Saathiya leap twist (part 1)

Saathiya a Leap twist part 1
Hi everyone I currently dont like this attitude of Jigar Paridhi so Im startinga fanfiction since I hate the track of SNS so im starting this one

Dr. Krishna: I will make sure gopi ji returns
Kokila: your threapy you have been trying for a month aren’t you tired we gave up hope
Dr. Krishna: There is another thing I can do is that I can shake Gopi and gove her shock therapy by saying Ahem has dies Gopi Ahem has died
Kokila: Yes please do it
Paridhi yells at Kokila louder

Pari: Kakiji because of you jIGAR IS ALWAYS YELLING AT ME
Dr. Krishna: stop yelling at an elder
Dr and Kokila go to Gopi
Dr krishna starts the theraphy
Dr. Krishna: Gopi ji its been 6 years since Ahem dies wake up
Dr Krishna says it louder and louder
Gopi tears fall out
Gopi falls down
Dr. Krishna: Gopi ji Ahem has dieddddddddddd
Gopi: nooo
Gopi breaks down
Kokil gets happy seeing Gopi starting to react
Kokila: Gopi Vahu
Gopi sees Kokila and hugs her
Gopi: Maji its been 6 years already I was in comma
Gopi: Pari and Jigar didnt do right I will deal wit them

Gopi goes in the hall
Gopi: Paridhiii Devarjiiiii come out this instance
Pari: who is shouting now
Monica: seriously
Jigara: pari what is this why is someone shouting Kakiji how many times have I told you not to call me
Pari: illitearate Kakiji
Gopi goes infront of her \
Gopi: Parishi
Gopi slaps Paridhi hard on the face
Parishi gets shocked to see Gopi reacting
Jigar: bhabhi
Gopi: no im old
Gopi slaps Jigar
Gopi: You both could never run this family you Jigar only cared about your self and anger ha Pari the person who yells at maji im warning you not to do this again
Monica loudly: Ufff now this happened what mom cry because of this kokila
Gopi: Kokila not to you its your Dadi saas I m warning all of you from now on im incharge of this house and I will set the rules

Precap: Gopi goes to meet Urmila Urmila hugs her and cries Meera entry

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    Wow very nice. Post it daily

  2. jasmine Rahul

    krishna her therapy 2 gopi n she became alright.she shouted n slapped jigar pari 4 not treating kokila well.interesting ff

  3. Wish to see this sequence very soon in the serial too….

  4. Pls keep writing.
    I hate current track in SNS.
    waiting 4 ur next episode.

  5. I love it….paridhi n jigar should get a tied slap

  6. very nice , update next episode soon

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