Sadda Haq 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Everyone comes in lab where Kabir is waiting for them. Kabir says I thought you guys were smart but you took so long. I doubt am I dean of some circus? Randhir says we know the task but why we have to do it please tell us. Kabir says I am dean of FITE I am not accountable to you. He gives them all an envelop. He says don’t open it now. Now open it. There is a walkie talkie in each of them. yoyo says this is military phone and charger. Jiggy says do we have to go to border now? Kabir says now you have to charge it. yoyo says it takes a lot of time to charge. Kabir says you have generate alternate source of energy and charge the phone. None of you can use same methods. The one who completes the task, their sockets will start work. Btw your 40% marks are dependent on these. If you fail you wont be able to do internship and you will have to repeat semester. I will have to see your faces for another year. your time starts now. No one will take phones out of campus.

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sahil says what the hell is this. How will we do it from different source. Jiggy says yeah we are so many students and there only 7 to 8 resources. Lets go and look for it in library. Sanyu catches Randhir’s gaze and leaves. Everyone is discussing the solution. Vardhan says are you going to library for references? Sahil says yes. vardhan says shame on you. you cant learn in half and hour what you couldn’t in 4 years. you have to create it from your knowledge. Out now. Sanyu collides with randhir. He is talking to ishika. He says I will only meet you when you break up with him. She says he is on some tour, I will talk to him once he is back. Randhir says no problem I will talk to you later. sanyu says in heart I cant be sad I have to focus on task.

Vidushi tries to get in the library from window. Vardhan stops her and says why you all need shortcut? you think its easy? Find a book, use example and do your task. Anyone could do it if this was that easy. close the window and out. Vidushi leaves. She recalls sanyu reading a book about it. She says I need that book. sanyu wonders what source should I use? Vidushi rushes to room and collides with sanyu. Sanyu says she is going to room? SAnyu stops her and they both run to the room. sanyu falls. Vidushi locks the room. sanyu says that book is mine, open the door. Vidushi doesn’t listen.

Sanyu comes to ground. she looks at sun and says solar panels? I can do it. yoyo says it will need a lot of equipment. sanyu says I will find it. Randhir is working on some football. parth says what are you going to do with it? randhir says I will play football. parth says I was curious. Randhir says I will get energy from it. ishika calls him but he turns down. Jiggy is working with some sweaters and using their static energy. He says only 0.5 watt. He tries again. yoyo comes in and takes the sweater. He says I feel cold. sanyu comes to lab. She starts working on her plan. randhir is using his football. Sanyu goes to vardhan and says where can I find semi conductor? Vardhan says why you came here? I you could have just called me. I am not your peon. sanyu says sorry I was just asking. He says even if I knew I wouldn’t have helped you. your dean has blocked all the resources but you if you didn’t waste time in checking sockets you could find them. You couldn’t fix them and all those wires.. sanyu says thank you so much sir. Sanyu goes to main board and takes all the wires. she says vardhan sir always helps indirectly. PKC comes and says you are stealing the wires? Yoyo says no sir. What would we do of it? PKC says okay okay now work on your solution.

Parth is looking some tools. Rana comes in. He says people are right, you cant stop stealing. parth says this is for project and I am student of this college. rana says I am security chief. Did you ask for anyone’s permission. This is stealing. And I hate thief. parth says you cant make me fail in task. He takes the tool and throws it on the floor. rana says I will see how can you hide the inside of you. Parth says if it comes I will lose my degree only and you will lose a lot more. sanyu comes back to lab and starts working. sanyu is working with help of yoyo. Sanyu suggests him something as well. he says oh thanks genius. Parth comes in and vidushi says parth please calm down don’t think about that rana focus on task. She caresses him. He says use this energy in positive way. someone will laugh that I am asking you to stay clam. He laughs. He says what are you going to do? Vidushi says I researched and decided I will make cycle generator. sanyu says stealing room mate’s book is not research. jiggy is tensed rana gives him and envelop and says this will help you in focus.

Randhir is hitting football with ishika. ishika says sanyu will beat you the way she is working. we can go somewhere else if her presence is disturbing you. randhir says I wont let her win. randhir hits a ball on sanyu’s panel it falls down. sanyu says what the hell? He says your luck is bad. Why you brought it here? sanyu says you were scared. randhr says I was aiming at your face. sanyu says you think you will win it this way? randhir says go and think of something new. sanyu says I wont let you complete yours. randhir says find some side job, no one can stop your from failing. sanyu tries to fix her panel. she says its all in vain. what can I do now? She sees a paper boy on cycle. she asks him if he can give her cycle. sanyu says please I need help. you have helped me a lot of times. he says I helped you and got stuck. don’t mess with me. sanyu please its about my project. sanyu says I will give you fare for taxi. he says return it to me in good condition. sanyu says you will find it the same way. he gives her the key of lock.

Sanyu is collecting material for contraction. Vidushi says I was making cycle generator. Sanyu says you can’t make it, you cant comprehend its details. sanyu says I have to take that book from vidushi. Vidushi tries to fix her. She fights with vidushi for screw driver. he shoves her. Vidushi says are you mad. you have to tight your brain’s screw first. jiggy is hyper.

Sanyu is sitting worried in the cafeteria. She sees randhir hitting the ball. sanyu says in heart is there any method to access geothermal energy. randhir takes off his shirt. sanyu eats a chili. she screams for water. Randhir gives her water. sanyu doesn’t take it. He throws water on her face. sanyu says where are you running by throwing water on my face, she says oh water? I can use it for static energy and no one is using it.

Parth is doing push ups and collecting the energy. Vidushi comes in. Parth says why are you staring like that? One of the switch it starts bleeding. Vidushi says let me clean it. She dresses it for him. parth comes close to her and holds her.

Scene 2
Next morning, sanyu wakes up, she slept in the lab. she says thank God I am up. She has made motor proof batteries. She says I have to find the place in college where water flow is max. sanyu goes in boys’ washroom. She places her motor there. A guy comes in, sanyu hides under the sink. She runs out. Vidushi sees sanyu and says you are washing dishes here? you still wanna marry? sanyu says shut up. SAnyu finds the water flow.

Jiggy is hypered and throws the machine on floor. He collides with a girl. she slaps him. She says cant you see? yoyo comes in and says whats wrong with you? Jiggy leaves. Yoyo says there is something wrong. There is an announcement. Kabir says only 15 minutes are left. Be in lab. Everyone gathers their stuff and rush t lab. Jiggy is sitting in ground.

Everyone comes to lab. Kabir says so time is up I hope you have used different methods. In case if it overlaps there will a theoretical assignment b/w two. you have 30 mins to charge your phone. Everyone starts working. Randhir is happy to see his phone charging. Kabir checks everyone. Yoyo’s is 1%. parth’s is 18%, sanyu’s is 0%. she is shocked. randhir smiles.

Precap-Jiggy is shivering. Rana says to a girl if you wear these clothes at this time boys will tease you. Randhir says how can you say that its this girl’s mistake. They all go and ask jiggy to open the door and are shocked to see inside.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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