Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar finds his wallet, socks, etc in Pari’s cupboard and shows it to Gopi. She says that means Pari loves him. He reads Pari’s diary that Jigar loves Rashi and she cannot take Rashi’s place, but wants to be part of his life. He asks Gopi how can anyone love him so much. Pari on the other side says Vivan that she truly loves Jigar. He says Jigar does not love you. She says whatever it is, Jigar and his kids are her family now and he does not know have any place in her life. He says what will she do now as he has given CD to jigar which has their engagement video and pics. She says everything will be ruined if Jigar sees that. Vivan says she is his. She says her engagement to him was her biggest mistake and if Jigar sees their video, she will kill him. Radha hears their conversation and thinks she will use Vivan against Pari now.

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Gopi says Jigar that one cannot control feelings and love and if he has any feelings for Pari, he should not hide it and says Rashi will be happy seeing him moving in life and being happy. She says she is sure Pari is not only perfect for children but for kids also and says though she has drawbacks, only she can love him and his children and he starting to love Pari is not wrong. Jigar gets emotional and walks out. Kokila hears their conversation and asks Gopi why is she trying to force Pari in Jigar’s life when wants Pari to get out of this house. Gopi says she is clearing Jigar’s confusion and wants to show that he has started to love Pari. Kokila says she is misguiding Jigar. Gopi says she is doing right. Kokila says if anything happens to Jigar or family, she will be responsible for that.

Pari comes to Jigar’s room and searches Vivan’s CD. Radha watches her searching CD and silently gets into room. She is surprised to see CD and thinks what will happen now. Jigar comes there and Radha hides behind cupboard. Pari says she was searching him. He asks if she had any work. She says she did not see him, so was searching. Once Pari and Jigar get out of room, Radha comes out, picks CD, replaces with another one and hides. Pari comes back, picks CD and hurriedly goes into check it, but is shocked to see Jigar and Rashi’s marriage CD.

Radha plays CD and is surprised to see Vivan and Pari’s engagement. She thinks she will expose Pari and will get her out of house.

Vivan comes back and joins party as Santa Claus. Kokila asks why is she taking so much trouble. Radha comes and says she wants to show CD and get Pari out of house. Pari comes down and asks what proof she has. Gopi asks Radha to stop creating drama. Radha asks her to let her show proof. Pari snatches CD from her. Kokila asks Pari to let Radha play CD. Radha plays CD and is shocked to see Jigar and Rashi’s marriage video. Pari reminisces exchanging video and asks her stop her dirty tricks. Gopi asks Radha to go back to her room. Radha asks Vivan to speak out. Vivan says he wanted to gift Jigar and Rashi’s CD as a remembrance to the family. Hetal and Kokila scold Radha for her mistake. Gopi asks her to stop her drama, else she will repent. Radha silently walks back to her room, frustrated.

Pari in her room reminisces Vivan frightening her and then lying and thinks she escaped on time by exchanging CD, she will have to be careful now, else family will know about their past and thinks she herself will have tell family about it before they know it, then thinks what if it backfires.

Precap: Pari says Radha she will do whatever she says if she hides her secret and hugs her. Kokila is shocked to see them hugging.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. End this!!

  2. End the show, too much dragging of pari and radha track!!

  3. This is gonna be a great combination between two of the great actress Radha and Pari. Good job Mr.Writer.

  4. when will this show go off star plus? anyone?…seriously. get a move on.

  5. OMYGOD! Please can somebody complain against star plus and vote for the most boring show on this earth.It was okay untill Rashi’s death.But now it’s full of bakwass.Modi bhavan has become a hotel in which anyone can come to create stupid issues. Please close it..I love the caracters acting but the story and the name of the doesnt make any sens.

  6. Atleast make Rashi alive and change her character an get back, turn these two heroines as vilian….Kokila should prove that these two came to spoil their life and get out of their house…

  7. stupid show ..Aye chi plz stop this foolish drama.ek pari ek radha thu..

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