Sadda Haq 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parth starts doing the push ups. A kid sits on his back. They all get scattered and start running. All of the team is chasing them.
A man says professor sahib has spend the money what will happen now?

Sanyu says now I know why women are worried for their kids. We have to change them for their own better. Randhir says we don’t have a choice. Randhir picks up a stick. SAnyu and says are you mad what if they get angry. A kid says I feel numb when I study. Give me my stick we want to play or I will hot you. Rnahdir says why would you? We are here to play with you. Parth asks yoyo to give him his bag. Randhir places a paper on the ground. He makes athe destination for goal. Kids say wow teach us how you did this. Ranndhir says for that you have to come to school. Kids agree.

Next day randhir teaches them how a car was made. He says now we will make two cars like that. One girls and the other boys. This aunty will help girls and I will help boys. Sanyu gets a calls from Samir says are you some prime minister? Sanyu says what worng. He says we have to perform in function. sanyu say yeah okay. He says how will we do it without practice? Sanyu says we will do it. Do you listen to me when you are in some meeting? I am very busy right now. she cuts the call. They make the cars but none of them run properly.

Sanyu says to women you don’t have to worry about your kids anymore. They say yeah you have takes our worries.

Randhir says to kids lets study about magnets. Each magnet has two sides negative and positive. Sanyu says I will tell you what those sides are. Randhir pulls her hair with a ruler and says this is how they attract.

Vardhan is working with women. They come there and says we can help you with all this. The kids are being teached by his students. They have made water purifier and this will save out time too. A man says you are doing a log for us sir. Vardhan is quite shocked.

Scene 2
Next day sanyu takes attendance. Two girls are missing. A girl tells her that guys follow them when they go to washroom. They have to run to save themselves. SAnyu goes with her. she sees the guy and beats him. the girls come out and say thank you for saving us. He will come again tomorrow. sanyu says no one will do this. Sanyu comes back and says no more class today. Randhir asks what happed/ Sanyu tells them everything. Randhir says why didn’t you tell me? Why you went alone to beat him. Sanyu says I have hut him. We have to think about the main problem. The people who live here need washrooms. We can solve this problem save their time. I think we should make toilets for them. Randhir says this will cost a lot. Yoyo says the villagers will contribute. Sanyu say yeah lets go.

Vardhan is working with people. SAnyu comes there and says we have decided to make toilets for women here. Please you have to contribute for this. A mans asy this is useless. SAnyu says respect of women is useless? Parth says you never thought of their problem. A man says whats the problem? Randhir comes with the same guy. He says people like him are the problem. sanyu says leave it randhir they don’t want to make it. Its not an issue for them. The man says at least tell what happened? Randhir says tell what you did? The two girls tell that the guy chases the, every time they go to washroom. SAnyu says okay if you don’t want to give money its okay. We will think that you don’t respect your daughters. Women start contributing the money. everyone follows them and contribute some money.

Precap-the villagers say to vardhan your box isn’t working. A man says we knew how could he do something that government couldn’t. Vardhan says I will leave this village by tomorrow. sanyu and others are overhearing them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. first……………….

  2. coolllllll

  3. atiba dear pls do it fast everyone depends on you dear

  4. SAMIR CHOMU seems 2 appear in every epi now-a-days… har epi me aanaa zaroori hai kyaa???. he asks sanyu to come over and rehearse (?) for a dance performance at 1 of his relatives 25th anniversary…. SANYU ACTUALLY ACCEPTED IT… i simply hated it….. i don’t find1 genuine reason for sanyu 2 break off her alliance with that chomu.. i doubt our SanDhir will ever get together.. pls someone clear my doubt…


  6. Sale is samir ka phone phod deneka maan karta hai….jab dekho tab sanyu ko phn karke irreted karta rahata hai……

  7. Atiba dear yeh kya hai..its nt d full epi…plz updt d epi fully

  8. @ GC – pls do not suffix “ji” after my name.. arre yaar, me tumse kuch saal hi badi hoon.. u can simply call me by my name..

  9. Guyz don’t u think 2dayz epi is so small than the usuall??

  10. y so short wu???

  11. Hey can anybody tell me wht is mcp means…..

    1. MCP actually means Male Chauvenist Pig… but referring to Randhir hamaaraa PSB – to me it means Most Charismatic Person….

      1. par referring to Randhir -mere liye toh MCP ka matlab Most Caring Person…. hai.

  12. Agree with dat post meera

  13. are @meera mai ne to ye ‘ji’ aise hi fun k liye use ki thi….waise to mai aapko meera hi bolti hu…..

  14. Why were sandhir crossing der fingers yest.? What does it mean? Can sum1 clear my doubt?

    1. u are so foolish,….!! just shut up!

    2. both wer lying 2 each other.. or rather wanted the other not to speak the truth that is y thy had their fingers crossed.. like plspls say u dont love me… (their yday’s convo was – tum mujse pyaar karthe ho..??? questioning each other, sanyu was embarassed… Rd was no less…)

      1. u are equally stupid

  15. PSB – mera ummmm whatever, tu itnaa HOT & SMART KYUU ho??? aawwww – red shirt me.. maar daalaa re..

  16. @Rosie sandheer were crossing there fingers cuz they were lying to each other…[email protected] to whome r u calling foolish??

    1. @meera kya tum in sites me kya likha hai mujhe uski writter updates de sakti ho pls.mai in sites ko check nahi kar pa rahi hu for internet problem.

      1. @meera kya tum in sites me kya likha hai mujhe uski written updates de sakti ho pls.mai in sites ko check nahi kar pa rahi hu for internet problem

      2. @ priti – the india forums post 1st link gvn by me is very long…..i dont know if it is ok to post the same here… i do not mind copying n pasting the same here.. the 2nd n 3rd links contains Param SINGH Bhatias photos… i cannot copy them here..

      3. sorry typo.. anamika pls excuse me… woh kyaa hai naa, even i wanted to agree with your comment on gilli played by randhir…

  17. oye @meera puttar control kr puttar control………. 😉 haha

    1. welllllll….. ummmmm … ok, ok..

  18. RD and gilli danda – i liked it…

  19. Guy’s kay sadda haq off aur jane wala hai in next 6 month??? I have read somewhere

    1. Yeah,mene bhi padha tha,bt bad me param ne clear kr diya that it ws a rumour

  20. I mean off air

  21. sanyukta dance karegi samir ke sath ab kya yahi dekhna baki hai.what the hell! ye shq bale kya sabit kya karna chahte hai.kya bo bhul gaye hai serial ke hero randhir hai.

  22. @Rosie yaar mujhe bhi doubt hai that why were sandhir were crossing there fingers?kya bo dono ek dusre se jhut bolna expect kar rahe the fingers crossed karke .ya phir rd chahta tha ki sanyu use sach bole or sanyu bhi rd se sach sunna chahti thi issi liye fingers crossed kiye the dono ne.ya phir iss liye ke bo dono ek dusre se jo jhut bole bo kabhi sach na ho.yaar so confusing.kya koi mera doubt clear karsakta hai .

  23. kyaaaa sanyu chomu k sath dance karegi!!!!ab yahi dekhna baaki tha…

  24. Agree meera rd luks so cute in that red t-shirt 🙂 😀 luv him so much,
    tmrw is friday,socha tha iss week sandhir scenes milne wale h,bt in baccho se bhi koi fayda nhi hua

    1. @nid mujhe lagta hai baccho se fayda hua hai ,tumne agar epi dekha hoga to tumhe yaad hoga magnets bale baat sanyu jab baccho ko samjha rahi thi to bo ladka ladki ki baat bolke samjha rahi thi.sanyu rd ki pass aai or boli ,dono ek dusre ki pass ate hai, i mean takrate hai or magnet bante to sandhir scenes hi hai.kya bolte ho.sanyu jo engineering n parhai ko lekar hamesha itni serious rahti hai,us se parhai ke upar istarha ka demo dena expect nahi kia scene dekhkar to dil garden garden ho gaya.

  25. @anamika kya tum mujhe sirf ye bata saktiho ke in sites me kya bola gaya hai in short.

    1. priti it was me MEERA who posted the links… i hv copied n pasted 2 persons comments gvn in the 1st link by me….

      Originally posted by prem_diwani

      First sanyu has always been rushed into everything. She is supposed to be a girl of today
      but refuses to face the reality.
      Can I hug you?… for finally making a fantastico post..
      1. She has a very rude and abusive family. The way her father – her so called hero – demeans her,
      runs down her dreams, treats her mother, has no respect for either wife or daughter is seen in
      the way Ankit behaves too. So to put such a family on a pedestal is odd. I am not saying she
      should chuck them. But no she takes it as a dutiful daughter and sister.
      Oh no.. How can she stand against them.. She is a DAUGHTER.. a PROUD DAUGHTER.. (
      and yes I am taking a dig on a post here ) .. Well.. I don’t know if people understand
      this… but if all children are not good, then all parents are also no saints. Aisa hota to
      kabhi kisi parent ko old age home nahi dekhna padta aur na hi kuchh bacchon ko child
      marriage, female killing, honour killing. Galat galat hota hai… har haaal mein. Chalo
      Sanyukta is right in getting angry for Randhir creating a scene. But not once she
      introspect her own family. Darling practice what you preach.. So easily she passes
      remark on Randhir’s upbringing.. “tujhe teri maa ne nahi paaala” … Did she ever think
      about her family. That is blind LOVE and nothing nothing justifies her blindness towards
      her family after what they did to her records. Burnt them and all.. Wow what a hero
      dad. (Yes be a proud daughter but for EQUALLY DESERVING parents ) .. Taali dono
      haathon se bajti hai. I am yes, openly taking another dig here.. Blast me .. I don’t give a
      2. The man she is engaged to is outright medieval. In his thought, behavior, arrogance and
      treatment of her. Yet she takes it and tries to cajole him all the time. Only where it suits her she
      tells him off. But is willing to drop college every time something comes up.
      He is a stone age man. But then MCP thode hi hai. wo to sirf RAndhir hai. Still he is
      better than Sanyukta. Jo hai muh par bolta to hai.
      3. Randhir – an MCP who believed women can’t handle engineering and was later corrected when
      he was proved other wise. He is emotionally deep and did not need her playing with his emotions
      and feelings. Yet she did.
      Well.. Randhir changed. Sanyukta has actually progressed in the levels on manipulation.
      Please clap…
      Ok in the duration of Operation Friendship with Randhir – she had emotions for him.
      Now at the engagement – he warned her and came to stop it, yet she saw the insult of her family
      not an opportunity to get out of the situation.
      No comments.. Her father showed what back bone she has.. Made of gelly..
      When Randhir apologized, he was treated like a dirt bag by her father who took him for a
      mechanic and insulted on his legitimacy. Sanyu saw no wrong in that? But the return convo was
      wrong ??
      PROUD DAUGHTER.. HERO DAD.. (Third Dig.. Wanna kill me. . )
      She walks with blinkers and thats the big problem. She has in 3 years, grown to be manipulative
      and ruthless which one need not be to get ahead … decency will take one further.
      Oh genius is just an illusion… Coz brains and ideas are reserved for Sanyukta.. Kyunki
      engineering to hair pin se taala kholne ke baraabar hai.. (Yes, I can vouch that all the
      ideas shown by her are downright technically WRONG. Durjoy Dutta.. Are you sure you
      are an engineer?.. I doubt.. no wonder people clap for Sanyukta.. Coz..They don’t know
      engineering.. Anybody WANNA SUE Me.. Go ahead.. I’ll WIN hands down.. )
      So till the CVs slow down, emotionally have sanyu grow, give her a backbone to stand up to the
      real MCP’s of her life and pursue her dream without having to run people in her way down its
      not going to make me a fan of Sanyu.
      As I say right now I tolerate sanyu for Randhirs sake and I’ll be fine if they have a strong yet
      gentle woman for him…
      So ms rank 300 to 2, what about the others who were between ranks 3 to 299 – they are
      incapable of anything?
      With that brains.. she should be out of FITE.. Khair.. what others are doing?.. They are
      there to praise her for absolutely nothing. Oh and well, they showed Parth’s capability..
      when he cancelled Sine-Sine on both sides of equation. The engineer in me was tortured
      to a merciless death that day. .
      This is a youth show not a saas bahu show where the heroine has to rescue everyone all the time
      and rest of the people stand by watching..
      Heroine is everything.. best student, best daughter, universal friend…
      This week finally I heard Sahil and jiggy say something sensible.
      With Kaustuki not around, this was bound to happen..

      1. @meera thank you so much.or anamika ne meri baat par reply kiya tha isliye maine usko bola written updates ke liye , par maine pahle tumhe hi bola tha .once again thanks.

  26. aare yaar sanyu ne kya logic se samjhaya magnets ke bare me,usne bola-Each magnet has two sides negative and positive,example- ladkiya magnets ke positive side n ladke nagetive side hai.sanyukta randhir ki pass aai or student ko bola -dono ek dusre ko attract karte hai or pass ate hai, i mean takrate hai.bah kay logic hai maja aagaya.kya teacher hai .hume kabhi nahi mila aisa teacher.he he…….sanyu ke pass par ke students physics nahi par chemistry jarur sikhenge.par asal me magnets ke bare me scientifically n easily to randhir ne samjhaya hai students ko.sanyu agar teacher ban gayi to pata nahi kya hoga students ka.

  27. actually u know wat guyz……i was thinking the same aur ye sadda haq ka sab se foolish scene tha….jab parth ek math ka problem solve kr raha tha jis k ek part kuch is tarha se tha…(sin theta/theta)…bande ne is formule me theta se theta cancle kr diya tha…..i mean itni foolish mistake aur wo bhi ek engineer…impossible….and in this post one thing i cmpltly disagree wid is…”rank”…..u cant compare someones capablities only wid his rank….wen someone has potential and passion then rank does nt matter….so ek last rank wale student ka topper hona possible hai…..wat say guyz???

  28. kya sanyu ne kya bola- unhone apne toilet ke liye kaisa intejam kia ,mai thik se sun nahi pai ,bo baat mujhe kuch samajhme nahi aaya.or bo log khate kya hai .noodles??????????par banate kis pe hai?????????bo apne sath cooking ka saman bhi lekar aye hai kya?

  29. guyz mujhe lagta hai ki rank matter karta hai because rank bo chis hai jo kisi ko better hone ka proof deta hai .or better job opportunities unhe hi mil ta hai jinke pass good rank hota hai. kiuki bina rank or certificates ke, potential and passion bhi kisi kam ka nahi.bina certificates ke koi kitni bhi parai kar le agar us parai ka koi proof nahi hoga to bo parai ka koi matlab nahi hoga. use naa hi kahi par admission milega nahi job milega.sanyu me potential and passion hai par uski success ka cradit kuch had tak randhir ko bhi milna chahiye because agar rd sanyu ko motivate nahi karta ,use competition nahi deta to sanyu kabhi itna better nahi ho sakti thi ,sayad bo kabhi itni progress bhi nahi kar pati ,or sayad rank 2 bhi nahi ban pati kabhi.par rd ko kabhi sanyu ki motivation ki jarurat nahi thi kyuki bo to hamesha se hi best tha,n hai.or ha sanyu ke success ke piche vardhan sir ka bhi haat hai. to sirf potential and passion hone se success nahi milta,guidance,motivation and healthy competition bhi chahiye ek last rank wale student ko topper banne ke liye.or sanyu ko ye sab mila hai isiliye bo rank 2 ban pai hai.n remember jab vardhan sir or randhir sanyukta ke life me nahi the tab sanyu ki rank last rank to matter karta hi hai.jobhi rank 1,2,3 hote hai bo to pahle se hi best hote hai.

  30. yaar mujhe bhi lagta hai ki rank matter karta hai , jab hum admission ke liye kahi pe apply karte hai to hamara rank or certificates pahle dekha jata hai , potential or passion to baad me dekha jata hai. pahle bo hamare potential or passion ko rank or certificates se vichar karte hai.or good rank hard work se hi hasil karna chahiye.bohot sare students hai jinme potential hai par right guidance na milne ki karan bo progress nahi kar paye ,or apni potentiality nahi dikha paye.or mai ye manti hu ki aisa nahi hai ki jiski rank piche hai bo good student nahi ho sakta.use sirf right guidance ki jarurat hai,to phir sayad bo bhi better ban sakta hai.

    See, Sanyu told rd to swear on her that he doesnt luv her (aur jaise kisi ki jhooti kasam khaane par jiski kasam khaai thi woh mar jaatahai,aisa maante hai,same goes for swearing. If u swear saying a lie,the person on whom u sweared dies) And if he swears,it wud b a lie. And i think ot is pretty obvious that je doesnt want any danger of sanyu dying. But if he doesnt swear,it will b like a kind of confession that he luvs her. And whn u cross ur fingers, it means that what u hv sworn is not true,n that it doesnt apply. And he cross*x behind his backs as they dint want sanyu to see it. Same goes fr sanyu.
    Hope tht cleared ur doubt

  32. @priyanka sanyu jis tarha se ladka ladki wali baat se magnet k bare me samjha rahi thi usse bachche chemistry to nahi pr biology zaroor seekh jate

  33. @[email protected] changer itni bhi deep maat socho yaar. biology bohot jyada ho gaya,chemistry hi thik hai.baise bhi sanyu ne kaha positive(ladka) n negetive(ladki) side pahle pass ate hai,takrate hai or phir magnet bante pahle chemistry ki jaroorat pahle dono sides ko pass ane ki jarurat hai magnet banne ke liye .biology to baad me ata hai pahle to chemistry ata hai.

  34. Super 50

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