Sadda Haq 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PKC comes out and says PKC car? He smiles.
Vid is in ground. Parth comes and says why you called me here? She says there is something important to tell but promise me you wont be mad. He says okay I promise. She says actually.. He says tell me what is it? She gets a call. She picks the call, the woman says parth’s demand is increasing. We can cling a new deal. Vid says i can’t do this anymore. She says i will make this video viral. Vid says you can’t do this. she hangs up.
Vid says what should i do now? I can’t tell parth. The woman texts vid will you do it? She says yes.
Vid says to parth i lied to you, there was nothing. I was just missing you that is why i called you here. He hugs her.

PKC comes in class. He is really happy. He says i have to announce something. I have to admit that i was harsh with dream team. I was unfair. I wish them a lot of success and I permit randhir and sanyu to come back to team. You dream team car will do the best in competition. Sanyu and randhir smile.

Parth calls vid and says ranawat is calling in lab. Randhir says eat something first. Sanyu says there must be some model. They all get text time to have some fun come to lab.
They all come to lab. Ranawat says what were you reading? randhir says progress and mechanics. Ranawat says can you become a good driver after reading books? You all will make a steering wheel. You will connect it to computer. You will use it for your video game cars.

Vid says another pressure. Parth says audience can motivate us. I am excited.
He hugs her and leaves. Randhir says to sanyu have you played games? Sanyu says now you think girls are not good gamers too? Tell me what else can’t girls do? Randhir says i will make a list.

Rishab comes to vid and says you know what to do. She says shut up. She says you know the plan has failed. Vid says if it was about me and parth i would. randhir and sanyu are back in team. They will know. Rishab says ruin randhir’s steering wheel.

They all start working in lab on their wheels. Parth comes to vid. Randhir gets a call from harsh. He asks did you go to renuka for sponsorship? randhir says yes i did. He says you didn’t even tell me. Randhir says its not a big deal. He hangs up and says its a big deal for me.

Vid comes near randhir’s wheel. sanyu says you need something? Vid says randhir has completed it almost. She texts rishab sanyu’s keeping and eye on randhir’s. Can’t do anything.
The competition starts, ranawat brings some gamers who will use joysticks. The competition starts.
Vid turns parth’s power off. Sanyu says we can hit their cars and then there will be not competition at all. Dream team wins. Parth says congratulations guys. Vid says i am sorry. He says dont be. randhir says if i become driver i will make you my co driver parth. sanyu says it is not decided yet.
Ranawat says the contenders are sanyu, randhir and vid.
Randhir and parth see parth’s steering. They say there is nothing wrong. Parth says did someone turn off the power? Parth says vidd was next to me. why would she do it? Randhir says i will win and make you my co driver. Rishab says you will choose? who are you. radhir says why don’t you get lost. Rishab says what happened to parth can happen to you as well.

Precap-Vid says i know what next competition will be. Driver should know all specifications. sanyu says let me go and check. Vid places barrels in her way. she falls. Randhir says to ranawat can you delay competition. ranawat says no i can’t.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Offo… Vidhushi u will never change ?

  2. Yaa samyu…thz vidhushi nvr change ..

  3. eagerly waiting for dream team competition n hope vid will change herself n attitude

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