Friends. . Condition Apply 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Friends. . Condition Apply 12th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl comes wearing Safari..Sees all friends tells that first time she missed the shot..The girl tessls Shakti that she is too clever..The girl beats Shakti..Shakti falls..The girl pulls shakti..Shakti falls..The girls puts his leg and press Shakti cries of pain..Chirag shouts.and goes but bali catches him..The girl Tara goes and Murli goes..Chirag helps Shakti..All friends goes in the room..
Benoy blames Shakti tells that she is the one..Because of her they caught..Because of whom plan failed..Chirag tells Benoy to shut up..Chirag goes and tells Shakti is alright..Shakti tells that she wanted to go..Shakti goes outside,,
Shakti goes and tells Murli that he is lying..and making trape for them..
The girl Tara comes and tells that because of his father Shakti is alive..Shakti tells that its her and Murli’s matter..Shakti tells the girl to mind her own buisness..Shakti gets up and tells Murli that she is not helping in mission..The girl pushes Shakti..Shakti falls.,,.Murli comes to help but The girl tells that it the matter of her and Shakti..The girl beats Shakti with a bamboo..Shakti falls is unconsious..The girl goes..Murli is worried..Benoy tells Isha that where is he trapped..Benoy tells that because of Shakti all this happened..Benoy tells that Shakti is playing tricks between Chirag and him..Isha tells not to worry as she is with him..Benot gets close to Isha..Benoy and Isha kiss each other..Isha moves away from Benoy and pulls him..Benoy falls and shouts..ISha says sorry..Benoy takes out Radio from grass and shocked..Benoy gets happy..Benoy tells Isha that they have battries??Isha tells yes In torch..Isha asks in this situation Benoy wanted to listen songs..Benoy tells They can contact to Police station..Isha tells that she didn’t think about that..
The girl Tara helps Shakti..Shakti gets up..The girl tells sorry tells that she was angry..The girls tells that Shakti should not have talked about BABA…Shakti thinks about flashback..Shakti tells Murli that he promised BABA..To be with Murli always..And now she will do realease BABA ….Murli suddenly sees Something and goes..Chirag comes and asks How is Shakti..Chirag sees the wound on Shakti’s neck and asks what happnd??Shakti tells nothing..Murli hides and sees all this..Benoy takes radio and hides..Benoy tells ISha not to tells Anyone about the radio..Specially Shakti..Isha agrees..Bali and Omar beats Benoy..while Imple and chirag comes…All friends are shocked to see suddely Ravi with pistol along with Tara and wearing Safari along with kidnapper’s..Chirag goes and tells Ravi..Ravi laughs..Ravi tells he is Agni..Chirag tells that He was stupid that trusted him..Ravi tells he will tell his plan wait..Ravi tells SHkati that his eyes on Shakti and he is seeing him..Ravi tells that he will give special punishment to Shakti..

Precap:Benoy contacts to Radio station and tells that they need help..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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