Million Dollar Girl 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranvijay stops Vicky and tells he wanted to known past..Ranvijay pushes Vicky..Vicky beats Ranvijay…Both fight..Ranvijay falls,,Vicky tells to stay away..Vicky goes..DJ goes..Dj tells Avanti to tell clearly as She enjoy with Virat,,Dj tells Virat is not that bad…Avanti tells not possible at all..If she is at island also will not talk to Virat,,,DJ tells Avanti is soo romantic thinking about staying at Island alone with Virat..,,Avanti tells its nothing like that..Avanti tells DJ lets go office..
Avanti and DJ comes at office..One Man comes out of Zubair’s cabin and tells he will not go soo easily will destroy the office…Virat tells to talk properly its a office..Man tells that a small Salesman is teaching him how to talk..Virat Holds the collar of Man..His son shouts and tells to leave.. Zubair comes tells Virat to leave Virat leaves..Man tells he will not leave anyone…Zubair laughs..Avanti asks why Zubair is laughing???.Zubair tells the warehouse land which Avanti and Virat thought was in dispute belongs to that Man,,,Zubair tells that Virat is an idiot..
Zubair tells amoung Virat and Avanti who brought back the Land for warehouse will be given the oppurtunity to give presentation,,DJ tells Virat should have not hold the Builder’s collor,,Virat tells he will take back the warehouse and not Avanti win,,Avanti goes…Dj tells Avanti gone,,Virat goes…Virat sits in car but it doesn’t start..Avanti goes and sits in a restaurant..Avanti sees the boy goes and sits..Avanti tells that the boy’s father sent her for buying the land..And she works at DESI SWAG,,The Boy tells that If girl works in office then who will cook food at home???Avanti tells its none of His business…Two Men comes and sits..Boy asks If she work in Desi swag??Avanti tells yes..Boy tells not to worry as they are his friends..The Two Men stares Avanti..Avanti is scared..
Boy tells that Before signing deal they should known each other as understanding is very important..Avanti tells Land price is decreasing but they will pay the full price,,Boy tells Avanti to meet at Charminar hotel as understanding will be there,,Avanti gets up and tells she have to go..Boy tells to wait..Avanti falls..Virat comes and asks If Avanti is good??Avanti tells to see back..Virat beats them all..Boy’s friend runs away..Virat picks up the boy..Virat tells the Boy to call his father..Virat tells his father to ready the paper’s as he is coming..Father tells what non-sense..Virat tells that his son was harassing Avanti his friend,,,Virat tells If paper’s are not ready then the consequences will be bad..
Avanti tells that in the deal his half credit is there,,Virat tells that this much happened and Avanti still bothered about the deal..Avanti tells yes and leats go together..Avanti walks slowly..Virat tells Avanti that by this speed they will not reach..Virat carries Avanti..Avanti shouts Virat..The Builder tells that he blackmail people and Virat is blackmailing him How dare..Builder calls someone,,,Ranvijay calls Kavya and tells that Vicky is very eager to known their past..Ranvijay tells Kavya to tells Vicky to calm down..Kavya tells she will explain..Vicky come’s kavya office…Vicky tells he wanted to talk..Vicky tells he is sorry as he was forcing to tell the past..Vicky tells that he will respect this privacy..Kavya tells that she was not in relation with Ranvijay,,Vicky tells it will be good If she didnt talk with Ranvijay..Peon tells Kavya that Manager called..Kavya goes…Avanti calls Kavya..Vicky sees the phone and sees missed call of Ranvijay,,,Kavya comes and tells where is Vicky??Virat tells Avanti to listen carefully as now he will handle..Virat tells that these people are not normal are dangerous..Avanti tells its not a joke but a challenge..Virat asks How Avanti’s leg now???Avanti tells its a sprain..Virat brings Pain killer..Avanti eats..Virat tells now Pain will be less..Virat tells lets go together..Avanti tells herself that she will go alone..Virat tells he will never let Avanti go…

Precap:Precap::Zubair tells avanti to serve cold drinks to all..Avanti tells Virat its her last defeat

Update Credit to: Ansari

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