Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara burning the things. Shraddha calls out Thapki and asks can we talk. They get busy in talk, and Vasundara sees Shraddha. Shraddha signs her to go. Vasundara leaves. Thapki says I have to talk to Vasundara. Shraddha says fine, go, Vasundara went to her room. The ladies open the storeroom and see fire. Thapki and Shraddha get shocked. Everyone come there. Thapki, Bihaan and Dhruv blow off the fire.

Shraddha says everything got burnt. Bau ji says its good no one got hurt. The lady says but we don’t have extra things, how will we keep this round. Vasundara says there is one way, this competition is to check bahu’s qualities, there can be other ways too, like singing, the one who sings well will win. The lady says bahu should have good stitching skills. Vasundara stops her and says things will come again, but it will waste time, singing is a big quality. The lady agree and says we agree to Vasundara, we will start this singing competition in some time. Shraddha smiles. Bihaan looks for Thapki.

Vasundara says I told you Shraddha, I will not let you lose. Shraddha says great, you changed stitching competition to singing. Vasundara says your strength is your voice, Thapki can’t even talk well, what will she sing. Thapki goes to room and practices singing the aarti. Bihaan comes and looks on. She stammers a lot and says I can’t do it. He says yes, till you think of your weakness, it won’t happen, Forget your strength, I will show you, look at me. He sings zindagi har kadam…….. she holds her ears. He says I sing bad, but not that bad.

He asks her to sing now, try. She says fine, lets try once. She sings aarti again. He signs her to not think of her weakness. She stammers and says I can’t. He says fine, go and tell them that you can’t sing, ruin our respect, lose to Shraddha. She gets angry and scolds him without stammering. She says when I stammer and sing, you will laugh first. He smiles noticing she did not stammer in saying so much. He tells her that she did not stammer and said long pravachan. She realizes it and asks how did I do this. The lady announces the singing round, the one who sings well will win. Thapki goes.

The lady says we will start our round now, bahus can sing their fav song. Everyone clap. Shraddha tells Vasundara that she will surely win. Two contestants sing and leave. Shraddha is called on the stage. Shraddha sings really well. Thapki gets nervous and looks at Bihaan. Everyone clap. Vasundara gets very happy. Shraddha hugs her.

The lady says Shraddha won everyone’s heart by her voice, lets see Thapki’s voice now. Will she win everyone’s heart in this round too? Welcome Thapki Bihaan Pandey. Vasundara thinks everyone will laugh on Thapki now. Bihaan asks Thapki to go and not be afraid. The lady says Thapki can be out of this round, if she does not send. Bihaan asks Thapki to recall their fights and she will get angry, she will not stammer then, fight to me in your mind and you will sing well. Thapki closes eyes and recalls Bihaan. Vasundara thinks Thapki’s game is over, my Shraddha won. Thapki gets up and everyone clap. Thapki sings aarti om jai jagdish hare in sweet voice…. Vasundara and Shraddha get shocked. Everyone smile. Thapki stops…. Shraddha smiles…. Bau ji asks Thapki to sing aarti, she is singing well. Bihaan worries.

The lady announces results of the round, and says number one winner is…. Shraddha. Vasundara gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Today epi is fantastic. Bihan u r perfect men’s of thapki. Every u support thapki. So nice husband. Ur eyes are so cute. I don’t care about the precape. Whatever will happen in last minute. Today i really likes vasu evil doing bcoz it’s the reason of bihan and thapki getting close to each other in each epi.

  2. bihaan and thapki scene is nice wen ll vasu truth ll cme out

    1. U are right baby….. I’m also watng 4 that epi.

  3. That’s mean

  4. I think in this week they also dragged this competition!!!!!

  5. Bihaan consoled Thapki and his words filled with positive energy made her to speak smoothly… wow.. ??
    But the precap is so sad…

  6. Bihaan love u man….u r a magician…bcoz of ur effort now thapki is not stammering n i knew it dat only u can make it possible else can….d scene was so fantastic…it was gajaaaab….thapki ur song was vry nice n it was looking real dat its ur voice but dat witch shraddha sang…o sorry did lipsing to d movie song how convenient is dat…n everyone is a big fool listening to it…i m sure der is a twist to it n surely thapki is d winner in dis task also coz i saw it on sbs segment they said dat thapki won…so guz dnt worry seeimg d precap….as let d wictches try hard good is going to win over bad as always….n ofcourse our hero bihaan is with her in all d hurdles….thahaan rockzzzzz….

  7. Nice episode…thahaan scene was fabulous bihaan encourage her in his cute way….I don’t like precap….but I think thapki also got 1st place or special place….bihaan u r cute and rocks always

  8. Loved it bihan u r so cute n caring husband,thapki u r so lucky to have him as life partner n bau ji u r so great evrytime u encourage thapki i like it ,want to listen thapki without stammering so that vasu ‘s head ll bow down ,i ll be more happy if thapki wins the competition.

  9. Bihaan you are so good:)

  10. Thapki ke rukavat bhand hojaye!!!
    Tab deklo Kon kya kehata Hai!!
    Serial ke main heroine ko etena Sara enemies acha national lagetha!!!

  11. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    something is really wrong wid vasundhara how she can support shraddha even when shraddha is supporting her in her bad dress vasundhara is merely a aandh bakt of shraddha , and she has really lost it seriously?
    And as for Bihaan, well done Bihaan I knew bihaan is in love with thapki n thapki will fall in love wid him too, so sweet of bihaan to encourage thapki n worry for her want more thahaan scenes instead of dragging competition

  12. Thapki really sing very well. And today bihan approaching him wife that way is aswsome.

  13. nop i think so thapki vll win..let thapki win…thahaan scenes wos lovlii nd amazingg…:)

  14. Nice episode,Bihaan your such a real caring husband.Iam sure one day Thapki will realized your genuine character and she will admits that BIHAAN IS THE TRUE LIFE PARTNER OF HER LIFE…Bihaan……… by day your become awesome man…..

  15. Today episode tooo gud..luv u thaan???

  16. U both are rocking thapki and bihaan

  17. Perfect man for thapki is bihaan loved thahaan scene ??

  18. Bihaan is really roking wat an actor he is yaar, next SRK of tellywood can romance wid his eyes

    1. Imagining Gerua from Dilwale lol 😛 Thahan can do it well 😛

  19. Guys heard thapki and dhruv r couple in real life!!

  20. Love you bihaan..♥♥♥

  21. Love you Bihaan! I watch this story only because of you and in the hope of a development in the Thahaan love story!

  22. Bihan and thapki you are so loving.

  23. Guys. U really likes the bihan thapki on screen for it. Or if u any other pair l Then vote 4 ur fav pair.

    1. I would love to vote for Thahaan but Vidhaani and Raga is there also, as I like Vidhaani more I vote for them much more, but I voted for thahaan also

  24. thapki ani bihaan looking so cute couple always

  25. thapki and bihaan looking so cute couple always

  26. guys…………pls vote 4 THAHAAN……….

  27. Bihaaan rockzzzzzz…dragging the episode…but i am so happy for the way of bihaan acts….such a wonderful actor….his eyes shows him talent….talent actor….i watching ds serial only for bihaan…after bihaan introduction only watching continously….bihaan great….make lot of thaahaan romantic scenes…i am waiting for him


  29. First i love dhapki.Now i love bihaan thapki

  30. Nice Episode, bihaan u r really great and perfect for thapki

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