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Sadda Haq 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The new supervisor says to a worker you don’t roll this way. Agarwal says I will see you in the cabin. In the changing room, sanyu is changing beind a curtain, Randhir comes and takes the curtain down. sanyu says what the hell what are you doing here. He says yeah it could be anyone. When will you understand that this is not the place for you says go from here. kunal comes in sanyu hides on a side, randhir covers her with curtain. Kunal says you were so rest less that you came here and held the curtain for her. Leave the girl and focus on the work. Randhir says shut up and go from here. He leaves. sanyu says your image in my mind will never change. you are always like the other guys.

Parth enters the lab, and sees the stuff there. He says how is this possible? someone was here last night. There were making something and whoever is behind it attacked me. Rana has settled them all in new room. yoyo is in that room as well. Rana says I need a bundle ready by tomorrow. He says to yoyo, you have to tell all of them how to do it. It was a good decision to get you in my team. Yoyo says i will handle everything.

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New supervisor signs the papers. Agarwal asks did you talk to misha? sanyu comes in and collides with him. she says i am sorry. agarwal says should i remind you how to get in this cabin? sanyu goes out and comes in again with permission. SHe again collides with supervisor. Sanyu says I came here to request for a separate changing room. I have to wait for all the men to change and then I get late. I am a girl and I need privacy. Agarwal asks vikram to go. He says no one ever asked for this kind of liberty. she says because none of them were women. I am not asking for some big liberty. He says okay i will think about it.

Agarwal explains vikram his job. He introduces him to ankit. Ankit says we are doing this to get her out of here.agarwal says yeah i know what to do. Vikram says you will feel bad about it. Agarwal says it wont last for long. Kunal says to raghu there is some other foreman now. where is your brother? Raghu says he has not left the job he is just on a break.

vikram comes and says I am new foreman here. everything will be like it used to be. you can submit your ideas to me. your name will be added to list of products. Kunal says i have some ideas. vikram says we will see them later. sanyu comes, randhir says the owner is here. Please repeat for her. Vikram says be on time, there will be no special treatment for you. He says to randhir, you better stay quite. i dont like to hear stupid jokes. He explains them task, they start working. sanyu asks tea boy for tea. He says you are a girl why don’t you make it yourself. sanyu says i will complain about you. He gives her tea.

yoyo and team are working on drugs. Rana comes in and asks is lot ready? Rana says done almost. Rana says who will come forward for quality checking? No one says yes. Rana says you are here for money and good life. will you get it easily? who will test this will get all the money. i don’t have time to request you. I will choose one, you yoyo. will you test? yoyo says yes.

A worker is changing on the floor, sanyu says why are you changing here? Go to the changing room. He says how good joke, because of you we have to change here. sanyu says how because of me? he leaves. A man’s shoulder aches. Randhir says why are you not wearing your suit. He says i had to change here because none of us can to go changing room. Vikram says to sanyu because of your ease you did this to workers. for rich girls like you there is no value for life of a worker. All the workers are taunting on sanyu. Randhir recalls giving money to that worker. Randhir says to sanyu,you said to me that i will kill innocent workers, because of you a worker would have died today.

Sanyu goes to changing room and sees a plate there only for sanyukta agarwal

yoyo feels sickened after trying that drug. Nikil says sir please do something, he is not feeling well. rana slaps yoyo and says because of you all the lot is ruined. no one will go out of here until you complete it. yoyo says what if a lot of students are
absent together. Who will go to internship. rana explains them the new plan. yoyo is about to fall in corridor. parth holds her. parth says are you okay? where were you? yoyo says i was busy. parth says why you look weird? He says i am tired, i was doing a thesis.

Sanyu goes to library, workers are scoffing at her. sanyu says why don’t you say it in front of me? worker says we need your permission to talk? other says she can get you fired. sanyu asks librarian for a book, He says floor manager has issued it already. you can complain against him. sanyu says why would i complain.

Everyone is in line for food, when sanyu comes the cook says it over. sanyu says what will i eat now? He says i can’t do anything. I don’t work over time. Raghu places his plate in front of sanyu. Randir runs after raghu and hits him. He says you wanna impress the girl? Raghu says thats none of your business. They hit each other. agarwal comes there and says what is going on here. vikram says they were fighting and none of your stopped them. solve your matters outside floor. agarwal asks them to come to his cabin.

Raghu says ask anyone sir randhir attacked me. Vikram says you randhir if you have brain, use it. stops using your hands and legs. and kunal what were you doing when they were fighting? Agarwal says tell us who attacked first. vikram says all the workers are saying randhir attacked first, kunal says yes sir it was randhir. Agarwal send them all out except randhir. agarwal says its not your college. do what i have appointed you for. randhir says i was doing that this has happened because of your sister. sanyu is busy in working. Workers are fighting for worksuits. Sanyu fells bad about it.

Scene 3
Next morning when all workers come in worksuits are not outside the changing room but in the changing room with names. Worker says vikram must have done it, agarwal and vikram come in. Worker says thanks sir. vikram says for what? He says for what you have done for us. SAnyu comes in and says i arranged them in and i wanted to apologize you. no one is more important than you all. I was only thinking about myself.worker says this is out changing room again? sanyu nods.

Sanyu comes back on floor. She asks a worker about machine. randhir says he wont tell you anythin, they don’t distribute knowledge. sanyu says whom should i ask then. She goes to kunal. he hides his design. sanyu sees raghu working. she says he is not a villain like other sanyu. says hi raghu i wanted to talk to you. i want to understand, you have 10 mins? He says yes but for my ownself, helping you will increase my competition. Good luck. sanyu leaves. SAnyu tries to pick up some and pretends to fall. worker says madam has fainted. randhir says sanyu get up. He says you are so irritating get up. He smells her a sock. He places it on her face. SAnyu gets up and takes randhhir’s phone. sanyu goes on a side and studies from randhir’s phone.

Randhir comes in with a bat. He says lets take a break and play cricket everyone. SAnyu says but this machine. randhir hits sanyu with a ball. SAnyu says why you always tease me with my work. He says i am giving you chance play a criket over with me. If you win i will ask the workers to help you in starting the machine, sanyu says challenge accepted.

Precap-sanyu is practicing cricket with path. He says are you sure you want to do this? she says yes i will. The match between sanyu and randhir starts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  21. Monday: RD makes a point about how the factory is not a place for girls, by invading Sanyukta’s privacy.

    Tuesday: Sanyukta is challenged to a cricket match by RD .

    Wednesday: The interns are told to run the company for 30 minutes, each.

    Thursday: Sanyukta convinces Kishore to let her go home for a day.

    Friday: Sanyukta gets to assemble a car, live, on the factory floor. Only issue is that she’s paired with RD.

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    Monday: RD makes a point about how the factory is not a place for girls, by invading Sanyukta’s privacy.

    Tuesday: Sanyukta is challenged to a cricket match by RD .

    Wednesday: The interns are told to run the company for 30 minutes, each.

    Thursday: Sanyukta convinces Kishore to let her go home for a day.

    Friday: Sanyukta gets to assemble a car, live, on the factory floor. Only issue is that she’s paired with RD.

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