Million Dollar Girl 26th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 26th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti talks with her father’s picture..Some customer’s come in the shop to buy the Saree..Avanti tells god what to do as there are no Saree in the shop..Avanti somehow engage the women..Scarlett comes..Avanti tells the customer’s that scarlett is top actress .and she daily buy a saree from her shop..Customer’s gets happy..Avanti says that from her shop only..Deepika..katrina buy saree and wear..Avanti tells that her saree are very good..Customer’s gets happy..Avanti calls Vicky and tells to bring saree..Vicky tells from where..Avanti tells from Mahajan’s shop..Vicky agrees.. Vicky brings saress Avanti takes ou the saree..while Virat peeps and sees..One customer touches the emty box Avanti shouts and tells not o touch..Customer asks why??AVanti tells that they are specially sarees which are already sold..Avanti gives the empty boxes to Vicky..Avanti tells that it is very heavy..Vicky acts and tells that it is very heavy..Vicky takes the boxes and goes..One box falls..Virat comes and picks up the box..VIrat tells he want to buy a Saree..Avanti comes and tells that Already ladies are sitting..NO mens are allowed..Avanti tells Virat to come later..Virat tells okey and goes..Avanti tells Vicky to go..Avanti counts the money..Avanti tells only 20 thousand she got…Rest Mahajan got..Vicky tells thankgod atleast that much she got..Avanti tells that Vicky should bargain..VIcky tells he is not superman to bargin in few minutes and come running..Avanti goes to Virat and tells that infront of Virat she will start her buisness..Avanti tell that in some days Virat’s buisness will not work..She will be successfull..Virat says that he will see how Avanti should start her buisness..Avanti says that like she have gained profit having empty boxes..Avanti tells she is full of ideas..Virat tells that Avanti wanted to play game..Virat tells he will see till what extent will go.. At Avanti’s home Tayajii shows the tank to be constructed,,Tayaaji asks how much money..The man tells 12 thousand..Ankit tells its soo many..Ankit says that many people stay in the house but does not give..Ankit tells that they will only give..Avanti comes..and asks how much money..The man tells 12 thousand..Avanti gives the money and tells If more needed she will give..Tayaajii calls Ankit goes..
Virat’s secretery shows documents and explain weaver’s all the schemes..BHuwan tells that something is wrong in the scheme Rajat tells that there is nothing wrong in the documents..Rajat tells Bhuwan to stay in his standards..BHuwan tells Rajat to talk properly..BHuwan tells he is not his servent..Bhuwan says that Rajat and Virat came with the proposal..He didnt gone..Bhuwan tells that without his permission Virat’s buisness will not work,,Rajat tells Bhuwan is thinking himself minister..BHuwan tells that no weaver will work with Rajat and Virat..Bhuwan says that he is not Rajat’s servent..Rajat and Bhuwan about to fight..Virat stops Rajat and takes in a corner..Rajat tells that why Virat is taking Bhuwan’s side..Virat tells Rajat that Buisness should managed with cool mind..Virat tells rajat to see around all the weaver’s..Rajat sees and sits down..Virat sees near bhuwan and explains him..while RAjat sees..Bhuwan tells he need time to decide and goes..At night Virat and Rajat gets drunk..Rajat tells that Bhuwan is a bull..Virat tells that he have given a proposal to Bhuwan,,,he will not refuse..Anotherside Avanti gets drunk along with vicky..Avanti tells that Virat is big problem in her life..Avanti tells once weaver’s giives her 40 sarees all problem will solve..Vicky goes..Avanti and Virat bumps at each other Avanti falls Virat holds Avanti..Avanti and Virat looks at each other..

precap:precap::Avanti sees Virat taking picture’s of machines..Avanti goes inside the room and hides and sees..Someone locks the room from outside..Avanti and Virat gets shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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    1. Happy republic day

  2. Wow…the serial is gng real feeling bad tat people juzt read the updates and doesn’t comment …anywayzzz thanks for the update @ansari and happy republic day to all…

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