Saaya(Shadow) RoshAn Horror SS Part 12

Saaya(Shadow) Part 12

Aman-Maya wedding preparations were going on.
Aman got a message from someone.
Aman replied:Ok,I will come and meet you.
Aman went to meet that person secretly.
That person is revealed to be Shivanya.
Shivanya:I came to know that you are getting married to Maya.That’s why I messaged you that I want to meet you urgently.What is this Aman?I told you everything about Maya.Still you are marrying her?Guess you did not believe what I told you about Maya and Veer.That’s why you are in a hurry to marry Maya.But I have a duty towards Roshni.So I will not let this wedding take place.
Aman:Shivanya…I trust you and I myself want this wedding to get cancelled.Trust me.
Shivanya was shocked:Are you serious?
Shivanya:Then why are you getting ready to marry Maya?
Aman:It’s a long story Shivanya.I think as Roshni’s best friend at least now you should know it.
Aman told her everything right from the first meeting with Roshni’s soul.
Shivanya was shocked.
Aman:That day it’s Roshni ,Nirmala and Rocky who saved you from Maya and Veer.
Shivanya’s eyes were full of tears:Roshni ..Nirmala aunty…Rocky…
Aman:Yes Shivanya.I am saying the truth.

Shivanya wept:I want to meet them Aman.Please…
Aman became emotional.
Aman:Roshni…Nirmalaji…please come…
Suddenly 2 fire balls came which turned into Roshni and Nirmala.
Shivanya could not believe her eyes:Roshni…Nirmala aunty.
Roshni and Nirmala were in tears.
Shivanya hugged them tearfully.
Shivanya:Why did’nt you both come to meet me?
Roshni:We had come to see you.
Shivanya:But you both were invisible to me.Why?

Nirmala:We did not want to be a burden on you as ghosts.

Shivanya:How can you both be ghosts for me?You both are everything to me.Right?
They shed tears.
Roshni:I wanted you and my family to move on.That’s why we did not appear before you all.

Shivanya:But i missed you all every moments and craved for your presence.Now my wish got fulfilled.Please don’t be invisible to me anymore.
Roshni:Ok promise.
Roshni and Shivanya hugged each other cheerfully.

Rocky came running towards Shivanya.Rocky wagged his tail seeing her.

Shivanya hugged Rocky:Rocky…I missed you so much.
Shivanya stared at Roshni and Nirmala and said:All our happiness was snatched by Maya and Veer.Don’t leave them simply.
Roshni:Never.We came here to seek justice.We will make sure that we will get it.
Nirmala:Maya and Veer will suffer in our hands.We will wipe out those 2 sinful creatures.
Aman and Shivanya smiled.

Aman and Maya sat on the mandap as the bride groom and bride.Maya was blushing.

She looked at Aman.Aman smiled at her.

Maya blushed.

Suddenly his face became scary.

Maya-Veer got scared.
The scary Aman turned into Roshni.Maya-Veer got shocked.
Roshni laughed scaring them. thought that the bride groom who was sitting near besides you was Aman?No..actually it was I who sat near you in disguise of Aman.Aman will be your bride groom only in dreams.I told you that you will never be able to marry Aman.
Maya was shocked.
Maya:Where is Aman?Tell me Roshni.
Nirmala went near Maya:Don’t worry Maya.Aman is safe.
Maya looked at Nirmala and got scared.Because Nirmala looked scary.

Nirmala and Roshni laughed loudly.

Veer:Maya…I had seen this woman in this scary avtar before also.I told you.Later I thought that she was possessed by Roshni.
Nirmala:I was not possessed by Roshni,because I myself is a soul.
Nirmala turned into her original look which she had when she was alive.

Veer-Maya were stunned to see Nirmala’s modern look.
Nirmala:Do you know who I am?You have not seen me when I was alive.I am Roshni’s aunt who lost life along with Roshni and Rocky because of both of you.
Maya-Veer were shocked and scared:You too a ghost?
Nirmala turned into her scary look again.

Roshni-Nirmala laughed loudly while Rocky appeared barking.Maya-Veer were shocked.
Vidyuth was too scared to react.
Veer:Panditji,please do something.
Vidyuth’s lips shivered:Ya.

Suddenly Roshni became huge like a an elephant and took Vidyuth in her hand.
All were stunned.
Vidyuth:Roshni..please leave me.Promise…I won’t do anything wrong.
Roshni smirked.She threw him out and he fell on the compound.He was injured.But still he managed to run out of that area.
Veer-Maya were scared.
Aman came inside.
Veer-Maya were relieved to see Aman.Maya ran towards Aman and embraced him.
Maya:Aman..Thank are safe.I am so happy.
Aman:Don’t worry about my safety.I have not done anything wrong.So no ghost will harm me.
Maya:But I got scared Aman.
Aman:Yes,you have to be scared for yourself.After all you did unforgivable sins.So no ghost will spare you..especially Roshni as you did injustice to her…a big crime…
Maya looked at Aman in disbelief:Aman!
Suddenly Aman pushed her.
Maya-Veer were shocked.
Veer:Aman..what is this?
Maya:Veer..I think this Aman is also fake.Our Aman won’t behave like this to me. are right Maya.This is one of those ghosts as Aman.
Aman:No,I am the real Aman.
They were shocked.
Maya:Then why did you push me away Aman?
Aman:Because I know the truth.You are not the woman I loved.It was Roshni.But you killed Roshni brutally and cheated me by taking over her place in my life.
Maya-Veer were shocked.
Maya:What are you saying Aman?Who poisoned you with lies against me?
Aman:Don’t pretend to be innocent.I myself saw with my eyes how you and Veer were plotting against Shivanya.
Veer and Maya were shocked.
Aman:Shame on you Veer.Instead of guiding Maya and showing her right path you supported her getting involved in all her crimes.You betrayed your friend who trusted you blindly.You cheated me Veer.You broke my heart terribly.
Veer could’nt open his mouth.
Aman:Because of you both 3 innocents lost their lives.Poor parents lost their only daughter.You both do not deserve any mercy. I want you both to be punished for all the forbidden sins.

Veer-Maya got tensed.
Veer:Aman…please don’t leave us to those ghosts.
Maya:Please us.
Aman:No,you both have to be punished.
Maya:Please Aman.I beg of you.I did it because of my love for you.
Aman:Love?If you had loved me you would not have betrayed me.You just wanted me.That’s it.I cannot forgive you both.
Veer:Ok.Then leave us to law.But don’t leave us to those ghosts.

Aman:If I leave you to the law,it’s sure that you both will escape or it will take ages for you both to get punished.I want both of you to get punished soon.Otherwise you two will will do more crimes.
Veer-Maya became upset.
Suddenly Maya’s wedding attire which she was wearing turned into white.Maya-Veer were shocked and scared.
They held each others hands and tried to run out.

  1. Shesha485

    Wow, it is a very good episiode where the good is dominating the evil. Shivanya-Roshni part is touchy. Finally Maya and Veer knows Nirmala is also a soul. Even Aman shows that he knows truth infront of Maya

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you very much

  2. Interesting episode why did maya’s wedding attire turned white ? ? and can’t wait for next episode.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Thanks a lot.Maya’s wedding attire turned white as she is no more a bride

  4. @Jasminerahul
    First of all sorry for not commenting on the previous episodes and sorry for the super late comment. This days I am quite busy with my clg stuffs and my clg also starts taking online classes. So I didn’t get proper time to visit TU.
    And talking about this episode and the previous episodes all were mindblowing. This update was interestingly awesomely awesome. Aman told shivanya about roshni being ghost and roshni-shivanya heartwarming meeting,their emotional moment,everything was sooo awesome.
    And when aman told maya that he knew that you are the one who killed roshni along with veer(and also that maya was not the letter girl). It was really very nice. And it was really an awesome moment when maya’s wedding attire turns was really worth watching.
    Really really excited to know what’s gonna happen in the next update.
    Once again this update and all the previous update was interestingly awesome and completely blown my mind,waiting for the next update,really enjoyed the update????.

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank u very much.I had really missed ur comments

  5. Adhu

    Superb episode. Roshni-Nirmala rocked. Maya and Veer shocked! I loved the way Aman shocked Maya by revealing that he knew her truth already. I hope Maya and Veer gets punished for their deed. I really want Roshni and Aman to unite ?.

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank u very much.Pehla Nasha is also updated

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