Sadda Haq 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 21st April 2014 Written Update

Vardhan asks Randhir to get Parth to the lab. Randhir says he should give this job to Parth’s best friend, she would know better where he must be right now. Sanyukta looks at Randhir. He asks her what happened. Sanyukta says she is not cheap like him. Vardhan asks them to shut and tells Randhir to go as he’s given this job to him. Randhir leaves.

Parth is looking at the gift. He slowly starts opening it. His hands are shivering. He opens it and finds a guitar inside. He controls himself not to touch it. Randhir comes in and sees him with the guitar. He reminds him that they planned to meet and Vardhan is calling him. Parth doesn’t respond. Randhir says, hey, I am talking to you. He turns him to him. Parth stares at him angrily. Randhir tells him to stop wasting time on his guitar. Vardhan has stopped everyone at lab. Parth gets mad and punches the wall behind Randhir. There’s a huge hole in the wall now and Parth’s hand starts bleeding. Randhir gives him a cloth and leaves from there.

Vardhan tells the students that they still haven’t learned about the team work yet. If they fail in this task, they will fail in professor PK class as well. He writes 2 days on the board and leaves. All wonder why he wrote that. Sanyukta tells them that they have 2 days to finish the task. Vidushi asks what’s task? Sanyukta is explaining when Randhir comes in and questions about her leadership that she’s controlling everyone. Both start arguing again. Vidushi asks them not to start again. Sanyukta says he was not here when Vardhan told them what to do. Randhir says he went to get her best friend. Parth comes. They are called outside by Vardhan. Sahil joins them. Vidushi asks where he was. He says he has a problem. Vardhan comes and Sahil leaves saying he can’t do this task due to ill health of his dad. Vardhan shows them a broken bike and assigns what parts each student has to work on. After he leaves, Vidushi starts complaining that it’s such an old bike and all. Sanyukta asks Parth what was that gift. He gets mad. Later when they are working, Sanyukta notices a wound on Parth’s hand and goes to him to ask about it, but he again gets mad and says injuries like that are usual for him. She doesn’t have to worry for him. He walks off. Kastuki comes to Sanyukta and she tells her about Parth’s strange behavior. Kastuki tells her to concentrate on the task first instead being confused about other stuff. Sanyukta agrees.

All are working on their respective parts. Randhir is keeping an eye on her. Sanyukta goes to the store room to search for some part. Randhir sees her leaving.

Sanyukta is in the store room. Randhir comes there. He finds it and hides it. He says in his mind, let her spend some time, after that I will give it to her. He sees something falling on Sanyukta and saves her. And then he says, I don’t need your thanks. Sanyukta continues searching while Randhir holds the closet. Closet is falling down and he has to use both his hands. The part falls down and Sanyukta sees it. She tells him, and you don’t even deserve it (her thanks). She further says that he purposely did this so she can’t finish her task on time and he followed her to bother her. He says he is not interested in running behind problems. He saved her and now she’s blaming him? He says he came to get his parts. She tells him to take it and leaves then. She pushes him and leaves. Randhir’s hand gets a cut. He says, she can’t do any work properly. She left with wrong part which won’t be compatible with the machine. He finds some part.

Vidushi finishes her part and leaves. Sanyukta comes and tells Vidushi she found her part. She sees Parth quiet and goes to him. She starts telling him what Randhir did in the store room. He didn’t think that how he would do his test if her part is not complete. Randhir hears it and says, unbelievable. She didn’t even check her part and talking about my task. Let her go to hell, why should I help her? Sanyukta asks Parth what has happened to him. She’s talking to him and he’s not even responding. Parth gets mad and asks her to leave him alone. He leaves. She thinks she will have to talk to him later.

She continues working on the task. Randhir is working outside. Jiggy comes to him to ask for help. Inside, Kastuki tells Sanyukta that she doesn’t think she will be able to complete this task. She’s low on confidence and is very stressed out. Sanyukta says, but I know you will do it. Go and concentrate. Kastuki resumes, but she’s confused with all the wires. Sanyukta helps her out and her part is also done. Sanyukta asks her if she should check her engine now. Kastuki says, you will do it. Sanyukta says Vardhan gave her difficult part. Kastuki says because he may have thought no one else can do it.

Randhir is working. Jiggy gives him instructions. He gets mad. Jiggy steps back. Randhir finishes his part and says they only have to put brakes on the bike now, then it will run like a new one. Jiggy says its only possible when engine starts and Sanyukta is working on it, so it all depends on her now. Randhir thinks one of her parts is with him and she doesn’t even know it.

Precap: Sanyukta asks other students to call Vardhan as the bike is ready, and that too before the deadline. Vardhan checks it and it doesn’t start. He asks how bike would start without gear? Randhir says gear was Parth’s part and he didn’t do it yet. Sanyukta called him without even checking the bike. Vardhan says, he now wants this task to be completed by evening.

Update Credit to: Tina

  1. WWWooooooWWWW TINA!!! Super Duper fast… Thank You So Much 🙂

  2. Thanks a ton TINA !! 😀

  3. Parth – Keeps on getting hurt but still alright by next episode… He must be made out of steel.
    Sanyuktha – Keeps on loosing balance and fall on either Parth or Randhir atleast twice in a week. She must have some serious balancing issues
    Randhir – Thinks himself as god that everything only he ll be able to do and nobody else can. He is portrayed in the show as an Einstien that even Vardhan should start taking classes from him on free time 😛

    1. 😀 wow i thought exactly the same lol

  4. Yes…even I thought the same…..I’m not finding the show interesting these days……..I wish they could show vardans past….and parthz past…..and sandhir getting closer… :-\

  5. randhir and Sanyuktha are made for each other ….lovly couple..pyaar maito nok jok hota hai 🙂

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