Sadda Haq 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyu thinks what beautiful could mean in the task. In the meanwhile, Vidushi and LITS captain both are cleaning their engines. Vardhan and the rest are watching it on CCTV. Vidushi has cleaned it and is returning, but Sanyu stops her. Randhir asks her why she’s stopping her, she already took so much time. Sanyu says the task can’t be so simple, beautiful must be meaning something else. She strikes that she has to check if the engine is working or no. LITS captain returns to the class thinking he won. They celebrate, but get no response from Vardhan or Maya. He heads back to the lab. Vidushi informs Sanyu that the engine is not starting. She asks her to check all parts and connection. Vidushi does so and fixes the wires, and the engine starts working. Sanyu asks her to return now. Vardhan is happy and says in his mind that FITE team cracked it. He is about to announce FITE as the winners, but Vidushi’s engine bursts out. She looks at it, completely shocked. Vardhan and everyone run to the lab. Parth asks her how this happened. Randhir says if girls are in team, then.. Sanyu asks him what he’s saying. Vidushi is crying. Parth and Vardhan are also mad at her. Sanyu takes the blame on her saying she didn’t tell her to recheck, but Randhir says she should have done regardless, so it’s not Sanyu’s fault. Maya interrupts and says, this is sad, but shall they proceed to the task? Vardhan says sure. LITS captain starts his engine and they win the task and this round. All leave from there. Sanyu stays with Vidushi and tells her not to worry. She asks Sanyu to leave her alone for a while. Vidushi wipes out her tears and smiles.

Vidushi went back to Maya yesterday night and she accepted Maya’s offer of 1 lakh rupees. And then she purposely joined wrong wire which resulted in engine to explode.

In present time, she says there is nothing wrong in thinking about herself. By winning the competition, Vardhan and Sanyu would get all credits and medals, but what about her? She would still have her personal problems in front of her.

Sanyu is in canteen. She thinks she’ll have to do something. LITS team comes there, praising themselves. Sanyu decides to leave from there, but they ask her if she won’t join the celebration. She tells them not to be over-confident. They just won one task. FITE has won last two tasks. LITS team says they found their weak point. They continue talking rubbish. Randhir cannot hear it anymore and comes to help Sanyu. LITS boys taunt him saying Sanyu’s bodyguard came. One guy says, he’s not bodyguard, he may be something else. Sanyu asks them to be in their limits. Randhir gets mad as well. LITS student says anyone can be lion in their own college and asks him to meet outside. Randhir grabs him to go outside, but Sanyu stops Randhir and says they harassed her so she will answer them back. Randhir asks how will she beat them up. Sanyu says she doesn’t need to use her hands, she will answer them back by winning the competition. Randhir leaves. LITS students tell Sanyu that it’s good that she stopped her boy.. bodyguard.

Vardhan meets Sanyu and says she said LITS team that FITE will win, but on what basis did she say that? Sanyu says they have won 2 tasks. Vardhan says, but they lost 3rd task. Sanyu says she completed her task, but she can’t control Vidushi. If her engine didn’t explode, then they would have won. She receives a call from Sameer, but she disconnects. Vardhan asks her what kind of attitude is that? that she finished her task. This is what is missing in their team, team unity. Everyone starts blaming each other. He reminds her if LITS win next task, then they will have also won 2 tasks and their chances of winning the competition are greater. The competition will only get tougher. Sameer calls Sanyu again, but she disconnects. Vardhan tells her to go ahead and do her work. He leaves. Sanyu thinks Vardhan is right. Other hand, Sameer is mad as Sanyu disconnected his call. He thinks he will have to bring her back to the reality.

Vidushi is looking for clothes on her laptop. Parth comes there and sees it. She closes her laptop. He says everyone is so tensed and she’s doing online shopping. She says this is just to divert her mind. He asks her and from where money will come? He says he knows her very well. She says she was just looking at them to divert her mind. He leaves. She says everyone is thinking about themselves and she did same as well, she doesn’t want award, she wants rewards.

Sanyu has gathered everyone late night to discuss tomorrow’s task. Vidushi is not happy with it. Randhir asks her to shut her mouth. Sanyu comes and says they will lose tomorrow’s task. Randhir asks her to leave her loser’s attitude aside. She has brought some books with her. Parth asks her what’s all that. Sanyu says they need to learn how to trust each other. They have no team unity or trust, and this way, there is no way they can win tomorrow’s task. Randhir says they never lost and blame Vidushi. Vidushi, Parth, Randhir all blame each other. Sanyu asks them to stop. She points out that this is the thing which needs to be corrected. They first need to sort out their issues before winning, and she has thought of an exercise. They will get divided in pairs of two and then exchange the partners. Until they don’t finish this exercise, they won’t leave.

So then they get ready for the exercise. Sanyu asks Vidushi to stand under a rack/heavy bag which is tied with a rope. Randhir and Sanyu will hold the rope and Parth will stand 2 meters away. Randhir and Sanyu will drop the bag and Parth will come running to save Vidushi. Vidushi says she is not crazy to do this exercise. But they convince her to stand under it. Randhir leaves the rope and Vidushi moves out before Parth comes. Sanyu tries to convince her to do the task, but she tells her to go first. Sanyu agrees. Randhir wonders why she only gets such weird ideas. He decides he won’t let anything happen to her. Parth leaves the rope and Randhir runs and saves Sanyu on time. They both fall on the floor and have eyelock. He asks her if she’s okay. She says yes. Sanyu tells Vidushi nothing happened, she just has to trust her partner. Vidushi says if he was a second late, then God knows what would have happened. Sanyu says but he didn’t get late and they will get better with practice. Vidushi stands under it once again. She says she cannot trust Parth. Parth runs in and she again moves out before he comes. Parth gets mad. Vidushi says she thought Parth wouldn’t make it and she had to think about her safety. Sanyu tells her to try again. She says she won’t do it with Parth, she will do it with Randhir. Sanyu says but she will have to do it with Parth as well. Randhir runs and saves Vidushi. Parth runs in and saves Sanyu. And finally Parth saves Vidushi. Vidushi then asks if they can leave now. Sanyu says they completed the first phase, now it’s time for 2nd phase. By 1st phase, the girls showed faith in the boys, but now the boys have to show faith in the girls. Randhir asks her, she will run in and save him? He’s not interested. Sanyu says 2nd phase will be different.

Precap: Vardhan tells everyone that they will have to assemble the PC first and then the generator. They can’t talk to anyone during the task. Sameer comes to FITE as Sanyu’s phone is switched off and tells Sanyu to come out within 3 minutes, else watch what he does with her.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. Luving it plz. do sumthing of sameer bcoz he is blo*dy moron.

  2. i hate vidhushi…..

  3. Its getting interestng…..don’t wanna miss any epi……loving it so much..its ma 2nd serial after iss pyaar ko kya naam doon which iam lvng so much…..

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