Sadda Haq 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes and hugs anju. she says how you feel now? anju says i am good, doctor called so i have to go again. Sanyu says he is so rude. Anju says when did you meet him? sanyu says i went to his clinic to ask about him. He is rude he didn’t even talk to me. Anju says he must be busy, i am fine now. sanyu says i don’t like him. I will take you to a better doctor, you don’t need to mess with these stupid boys. anju says he is so caring that he sends car himself. sanyu says okay then we will both go to him, when i come from college. She leaves for college.

Randhir gets a call from karan. randhir says you were coming here? karan says she left her home, i couldn’t come. randhir says you love her don’t give up. karan says if her brothers see me they will kill me. randhir says come here you will be safe here. he says i will see near FITE at 12.
Randhir turns back and sees sanyu, he recalls last night’s fight. They both walk past each other.

Sahil says why has ranawt called us now? New task to be insulted. Vidushi says at least we dont have to stay in store room and didn’t have to face these stupid people. They all come to lab. Vidushi taunts at sanyu and says i wished i had excused on my mom and ranawt let me go. sanyu says go lie who stopped you. randhir says stay quite. we are already messed up. parth says you need to stay quite too randhir. randhir says what did you say? sanyu says you only need to fight. Parth says stay quite. vidushi says parth is fighting all the time. Parth says you keep out of it. ranawat comes and says its not everyone’s cup of tea. He laughs and says for a second i thought i was strict but i was right. you trash team can’t do anything. The fight scene gave me a new idea, you are all filled with aggression. Randhir says will you take us to fight club? Ranawt says no you and parth will go and break girl’s room. Go spit out your aggression there. And girls will ruin boys’ room. sahil says you want us to fight among? Ranawat says sahil and yoyo will break each other’s room. sahil says we can’t do this. randhir says we have a discipline level. Ranwat says i thought you would accept your last challenge. After that you wont have to sleep in store room and stay hungry. Sanui and vidushi leave after them all the boys as well.

Randhir and parth enter sanyu and vidushi’s room. sanyu and vid enter theirs. They all start breaking the stuff and taking stuff out of closets. Parth sees a diary in vid’s closet, it has written so many time i love you parth. Sanyu finds radhir’s picture with his mom. Vidushi sees parth’s favorite shirt. she says to sanyu i can’t do this. they are our teammates. Ssanyu says yes lets go to ranawt and tell him that we wont do this. parth says to randhir what ranawat wants us to do? Randhir says i can’t do this as well. lets go. they both go out. Peon comes in and locks vidushi and sanyu’s room. He breaks all the stuff. tears vidushi’s diary. Another one comes and ruins randhir and parth’s room.

Sanyu and vidushi come to ranawat. sanyu says sorry sir but we can’t do this. Vidushi says we fight but we can’t do this, sanyu says you don’t know about our bond. vidushi says we can’t treat them this way. Ranwat says bonding? sanyu says yes that has made us stay together. Ranawt says its just a puff, its time to show reality of your bonding. He shows them video how randhir and parth and spoiled their room. sanyu’s family photograph is broken as well. sanyu calls randhir, vidushi we will call him later, lets go and decorate his room first. sanyu says yes lets go. Randhir and parth come in. randhir says we can’t do this. parth says we better live in store room. ranawt says let me show you reality, she shows them video of how sanyu and vid have destroyed their room.

Sanyu and vid totally ruin parth and randhir’s room. and so do the boys. They all come out sanyu says to ranhdhir i thought maybe you wont do this, but i was wrong. He says you would do such cheap thing, and i wont seek revenge. you started it. sanyu says you started it and now you are lying. you are same as on the first day of college. he says you are so selfish. Parth says i hate your face. Vidushi says i dont even wanna see your face, parth says so dont i. yoyo and sahil are fighting as well. ranwat comes and say very well done, now go from here.

PKC says they are not ordinary students, they are the best. stop treating them this way raanwat. ranwat says they are trash team, i wanted to motivate them. They will go there and trash everything. Team spirit and coordination is needed. they don’t trust each other, they can easily be manipulated. PKC says so you will let them fight? ranawat says they are not going to some intercollege challenge, they are going to international team. they are so stupid they can’t trust each other. What will they do there? ranawt says if they don’t change their way they will lose before going. I wont go with such a team. i wont go to lose. PKC says they are hardworking they will learn soon. Ranawt sees some grease on his hand and his freaks out.

PRecap-randhir sits in cab and go to meet karan. His cab his a bike, when he sees the guy its karan and his gf.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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