says ma’am please, before you call cops listen to this. She plays the recording of what rajveer said last night when she left. Priyali says this is the proof that sanyu and randhir are innocent. Rajveer says its not my voice. She is manipulating something. Priyali says like you manipulated cctv. Rajveer says I will slap you if you try to be over smart. Maya says rajveer don’t you dare to talk to her like this especially not in front of me. He says she is trapping me, she came to me in mini skirt last night. priyali says tell her whole story. Priyali says ma’am I went to boys hostel but that was our plan. She recalls Randhir said I am with you sanyu. priyali came and said I will do something. sanyu said priyali can manipulate and make him express. Priyali said I will do anything to prove you innocent. So priyali came to them and said all that, manish was innocent I never wanna be like you. She placed came in the book when rajveer came to her and asked her to come to boys hostel. She placed a microphone in her pocket when she went to boys hostel and dropped it there. priyali says ma’am manipulating manish was rajveer’s plan. Rajveer says she I lying. PKC says I knew his attitude was wrong since first day. He says maya call the cops. Rajveer says even cops can’t harm me, Ragging is on students and I am not student of FITE yet rather your college name will be ruined. if you want I can bring manish back to college which will save your college’s name. Maya says leave that up to me. Now just get out of colelge if you come on time of admission I will see what I have to do to you. Ranhdir says to him meet me outside college. Yoyo says we need to solve this. Rajveer leaves. maya says I am sorry randhir sanyu, thanks priyali you saved me from doing a mistake. You had no idea how painful it was for me. I was juts following legal procedure. sanyu says its not your mistake ma’am. Maya says you two are free now. sanyu says thanks priyali. SHe says how could I let you go to jail. At least I did something for you.

Scene 4
Next morning sanyu wakes up to a text from ranhir. She picks up newspaper and sees the news of renuka join hands to roshan enterprise and getting married to him. She says randhir shouldn’t see this he will lose his mind. Sanyu goes to his room, he is punching the punching bag and says how can she do this. Sayu says randhir, he says what you are doing here? He says how can she do this to me? She is coming here for internships. sanyu says what? He says yeah she is coming here for internships I saw on notice board. I hate her why she come in front of my eyes again and again. sanyu says in heart thank God he didn’t see newspaper. She tries to kick out the paper. Randhir says we wont apply in her company. sanyu says yeah sure. parth come in and says randhir I am sorry I read.. Sanyu says you read notice board? parth says is it on notice board? SAnyu says yeah randhir is so tensed about renuka coming for internships. Randhir says did someone comment? Parth says no, no one was there. sanyu hugs him and aays calm down I am with you. I am going now I have to get ready. Parth nods at her when she leaves.

Sanyu says to parth please randhir shouldn’t know about his mom’s wedding. Parth says but he wil; know someday. SAnyu says I want ranuka to tell herself to ranhdir. make sure he doesn’t talk to anyone. parth says I will try.

Precap-sanyu calls renuka and says before randhir gets to know from some other source I want you to call him and tell him about your wedding. renuka says now you will take my personal decisions. randhir overhears her talking. He goes to renuka’s home. Heis about to hit roshan with a rod but a guy withholds him. He says so you are randhir? my step brother.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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