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Sadda Haq 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Randhir is frustrated. He asks why he should go to the court. Sanyu is searching for Vardhan. She sees Randhir there and asks him if he’s okay. He says he’s fine and asks her to concentrate on her captainship, not on him. Sanyu continues searching for Vardhan. She wonders where he went.

Vardhan is in library. He’s yelling at the librarian saying there are no useful books there. Sanyu comes there and tries to talk to him, but he ignores her. Vardhan tells the librarian to throw out waste things. The librarian leaves. Sanyu goes to Vardhan and says she’s accepting the captain’s role. Dream Team will participate and will win. He asks her if there’s a guarantee that she won’t step back. She requests him to give her a chance. He asks what’s point of winning trophy after losing in life. He doesn’t care whether they win or no. He tells her to stay in this college as long as she can, and then get out. He leaves. Sanyu says she disappointed him a lot, but after this competition, she will make him proud of mentoring her.

Sanyu gets a call from Sameer. He tells her how Ankit lied to him that Sanyu had all lunch ready. He says seems like all have had tuition of lying in her house, but so sad, he doesn’t even know how to lie properly. Sanyu tells him, she is thankful for whatever he did for her, but she respects her brother and he’s talking about him right now. Sameer says, they will go on a date again and he will let her know about it later. Sanyu gets worried, but says her concentration will fully be on the competition.

Some boys have overtaken YoYo’s room. YoYo sees his stuff out of the room and wonders who did that. He goes in and asks them to leave the room. No one listens to him. He kicks their bag and they finally get up and ask him to behave. YoYo’s friends come and ask what’s the matter. The boys make fun of YoYo’s name. The argument heats up between them. They grab YoYo’s collar. YoYo asks them to leave him, he has quit fighting.

Sanyu comes to Vardhan’s cabin to get some file. Vardhan says it’s on table, take it and leave. Sanyu asks him if he’s still upset with her. She assures him she will fulfill all her responsibilities. He asks her if she even knows anything that her the opposition team boys have already reached the boys hostel.

Randhir and Parth come to help YoYo. There’s fight between the two teams. Sanyu comes and stops their fight. She informs FITE boys that this room is allocated to the opposition team. The opposition team asks her who she is. She doesn’t look like a professor. Randhir taunts one of the boys that he looks more like animal than a student. Sanyu stops Randhir and tells the opposition team that she’s the captain. The opposition team makes fun of having a girl in a team and that too as a captain. Randhir is getting mad with their behavior, but Sanyu stops him. She asks FITE boys to leave, she will handle it. Parth says, you handle some people with hands, not mouth. Sanyu says they are FITE guests and it’s about their reputation. Parth leaves. Now Sanyu tells randhir to leave too. He asks her why he should listen to her. She says because she’s the captain and she will decide how things will work. All leave. YoYo says no one treated him like this before.

Sanyu apologizes to the opposition team and says she will make sure whatever happened doesn’t happen again and this competition happens in a good spirit. She wishes them all the best. She spoke everything in English. The opposition team tells her to speak it in Hindi. Sanyu taunts them that she thought they come from a reputed and a top college, and they made a very good team.

The opposition team says that FITE team also made a good team by making her captain and they will have to impress her and get her on their side. She asks them what they said. A boy says that it will be good if they take good care of them. She leaves. The boy says, it will be good if she gets on their side, else they will have to beat her.

Randhir stops Parth and tells him not to think he saved him by coming on last moment. If Sanyu hadn’t come, then it wouldn’t have been good for the opposition team. Parth says he came for FITE reputation.

Sanyu comes there and has a verbal argument with Randhir again.

Sanyu has gathered everyone and asks them to cooperate with her. She can’t do all herself. Vidushi says in her mind what she has done alone anyway. She’s trying to put sense into everyone, but all taunt each other because of their ego and personal matters. She tells everyone to forget everything and join hands with each other. Parth says he doesn’t need to join hands with anyone to beat anyone. He leaves. Sanyu turns to Randhir. He asks what will you say now? that I had to forward hand first? He too leaves.

Sanyu asks YoYo to step up and do something, but he refuses as well after what opposition team did to him. Vidushi and Sahil leave too. Sanyu screams if they all do like this, then how will they win? Kastuki tells Sanyu not to say like this. Sanyu says she did mistake by accepting captainship. What Vardhan will think knowing situation of the team.

Precap: A lady comes to Vardhan and says it will be the worst nightmare for his Dream Team. She seems to be the mentor of opposition team. The competition starts. First task is of basket ball. Parth misses it. Randhir says he can’t be part of a losing team. The opposition team’s mentor asks Vardhan, it’s a competition between teams right? Because she doesn’t see any team from FITE’s side.

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  1. spoilers new- ( will update of friday soon ) 16.6.14 – 19.6.14 MAY OR MAY NOT BE TRUE!!!!!!!


    mon – FITE enters into competition with other 2 colleges, randhir gets irritated with sanyu and walks out of competition
    tuesday – FITE is on verge of losing match ,sanyu is desperate to do all that she can but neither randhir nor parth are in sight
    wed – sanyu takes charge of events in parths and randhir’s absence
    thursday- sanyu ask randhir as to which car he would like to use in the competition . folowing which final fight takes place
    between lite and fite

    1. thats great! thnx

    courtesy :

    friday – in final fight of fest 2 members of each teams come € sandhir represents Fite

    A blind fold scene between paRan is coming up. Where sanyu will guide randhir and vidushi will
    guide parth . To prove them that working in a team will make fite win.

    1. u are awesome @DS…. !! keep posting all these news!!thanks

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  5. east or west sadda haq is the best!!!

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