Sadda Haq 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kunwar Amar Singh comes. He says sanyuntka fell in love with machine and then her love story continued, she never gave up on her dreams. He says i am sure this show has become part of your life but every good thing has come to end, season 1 is ending but every end has new beginning, before moving on new season we thought to give you sneak peak into your star’s personal lives and also in these coming 15episodes before new season, we will give you insight about new season too, we will relive past and it is countdown of new season.

He says in first segment, i will talk to Param and Harshita. He welcomes them, he says it happens that your start living life of your character, people start calling you by your reel name, Harshita says it happens often, people call us Sanyunkta and Randhir. Kunwar ask how you both felt when you got call for show, both Harshita and Param starts talking, they bicker with each other for cutting each other, Kunwar ask Param to say, Param says i felt good, Harshita says he called me, she touches him, he says dont touch me, they both fight, Harshita says i was happy to part of youth show, i helped Param to get this show, producer asked me who should we choose boy opposite so i said that i liked Param, then he got selected. Kunwar says this chat show is happening first time, he ask about their special moment, Harshita says nothing was sepcial till we didnt get in relationship, when i saw him for first time, i thought he is by face arrogant, he used to keep poker face all the time, i thought i would not interact with him.

Randhir and Sanyukta’s first scene of show is shown, how they bickered over a numerical which they both solved.

Harshita says i beat him in end, Param says when? Harshita says dont you remember you cooked food for me. The scene where Randhir cooked for her is show.
Harshita and Param bickers with each other, Kunwar says this will continue, let me show you Sanyunkta’s first moments.

Sanyunkta’s drinking competition with Randhir in fresher’s party is shown. Then how she was sleeping and Randhir covered her with his shirt is shown, he leaves, Sanyunkta wakes up to find her model completed by Randhir. Sanyunkta comes to thank Randhir and falls in his arms.

Kunwar says it was Sanyunkta’s first moments, lets ask Param. Param says my character is mcp, he doesnt like girls, he realized he likes Sanyunkta, that was very well, he says the first kiss, then we danced in your show and i didnt know dance at all, then when she wore saree for first time in show, then how i proposed her in last, Kunwar says lets see Randhir’s first moments.

Randhir challenging and discouraging girls are shown, then how he asked Sayunkta to act like girls for three days then he wil make project for her, how he was mesmerized to see her in churidaar frocks, how they had blindfold dance, how he prepared to propose her on grand scale, how he brought Sanyunkta to show her board where he wrote I love you Sanyunkta but she couldnt see it as it fell down, then how he tried to confess his feelings to her but she was wearing headphones, then how he presented ring to her, and promised her to get normale ring next but she acknowledging him and his love.

Kunwar ask Param and Harshita if they fight off-screen too? they say all the time, Param says she never allow me to talk, she never understands scenes, Harshita starts fighting with him. Kunwar ask them to not fight, Kunwar calls their fans inside studio, Param and Harshita meet them, Param says all are going to Harshita, i and Kunwar are ignored, Kunwar says lets talk to them, fan says i like the fact that Sayunkta that she has dreams but keep her relation intact, other fan says that they fight all the time but never leave each other.
Randhir Sanyunkta’s scene is shown where Randhir is drunk and says to Sanyu that she manipulated him and he trusted her like fools when he.. Sanyu ask him to speak up, Randhir says you took advantage of my weakness, Sanyu says today is my engagement, say it today, Randhir says you are nothing for me, i just hate you, then he kissed her, she kisses him back and hugs him, Randhir says you have taught me love and trust and you broke my trust on you, i hate you, Sanyu says but i love you.

Kunwar ask fans to take pictures with them, they all take selfie together with fans, fans leave.
Kunwar says they will be excited for next season, harshita says if Param will do good work then everyone will watch, Param says as if i was not working good till now, they start fighting again, Kunwar takes break.

Tip of day- Sanyu says that when battery is damaged then you will sad but i have solution to make it work again, she takes off laptop’s battery, she wraps it in towel and put in plastic bag then she puts battery in freezer, she says after 18hours, bring out battery, dry it with cloth and bring to room temperature then insert it back in laptop, you will get new battery.
Kunwar signs off from show.

PRECAP- Kunwar ask Harshita and Param if they thought that after such explosive start, you guys will ever fall in love? Param says when Randhir saw Sanyu first time, he thought from where is illmannered girl has come, harshita says even Sanyu felt same. Kunwar ask about their first kiss on-screen, harshita says it was like hate kiss, it was like he kissed me so i will kiss him back, Kunwar says this is good, if you are angry on someone then kiss them, Param acts like kissing Harshita in angry mode, she moves back, Param says it was like that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. OMG TU Team & Atiba thank u so much for posting the WU for this interviews as well…waiting for S2 from next week…

  2. Karina,what they want to show in this first 15 epi,

    1. This are not episodes dear….this are some interviews taken from all the actors in which they talk about their experiences and important moments that they lived in season 1 and also they ll talk about what’s coming up in season 2…i think its an awesome idea coz u get to know how the actors feel about their work and how they grew as actors in this 2 years of SH.

    2. The interviews are really funny to watch and the actors bonding is awesome and also from what i’ve seen in the end of every interview we will get an “enginiering” tip from one of the actors like harshita told us about laptop’s battery….actually i find it really usefull i never knew about it 🙂

  3. Wow……waiting 4 s2…,,,,,vryyy excited…

  4. Tip of the day really v gud idea.
    When i saw their first moments I regret that why i didn’t watch dis serial from starting 🙁
    But I’ll watch on hotstar in vacation.

    1. Yes dear the tip of the day its a great idea its really useful….and coming to the show i wanna say that its one of the best shows i’ve seen so enjoy watching it from the beginning dear coz its worth it.

    2. Yup karina
      I’ll surely watch frm beginning after my xam
      I just want more gud quality shows like dis
      I wish atleast beyond dream produce more youth shows like sh

    3. Totally agree with u Deepika we need more shows like this that can teach us about life.

  5. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys i jst want to ask.sumthng….z the 3 weekz episode series wl ve only param n harshita???

    1. I was wondering about the same dear….but i think there wont be only param and harshita coz channel v posted some time ago a promo in which they presented us this interviews and all the cast was present there….param, harshita, ankit & nisha, yoyo even pks (donno his real name)… so i guess in the first epis we will see param & harshita and then all the other actors as well.

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