Sadda Haq 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on
Scene 1
Ankij is asking servants to arrange at the decoration. Angarwal and maa are also busy. Ankit sees sanyu and says look we are working hard for your engagement. There should be nothing like last time. You wasted time and money last time. Agarwal says let her come in. how is my daughter ? she is so wise she knows what to do. Maa asks how are you ? Why are you eyes swollen. SAnyu says I was leaving the college everyone was in tears so I cried as well.
Maa asks why is your hand burnt ? sanyu says I was doing an assignment in lab so got a burnt. Maa says you don’t care of yourself at all. amkit says yeah like she is becoming Einstein. Agarwal says you both should go up and rest and yeah I have called the best beauticians.

Maa says I have brought dresses for you wear any of them. Your in laws have sent the dress for today. maa asks where are vidushi and kaustuki. Sanyu says there are a lot of assignment. Dean has changed its maya so the attendance is an issue as well. may be kaustuki will come. maa asks is everything okay ? Are you sad because you have left the college in mid. She says you should be happy you stayed there for two years. your papa even didn’t want you to go. You worked for that team, got the trophy. your papa listened to you now its your turn. Women have to compromise for family. Now sleep and get fresh. Samir and his family is coming to meet you. They want to check if everything is okay. SAnyu says all right maa.
She hugs sanyu and leaves.
Parth goes to vardhan and says I need to work. I don’t wan you to pay my fees every time. get me some job in college. I will do anything. Vardhan says okay let me see. there is a job. We need an assistant. Vidushi is assigned for that. but you both can work together. Vardhan says in heart does it have to be her ? Well what else can I do I need money.

SAnyu comes downstairs. Agarwal says you look good. ankit says they must be coming I told you I don’t need any issue. Door bell rings. Samir and his family is there. Maa asks a girl are you palwi ? You are coming here first time. SAmir says yeah she was in hostel.
Agarwal asks where are your mom and dad Samir ? He says they are coming in a different car.

palwi says I have asked Samir to make me meet you but he just showed your photos. You look so good but I know you like casual just like me.
Their car is down. Ankit says what will we do to that ? Samir’s mom says Samir can do that. Samir says no mom I won’t do these stupid things.
They all go in. Sanyu says in heart this isn’t stupid actually you can’t do that. its engineering. They all are in sanyu goes to the car and starts working on it. Palwi asks what are you doing here ? Sanyu says yeah just two minutes. palwi says wow you know how to fix a car.

maa asks maa ji what will you like ? Maa ji says I will eat what sanyyu cooks. Where is she ? Maa says let me look for her. she goes out and sees sanyu fixing the car. she says what are you doing ? sanyu says I am half engineer I can fix this car. Sanyu says I ma done start the car.
palwi says half engineer what you mean ? maa sys nothing she likes to explore things. maa says sanyu everyone is waiting. when sanyu turns everyone is there. palwi says bhabhi is a genius. she fixed the car in 5 minutes.

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Scene 2
Randhir is writing betrayal on the wall. parth come. randhir says you want to be beaten again ? parth says you can do anything to bring out your aggression. but why are you punishing yourself for sanyu’s mistake. Randhir says I will punish her for her mistake.

Samir’s family is so angry. They say you have lied to us. We didn’t know that she was doing engineering. She pretended like she is a girl who stays in the house. you told us she was taking classes for sewing and embroidery. what is this ? Samir’s dad says you shouldn’t have lied to us. Maa ji says no relationship initiate will lies.

Agarwal says mitthal please don’t break this relationship. I beg you to forgive me. I will do as you says. I never wanted her to do engineering. Maa ji says if she doesn’t listen to you will she listen to us ? maa ji asks Samir did you know all this ? Agarwal says I will change everything. He goes up with ankit and brings sanyu’s books. he burns them and says no onw will ever talk about engineering in this house. Sanyu will be just as you want her to be. Samir says no one will talk about engineering. No memories. Sanyu is in tears. Maa ji says this should stay in the house.
Agarwal says yeah no one will talk about this outside. but tell me this relationship isn’t over ? Maa ji says okay we are not breaking the relationship. They leave.

SAmir brings sanyu to the room and bolts the door. He says why do you have to act smart every time ? Why can’t you let anything happen peacefully ? what was the need of fixing that car ? I was trying to conceal this from whole family since so long but you try to be smart. Who asked you to do this? listen I have so many proposals still I am marrying you. my family isn’t calling off this engagement after this all so you and your family should be grateful to them.
I will get engaged to you anyhow so you better you do everything calmly.
so after today there should be nothing like that. now go and wash your face. I don’t want this crying face of yours. I am going now. change the dress my family has sent you. He leaves.
sanyu sits down in tears.

Scene 3
Randhir alls Samir and says this is me mechanic randhir. I saw your status that you are getting engaged. I brought you to your fiancé when you were getting late? SAmir says yeah why have you called ?
Randhir says I saw your status you are getting engaged. You said you will invite me. Samir says yeah its just happening in family.
Randhir says consider me like your family member. please invite me I wanna see how you will look. SAmir says okay reach my home by 5 tomorrow.

Randhir calls sanyu. sanyu says I knew he will forgive me.
Sayu says I knew you will forgive me. Randhir says you lied ti me and said your engagement is cancelled. Now I am coming tomorrow to make your lie a truth I can do that for my best friend. along with me you destruction is coming.

Precap-Radnhir comes to sanyu’s engagement. he collides with ankit. Randhir hugs Samir. He kisses sanyu. SAmir is about to make sanyu wear the ring randhir comes and shoves him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Guyzzz i will rqst all of u nt to tell atiba to pst tdy’s eppi…as its d mst ghatiya epi of shq till nw..i didn’t see d epi bt i read sm prts in fb nd saw d precap (nw i thnk dat its my gdlck dat i didnt watch d shw) its jst disgusting nd pathetic..

  2. CVS really disgusting..!!!
    guise ye to Ekta kapoor ke bhi baap nikle…

  3. CVS really disgusting..!!!
    guise ye to Ekta kapoor ke bhi baap nikle…superb!!

  4. kya hua guyz kya hua aaj k epi me @akanksh tum ne epi dekha kya?

  5. D prts which i read on fb rd gt angry on sameer whn he tld him dat mai use cntrl mei rakhunga..his eyes were red with anger..dn he gt drunk (i thnk at d eng prty)..dn at room rd told sanyu i hate u nd dn boom dey kissed frst rd nd dn sanyu so passionetly dn hug rd hugs sanyu nd says i hate u sanyukta..tumne mujhe trst krna sikhaiya aur mera trst tod diya

  6. guyz 10 o clock tey r gng to re telecast the engagement epi so get ready and strong to see tat episode whoever missed it at 8 o clock… Bye

  7. Sanyu says n i luv u bad lck rd gt faint.usne suna hi nhi ki sanyu ne i luv u bola.she was crying..randhir utho or le chlo mujhe yha se.aj nhi bol paye to kbhi nhi bol he didnt listen..
    Sanyukta aur sameer gt engaged
    rd got bck into his senses.nhi sanyukta mai tumhe kisi aur ka nhi hone dunga..he ran bt its too lt

  8. Does only atiba have to post? Cnt any1 else post it? Brief overview of todays epi:
    Scene 1:
    Sanyu is getting ready fr the engmnt. The beauticians are putting makeup. Maa and kaustuki cum there. Maa leaves them alone. Sanyu tells kaustu that rd is going to cum today to spoil her engagement. Kaustu says thatvwe shud call the police n get rdvarrested. Sanyu says i only wanna stop him,not hurt him. Meanwhile papa and ankit r doing the prep.
    Scene 2:
    Samir n his family r in the car,and rd is driving it(OMG HIS EXPRESSION!!!)
    They reach snyus home and samir calls sanyu n tells her to cum to the window,he wants to see her. Sanyu cums n sees that rd has also cum.
    Scene 3:
    Snyu n samir r in the mandap(or whatever u call it,the place where they exchange rings). Rd cums there n tells the fotographer to take their foto”bhaiya,jara hamaari bhi foto le lo(standing bet.samir n snyu). Kya pata,baadme sab randhir naam ke larke ko bhool jaaye(luking pointedly at snyu)”
    He leans a bit towads snu n whispers in her ears ” agar yahaan tamaasha hote nahi dekhna chahti ho to apne rum me aa jao” n leaves. Kaustu asks what he said n snyu tells her. She says how will u go now,wait for sum time. Samir asks kahaan jaana hai? Oh ok,jao.
    Sanyu goes to the room n closes the door. She is crying. Randhir is already there. He is drnking. He faces her n says why u did this to me? Sanyu says”randhir,mujge bolne ka mauka do”
    Rd:kya bologi tum? Tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai,sanyukta. Aur mai bevakoofon ki tarah tumse…..
    Sanyu: tumse? Tumse kya randhir! Bolo! Aaj meri engagement hai,randhir. Agar aaj nahi bole toh kabhi nahi bol paaoge(this is where i started crying)
    Rd: kya bolu? Acha. Sunna chahti ho naa tum? jaanna chahti ho naa ke tum mere liye kya ho? Toh suno. KUCH NAHI HO TUM MERE LIYE.I HATE U SANYUKTA. And suddenly,he leans forward n kisses her,with a partially mad,partially broken,partialy loving,partially helpless expressin on his face. Sanyu pushes him away,after a while. Then,as if doing tit for tat,she kisses him back with an equally crazed expression. Randhir hugs sanyu tightly.
    Rd: kyu kiya aisa,sanyu? Kyu? Tumne hi mujhe relayionships me trust karne sikhaaya. Aur tumne hi mera trust toda? Kyu?
    Sanyu said somethings which i dont remember,but she di tell him ” i luv u,rd. I luv u. Mujhe nahi karni samir se shaadi. Le chali mujge yahaan se”
    She briefly pulls back frm the hug only to find that rd has fainted due to drinking. He falls on yhe bed. She tries a lot to revieve him,pulls his collars,sprinkles water,but to no use. She cums out as her mom is calling her. She goes down. Samir puts ring on sanyus finger. Camera switches to rd. He wakes up n says tht sanyu,u r only mine. I wont let u belong to any1 else. He runs down n sees sanyu putting ring on samirs finger. He stumbles down the stairs. Every1 turns around to see. He walks down to sameer.
    Rd:congrgultns,bhaiya. ( and sumthing more,i dont remember)
    He says lits of bad things ti him
    Papa(sanyus): kaun ho tum? Aur yahaan kaise aa gaye?
    Rd: aashiq hu mai. Pyaar me chot khaaya hua aashiq.
    Papa: aashiq nahi badtameez ho tum. Ye kiska naajaayas aulaath hai! Bahaar nikaalo ise!
    Rd pushes him n sanyu looks in horror. Finaly they call gaurds n get himbout.Sameers frnds thrash him n they n ankit throw him otside on d road. Sanyu is thinking: Aaj tak kisine mujhe itna hurt nahi kiya jitna tumne kiya hai. Maine galati ki tumse pyaar karake. Tumne papa ko hurt kiya! Bohooth ho gaya. I hate u,randhir.
    Meanwhile,rd is muttering to himself about ehat a looser he is. He gets up n starts walking. Suddenly, a car cums n he gets hit by it.
    PRECAP:Sanyu is telling kaustu that she hates rd.

    This was in short. Plz excuse the typos n the parts where i dont eemember the scenes. I dint know i wud hve to do this.

  9. 100 cmmnts crossed! Congo!

  10. Rd stops dm..sanyu’s fthr ask him kaun ho tum? Rd:ashiq pyar me choth khaya ashiq.
    Rd: apne sar ke bojh ko is gdhe ke sar pe dal diya.ap apni beti ko bojh samjh te ho.ap jaise bap ko to bap hi hona nhi chaiye.
    Sanyu’s dad: re nikalo isko najane kiski nalayak/najayiz ( deres a litl cnfusn in fb wht tld) aulad he
    rd pushed hr fthr.sabne bahr nikal dia use nd tortures him
    sanyu(im): tumhe apna frnd banakr bahut badi galti ki maine.tumne mere papa ki inslt ki ha.i ht u randhir.duniya me sabse zyada i ht u

  11. oh! Forgot one pt of precap:
    Sanyu says ki acha hua voh meri engmnt me aaya. Atleast mujhe uska asli rang toh pataa cjala! Aur mai sochti thi ki woh mijhse pyaar larta hai.
    Samir enters n says” kaun pyaar karta hai?”

  12. Hey thnx shrx..deres a lil bit mr in mrng at sanyu’s house grdn
    rd: maine tumhare papa ke jo bhi kya uske liye mujhe boht bura lag rha hai..mai unse mfi mangna chata hu
    sanyu: par mujhe bilkul bhi bura nhi lagega tumhe thapad mar te hue
    rd was hell shckd
    he says listen to me obce
    sanyu: mujhe kuch nhi sunna hai.tum chup chap chle jao yha se yarna khudko shalako ke piche paoge

  13. wat the hell ye sab tha is epi me……i was thinking rd will brk this enggmnt bt i was wrong….ye to typical saas bahu wala episode tha…[email protected] thank u dear thnk u vry vry much…….

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