Sadda Haq 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu sees randhir’s pin drive on the ground and keeps it in her bag. She takes the cab and goes to factory.

Rehan and renuka are in meeting. Rehan gives presentation of a new product and says 100 factories have ordered more than our stock. people here don’t wanna take risk with their money. Our fuel cells will be in every company from tomorrow. Investor says this merger has given a lot of profit to all of us. investors are really happy. Randhir comes in. He says I disagree. Rehan says still wanna create a drama? Randhir says I realized my mistake I shouldn’t have drank. From now on I want to be genuinely involved in all this. He takes a seat and sits there. rehan continues with his presentation. Randhir says in heart you are talking about a defected product bro?

Pooja is going on in Agarwal’s factory. Anju is there as well. SHe says can we wait a little for sanyu. Ankit says she has no value for others’ time. sanyu comes and says I am sorry sir I am late. I was looking for auto. Mishra says you said the same yesterday. Agarwal says I said you never come on this floor without work suit. Mishra says go and wear it. Anju does the pooja with Agarwal. He says whenever a new machine comes I ask anju to inaugurate it. She is lucky for me. He says anju mark the machine. she looks at sanyu and does it. Agarwal says this is the new machine. I want ankit to start it. sanyu recalls when she used to come for pooja with anju in childhood. She used to wish to start the machine but anju said no ankti will start it you will do pooja with me. This time as well, ankit starts it. sanyu is in tears. Anju marks on everyone’s forehead. When she comes to sanyu, agawal says come let me drop you home. he goes anju puts mark on sanyu’s head. She caresses her face.

sanyu goes to Agarwal and says why didn’t you let me start the machine with ankit? Its my right too. Anju says this is how you will talk to your dad? sanyu says why always partiality with me? Agarwal says you have gotten everything and more than many girls in family. What else you want? sanyu says i just want equal as Ankit. All international companies have women in them. ankit says don’t teach us. sanyu says I want to do something for this company. I want a cabin besides papa’s. Agarwal says first come on time in factory. Rights are earned. You have to do all the tasks of Mishra and prove yourself. They leave.

Parth sees vidushi and says you went to doctor what he said? is it food poisoning? Vidushi says I am not ill. He says what then? vidushi says I missed my dates. Parth says lets confirm it first. Lets go for test? vidushi says I don’t wanna do any test. I am not pregnant. Parth says did you and varun use protection? she says no. parth says how can you make silly mistakes. you could at least take pills. she is in tears. parth hugs her and says please don’t cry. I will be with you always. We will handle it. We have to go for test first.

Mishra guides the interns about new machine. Mishra says this car has 30 defects which you can see with the new machine. Who find most defects will the task. kunal works on the machine. He says the defects machine is telling, I could tell them verbally. The size of the piston is too much which is increasing rotation time. Kunal finds total of 10 defects. Raghu finds many more than kunal and in less time. Mishra says last turn is of sanyu. are you ready sanyu? Agarwal comes there as well. Mishra says sanyu start the task or I will disqualify you. Sanyu is finding it hard to work on the machine. Mishra says would you like to give up? sanyu says I have analyzed 5 defects. Mishra says you have lost it. Raghu has found 12 and kunal 10. Raghu wins the task. The foreman panel goes to Raghu. Raghu raises it. He sees tears in sanyu’s eyes. Agarwal scoffs she wants a cable besides mine.

Parth gives strip to vidushi. she says I don’t wanna do this. He says relax, I will always be with you. She hugs him.

Sanyu is working on the car, ankit and Agarwal come there. Agarwal says working hours are over. ANkit says no one has permission to work on then after hours. why do you get insulted all the time. I told you in childhood that you can never become engineer. you still wasted 4 years and went to college and now want a drama here so people can clap for you.

Sanyu is in library. she is studying. kabir sees a video in which vardhan says I feel like someone is manipulating these files so I am taking them with me in this pin drive. I will operate it from there.

Parth comes to and says can you lend me some money? I need it really bad.

sanyu sees randhir solving a question. sanyu says how can you be shameful, I saw you pen drive, it can harm a lo of people you will kill innocent people for revenge. randhir says everything is fair in war. sanyu says I will tell renuka everything. how can you kill people. randhir says I am sorry, I became so shameful in my revenge. go and tell her everything. I don’t know how I became that shameful, wait here I am bringing original design from my room. sanyu says okay be fast. Randhir comes in after a while with his laptop he says this is the original design that I manipulated you saved me from doing such shameful act. He gives her a coffee, sanyu faints after drinking it. randhir says when you wake up from sleep you will get news of renuka’s destruction.

Precap-rehan tells media just like I told you our fuel cells are fixed in many companies. randhir comes on stage and says fantastic. I am renuka’s son. sanyu wakes up. He says on this venture I would like to congratulate my new family. he goes and hugs renuka. He says don’t be shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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