Ishq Unplugged 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Unplugged 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandy tells Bunty that he will give kada box during engagement like in English movies. Bunty says done. Engagement starts. Mandy stands aside with box. Sunny asks if he saw Babli. He says no. Bunty and Babli enter on stage with their parents. Mandy asks Babli where is her kada. Babli sais with Antara. Button says camera, action..Judge comments this is real engagement. Button says even recording his real.

Mandy sees Antara holding wrong kada and informs her. Parents ask them to exchange it. Bunty and Babli exchange kadas and engagement finishes wit everyone throwing flowers on them. Sunny asks Button where is food arrangement. Button says he does not know and he is also hungry. Dabboo says now everyone has to do dhamaka and peform. Another judge says they have to both sing and perform and should not make any mistakes.

Mandy thinks he has to convince Antara somehow and asks Bunty what functions are remaining now. Bunty asks him not to tell Babli and explains him each function. Sunny tells Mandy if they can rehearse. Mandy says not now and walks out. Shan explains Antara what they will perform and asks if she can dance on fast numbers. She says no, she has to speak to aayi first and walks. Power goes off and she slips. Mandy holds and lifts her and says he will not let her go. Power comes back. Bunty and Babli enter and announce cocktail party and performance and say they will perform first. Babli and Babli dance and sing Mera chain vain sab ujda…song…Mandy imagines Antara and him dancing. He dances and she also reciprocates and smiles. She then gets conscious and leaves from there. She enters washroom and thinks Aayi has to suffer because of her, not anymore, she has to focus and win this competition. She calls Charu and says she wants to sing one of her song and pay tribute to her. Charu says she is happy that she is back on track, she will select best song for her. Antara thinks only music, no Mandy, no drama, she has to make her aayi proud.

Antara enters dormitory room and sees Babli throwing bachelor party. Dabboo enters with Abhilasha and tells girls that he brought a surprise for their bachelor party. He introduces Mahi the rapper. Everyone clap for him. Babli run and hug him. Dabboo alerts him that is is her marriage. Mahi performs on Ladki beautiful kargayi chul…. Boys aslo enjoy bachelor party and dance with other girls.

After bachelor party, Mandy says when they can get things easily, why they should make it difficult, he should go and speak to Antara directly. Sunny apologizes Antara for troubling and says she realized that she came her to play fair and win, says she got irritated thinking she wants to become Mandy’s partner, but now she will compete her with her singing. Antara shakes hands and says all the best. Mandy passes by and sees that. Antara walks out and Mandy follows her and asks why is she ignoring him. She says she does not want to dissappoint aayi, since they met, there are always problems creepig. He says whatever is happening, he is not connected and says they should retaliate. She says cannot.

Precap: Antara asks Mandy why is Bunty sleeping till now. He says he eloped. She asks how can he let him elope. Mandy says he suggested Bunty not to marry if he does not want, but did not suggest to elope.

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