Are you excited to watch Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan?

darmiyaan1Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan is an upcoming show on Star Plus. The show will air at 8.30 pm replacing Phir Bhi Na Maane…Badtameez Dil from September 28, 2015. It is produced by Balaji Telefilms. The show stars Vibhav Roy, Gautam Gupta and Shritama Mukherjee as the leads. The show is based in Jamshedpur and is about three friends, Raj, Madhavan, and Koyal, who come from different cultural backgrounds – South Indian, Punjabi and Bengali.

The show will be a love triangle and how the characters will revolve around one central theme that Love has no logic and it is solely by heart. Koyal believes love can’t be done by mind. She tells Raj and Madhavan that if love is done by mind, then it is definitely not love. Madhavan finds her very emotional. Raj agrees with Koyal and has similar mindset as her. Madhavan loves Koyal since their childhood, where Koyal leans for Raj’s free nature. All the three leads’ families are related to each other through their place of work and profession. Madhavan has never expressed his feelings for Koyal. The love for Koyal in one’s heart becomes the trouble for another. It is a love triangle and will showcase a compassionate tale of the interlinked fates of the three. Would you like to watch Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan? Let us know in this poll.

  1. too exited to watch

  2. Who will watch ekta crap. Only trp aunties will ready to watch. Youth not at all interested in her crap and star plus.

  3. yeah right sreenidhi ekta’s serials r total crap.but I like this serial.the promo is nice

    1. manyavala tsm, leah

      The promo is always cool, maybe the start also. The real craps will start as per sp tradition. so no hopes at all!

  4. no not at all..coz it wil hav the same story line . hero heroine wil fall in love and then heroine will marry villan

  5. I think koyal will be get married to madhvan by lot of drama
    N she thinks that they r just friends but madhvan love her n love story will begin

  6. Ekta does seriels with good plots but at the end it always gets spoilt!! We all know what happened to Bade Ache Lagte Hain!! The are spoiling YHM now with the surrogacy track and ten the leap, and IKNMP has also got spoilt due to Nivedita’s efforts to separate NeiRa!! Even MATSH was destroys when Ranveer got married and Ishani did the Garbandhan, though it has improved now!! Te only good seriel Ekta has ever made is Jodhaa Akbar, with Paridhi and Rajat, but at the end the spoilt it with Salim and Anarkali scenes!! No use watching KTHTMD!!!! It’s gonna be crap? Like typical Balaji seriels excluding JA…

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Same track jayega… Koyal or raj ek dusre s pyar krenge or madhav koyal se.. but koyal or raj k shadi me twist aayega or uski shadi madhav s ho jayegi… Fir har serial ki tarha, koyal madhav s pyr krne lagegi… Fir iss show ko film dhadkan ki tarha chalaya jayega….

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