Saraswatichandra 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Saraswatichandra 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Saraswatichandra 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kumud, Saras, Kusum and Kajal in the police station. Kusum and Kajal give their statements. Jugnu and Majnu looks on. A man sees the girls and is Sunanda’s informer. The inspector says we will raid on Sunanda’s house today based on their statements. The man calls Sunanda and tells her everything. Sunanda is shocked to know Kusum and Kajal made the report and Kumud and Saras were with them. Saras thanks the inspector. The inspector says you have helped these girls, they are brave. They come to raid on Sunanda’s house. Sunanda flees. The police checks the house but does not get her. The inspector says we will find her. Saras says you should get her soon, else she will risk their lives.

Jugnu says lets call the people who know her. Everyone makes calls. Majnu also calls and tries to find out. Jugnu gets the news about Sunanda and tells the inspector we now know where she is, come with me. Sunanda is hiding in an old store room type of place. The police comes to get her. They say maybe she left the city, she is not here. They leave. Sunanda is relieved and comes out. Saras and Kumud come to her. Sunanda is shocked seeing her.

Sunanda says don’t give to police, don’t send me to jail, I will not do this work again, Kumud you are going with your husband, have some pity on me. Everyone come there. Saras asks the inspector can we talk to her alone for two mins. The inspector says fine, we are out. Kumud asks did you had pity when the innocent girls pleaded to you, then why should we forgive you, your punishment can get less if you help us. Sunanda asks what help. Kumud asks about Ghuman’s secret. Sunanda says I don’t know any secret. Kumud says you know it and will tell us, its your last chance. Saras says you will go to jail, but if you do any good work, then your punishment will be less. Sunanda thinks Ghuman gave me money to be quiet, but if I don’t say they will not leave me.

She says I will tell you as much as I know. She tells them that Ghuman brought a small boy and gave it to Daima. Daima asked her whose child it is. Ghuman says don’t ask me his name and address. She says if this boy is alive, I can’t reach my destination, so keep this child and the secret safe. The flashback is shown. Sunanda looks on. Ghuman gives Daima money. Sunanda saw Menka stopping Daima from killing the baby and takes the baby giving her double money. Menka says this is not a secret now, take this money and give me this baby. Sunanda saw everything.

Daima gave the baby to Menka. Daima says I will forget that any baby came to me, I don’t care, one sister asked me to kill it and one sister is taking it, how are you related to him. Menka says some relations become with life, you won’t understand. Sunanda says Menka took that baby, I don’t know he is alive or not. Saras asks who is he, whats his name. Sunanda says I don’t know, I did not see Menka again. Kumud asks about his parents. Sunanda says I don’t know. Kumud says whose child was he. Saras says Ghuman wanted to kill a baby. Kumud says but why, how was she related. Saras says she knows everything, tell us. Sunanda says I don’t know, Ghuman does not know Menka took the baby.

She says Menka gave me money every month to keep my mouth shut and Ghuman also gave me money to keep Kumud here. She says I told everything, now forgive me and don’t give me to police. Saras asks the inspector to arrest Sunanda. Sunanda scolds Jugnu for cheating her. She looks at Kusum and Kajal angrily and leaves. Saras says I did not regard her as mum and today I don’t want to tell her a woman. She took over the haveli by making fake papers. He says I will not leave her now. Kumud says no, we have to find out about the child first and then talk to Danny.
Danny comes to Ghuman. Ghuman says the food is ready, shall I serve. She asks how is everything going on, you don;t have time for me. She asks are you fine. She asks what is the matter, are you disturbed about Kusum and her family, did you not see how they misbehaved with your mum, now you know the truth, that property is ours, they did not tell us. I did not want them to leave that house, but now I want it. Danny says enough mum and thinks of Kabir’s words that Ghuman should not know. He thinks he should wait till Saras comes then he can talk to her. Danny says I m sorry mum, I m fed up talking about them, can I rest, I don’t want to talk about them, let them be, they are leaving the house. She says fine, you take rest, I will bring medicines.

Kajal and Kusum hugs Kumud. Kumud says you showed braveness. Kumud thanks them and says now I have two Kusum. Jugnu says I wish my eyes opened before, else I would have not wishes to marry someone’s wife, please forgive me. Majnu says Saras and Kumud have forgiven you. Kumud asks Kajal and Kusum where will they go now. Kajal says we will go to our home after such a long time. Saras gives his card to Majnu and Jugnu and says we have work, we own a factory in Ratnagiri, you can join us anytime. Majnu thanks him.

Badimaa thinks what might be Saras doing, did he get Kumud or not. She is worried and gets his call. Saras and Kumud are on the way. Kumud talks to Badimaa crying. Badimaa asks are you fine. Kusum asks is it Didi, let me talk to her. Badimaa says she is on the way, coming. Kusum tells everyone that Kumud is fine and coming home. Kumud cries. Everyone are happy at home. Kusum talks and asks how are you. Kumud says I m fine. Vidyachatur asks the same. Guniyal talks next. Saras asks Kumud to calm down and talks to Badimaa. He says we are coming home, we will reach till morning. Kumud hugs Saras.

Badimaa says we should welcome them. Yash’s mum says don’t forget we have to leave this haveli. Badimaa says they are coming in morning. Its morning, Menka talks to Kabir and says I don’t understand your game. Kabir says Ghuman thinks she has the original papers and the haveli is hers, she trusts me. But I have given the papers to Danny as I don’t have any animosity with Desai family. I m only Ghuman’s enemy, she will be punished very soon. Menka says I think my work is over here, I will return Dubai and finally Ghuman’s everything will be mine. Someone is hearing their talk.


Danny tells Saras that Kabir stole the papers. Kabir says whatever I m doing is for this family, please trust me. Kumud thinks is it Ghuman’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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