Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi starts searching Kokila in a train and feels Kokila is in the same train. Kokila gets confused after drinking water. A passenger who is going on a religious trip asks where is she going. Kokila says mother’s house. Passenger says even she is going to mother’s house and asks her to accompany her. Kokila goes with her. Ahem asks Gopi if she is sure she saw Kokila in this train. Gopi says yes. She sees Kokila’s key on the ground and confirms that Kokila was here. Ahem and she run towards leaving train.

Baa says Hetal that Rashi was away doing pooja when Kokila eloped and it is not her mistake then. Jigar says it is his mistake also to let them alone. Baa asks Hetal to get back Rashi. Hetal realizes her mistake and says she will bring back Rashi home.

Ahem says they searched whole train and did not find Kokila. Kokila is seen walking with religious trip passengers. Ahem hears announcement about Jammu and Chennai trains and thinks Gopi is right, either Kokila is either in Jammu or Chennai train. Ahem gives some money to Gopi and asks her to search one train while he searches another. Their trains move in opposite directions and they both watch departing from each other.

Kokila is with religous trip group. Gopi prays god that she should find Kokila soon. She calls Ahem and asks him to have faith in god. People in group talk about their travel. Kokila remembers Ahem/Bharath trying to kill her.

Hetal reaches Urmila’s house to bring back Rashi. Urmila starts cribbing. Hetal says she scolded her in anger, but now has realized her mistake. She asks Rashi to come back as Kokila is also coming back. Kinjal gets happy hearing that and asks Kinjal if Kokila is for sure coming back. Hetal says yes. Urmila says Rashi will not come back. Hetal asks her to come with her now. Urmila says Rashi is silent, that means she is not coming. Kinjal says she will come with her to see her mom but tell that she has come to celebrate Prateek’s birthday. Hetal asks Rashi that she will wait for her and Kinjal near her car outside.

Gopi comes near Kokila, but steps on food. While she apologizes the passenger, Kokila gets up and goes to toilet. Ahem calls Jigar and informs that Kokila is not found yet and Gopi is in a Jammmu train and he is in Chennai train. As soon as he finds Kokila, he will call him. Jigar informs family that Kokila is not yet found. Parag starts crying while Baa consoles him. Radha sees the whole family crying and smirks thinking it is a good day for her. She thinks of informing about it Tripti.

Rashi comes down and says Hetal that she is coming with her. Urmila tries to stop her, but she does not listen. Hetal gets happy and hugs her. She says without her she cannot think of living in that house. They both live with Kinjal. Urmila gets angry that Rashi did not listen to her.

TC asks Gopi about her ticket. Gopi says she is searching her mother. TC says she cannot travel without ticket. Gopi asks him to get her a ticket. TC gives her ticket. Gopi asks TC to help her searching her mother. Kokila is seen coming out of toilet.

Precap: TC asks passengers if anybody is Kokila Modi among them. Kokila hears that and hides wrapping her saree on her face.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. And now it is more than enough we can no more see this idiotic episodes what’s the hell is this from the last 2 months we are bearing this nuisance anymore put an end to this idiotic drama now.JUST STOP IT………..!!!!!!!!!!

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  5. And once again don’t take my reply seriously just take it as a view of your little sister……and chill

  6. Guys don’t waste ur time watching itits beter v read d written update till kokila gets back her memory

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