Sadda Haq 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is in corridor, doctor asks him did he find raghini? Randhir says she went to some important work. he says there is nothing more important than her health. Randhir says i have asked her to take care of it all.

Sanyu recalls Ranawat repairing the drone and making nests. She says i need to find out about all this. She goes to ranawat’s cabin and knocks at the door. She opens the door and is shocked to see the web. She says wow. She says what material he has used to create this web? I knew it. she locks the door and texts dream team to come and meet her in ground. Sanyu comes to ground and says ranawat is a genius i saw something in his cabin. parth says what other than wine bottles? sanyu says come with me. when they come to cabin, sanyu says no one wants to know about how genius he is. She turns on the lights but the web is there no more. She says where did it go? there are so many bottles instead. sanyu says i came a while ago. parth says but there is nothing here. sanyu says there was a web kind of thing. Yoyo says i recalls there were some thread when he threw me out. sanyu says if you guys saw it you would be amazed. It was well structured and well designed. The material was very rare i have never seen something like that. Vidushi says what no sense it this. They all leave.

Anju comes to thruv’s cabin he says come ma’am please sit. Anju says please tell me clearly what is it? Thruv says i sent your tests to Mumbai, you have a tumor in brain. This is all we have diagnosed. We need to to biopsy to find if its tumor or cancer. i should talk to your daughter. anju says no she shouldn’t know anything. this shall remain between us two. He says just the way you like.
Anju recalls how sanyu brought her home.

Randhir is in lab working frustrated on machines her recalls karan dying. ranawat comes in. Randhir says sanyu please go from here i don’t wanna hear your questions. let me work on this machine i will be calm myself. Ranawt goes out.

Sanyu comes to thruv’s cabin and says maa’s reports had to come. what happened? He says nothing is clear from reports, i just want you to take care of her. People tend to ignore things like taking care. when your mom needs your attention and care you ignore it. I don’t want you to make such mistakes.
Sanyu comes home, anju says the meal is ready. Sayu says what are you concealing? Anju says what? sanyu says don’t lie. thruv asked me to take care of you why? Anju says what can i tell you when there is nothing. its his job, he would ask you to take care of me. sanyu says show me the medicines. She places her hand on own head and says tell me what is it. Anju says i will swear on my ownself that nothing has happened. sanyu says you have done his before, you wont tell me i will get your reports from him. Anju says please listen to me, but she runs.

Randhir gets a call from raghini she asks him to come, he says i am coming. sanyu calls randhir but he doesn’t pick up. sanyu says where are you randhir i need you. Sanyu and randhir both reach the hospital. Randhir goes to raghini, he asks is everything okay? raghini says i was scared i saw a nightmare. he says its okay. She says i thought you would be mad at me. He says karan asked me to take care of you. randhir says its better you called me i am sick of professors in ur college, i am sure yu must be bored here as well.

Sanyu comes to thruv’s cabin he is not there. she starts looking for reports. thruv comes in.

Precap-thruv says this is illegal, you can’t come here and steal things. sanyu says why are you both not telling me what is wrong with maa. sanyu is walking in distress, she sees randhir with raghini.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Doesn’t know why this serial is still going on… Waste of watching or giving comments.

  3. oh god seriously cant understand……what this show is… much of dragging of same story….nothing can change in this show….everytime a characters enters in sanyu’s life….and always her melodrama….she will recall randhir and randhir 2…..but as always they will not confess….and phir ladai jhagda…..bas yeh hi gessa peta srory…..abhi tak toh dusre shows mein love story start ho gaya hota…..but u show unique hai…….pata nahi kaunse janam mein love story start hoga…..randhir and sanyukta kya kehne enke…enko toh khud ko nahi pata enhe apne life mein caheye kya…..abh creatives randhir aur sanyukta ko milane nahi cahte toh yeh hi acha hai randhir ke life mein ragini and sanyu ke life voh thruv……so borring is this sadda haq becoming…….pehle toh show dekhne ka maan karta tha….but ab sirf updates padne ka maan karta hai……2 borring.

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    Hai nandu

  5. ye karan ke marne ka jitna dukh randhir ko hai usse jyada to mujhe ho rahi hai.itne dino se kuch ata pata nahi tha jis karan ka ,pata nahi ab kahase tapak para hai,khud toh mar gaya aur iss ragini ka bakwas drama chor gaya sandhir ki life me.jab sandhir’s life was in danger coz of terrorist RANA and randhir was about to die,tab kaha gaya tha ye so called best friend karan.jab rd ko karan ki jarurat thi tab toh usne rd ka sath nahi diya.aur khud jab ploblem me parha toh rd ko yaad kia aur ragini naam ki musibat daal diya rd ki sar pe.kitna selfish dost hai ye karan.baise bhi iss karan ka kya aur koi dost nahi hai?????????ye CV kya kya karte hai twist lane ke liye!!!!!!!!!par randhir ne sanyukta se karan ki accident bali baat chupakar galat kiya.pyaar me kabhi koi baat chupana nahi chahiye ek dusre se,in sab bajay ke liye hi toh misunderstanding hota hai n ho bhi raha hai.iss se to acha hai shq bandh ho jaye ,roj roj ka torture ab sahen nahi hota.kisi chiz ko hum jitna pyaar karte hai(sadda haq) bo hame utna hi dard deta hai.CVs ko kya pata nahi hai ke, baise hi sabke life me prblms n tension hota hai,serial dekh kar uss tension se kuch time ke liye hum relief pate hai ,mind ko fresh karte hai ,enjoy karte hai.par ab agar serials me bar bar prblms hi dekhne ko mile toh log kaha jaye??????????

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