Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 6

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The next day, Alka arrives at the Modi mansion wearing white clothes. Devki and everyone are shocked.
“ Why are you here again?” Devki asks.
“ I have come for forgiveness.” Alka cries.
“ Forgiveness?” Devki asks.
“ I troubled you all so much yesterday. That wasn’t like me. I love Lakshmi as my own daughter.” Alka says. Alka calls her servants. The servants bring shagun.
“ What is this?” Amba says.
“ I have brought shagun. Gopi, I want to give Lakshmi to you. I could never be a good mother to Lakshmi. The strength and love you showed for Lakshmi, I want Lakshmi to marry into your family.” Alka says.
“ Why have you made this decision so quickly?” Kajol says.
“ Because I have cancer and I will die soon.” Alka sobs. Dramatic tune plays. Everyone is stunned.
“ What? Cancer?” Devki says.
“ Yes, the doctor informed me this morning that I have cancer and I don’t have long left.” Alka cries on the floor. Devki rushes to pick Alka off the floor.
“ Don’t cry, I promise you will see Lakshmi married before you go.” Devki says.
“ Thank you.” Alka says and she touches Devki’s feet.
“ What are you doing? You are elder than me. Get up.” Devki says. Alka gets up. Lakshmi comes downstairs.
“ Gopi, are you crazy? You are letting this gawar become our family’s bahu?” Amba says.
“ Amba, be quiet. Have you got no shame?” Kajol says.
“ Disgusting.” Amba says and she leaves. Devki goes to Lakshmi.
“ Lakshmi, I have decided to make you my bahu. Do you agree to this marriage?” Devki asks.
“ Your daughter in law?” Lakshmi asks.
“ Yes, my daughter in law. Unfortunately, your aunt here has cancer and her last wish is to see you get married.” Devki says. Lakshmi looks at Alka. Alka hugs Lakshmi.
“ Beti, I looked after you for 5 years. I don’t want you to be alone when I die.” Cries Alka. Lakshmi wipes Alka’s tears. “ Do you agree?”
“ I agree maami ji.” Lakshmi says. Alka gets happy and tells the servants to give everyone sweets.
“ That’s great news although I need to ask Prem. He will come back from office in the evening.” Devki says.
Priyanka is in her mansion. She is worried about Gopi’s return. She calls someone. “ Hello, I need to meet you.”
Priyanka leaves and arrives at a giant mansion. She goes inside and sees a throne. Priyanka sits on the throne and gets excited. Suddenly, a woman wearing a black veil arrives. Her head is covered by a veil and her face is covered by the darkness.
“ Who gave you permission to sit on there?” The lady says. Priyanka quickly gets up and sits on the floor. She touches the lady’s feet. “ Live long, I am giving my blessings to you? Why have you asked to meet me?”
“ I have bad news for you. Gopi Modi isn’t dead. She has returned and she has remarried Ahem. Our plan failed.” Priyanka says. The lady gets a stick and beats Priyanka. Priyanka cries and screams.
“ I told you so many times to be careful. Gopi Modi is a very cunning and powerful woman. How could you be so careless?” The lady shouts.
“ I didn’t know she would survive. She died in my own hands. I threw her off the cliff myself.” Cries Priyanka.
“ Could you not go and make sure her body was found? You told me her body was burnt in a bomb blast in the forest. How could she be alive still? Gopi Modi, she isn’t even human. She is a devi. Her beloved Kahna Ji always protects her.” The lady screams.
“ What can we do?” Priyanka asks.
“ I already have a plan. The Modis will definitely suffer for what they did to me. I will spill the blood of every Modi. Their Bagwan wont be able to save them.” The lady says.
“ What shall I do then?” Priyanka sobs. The lady grabs Priyanka by the hair and throws her on the floor.
“ Nothing! Because you are stupid and worthless! I cant believe I made you in charge of my plans to destroy the Modis. Leave everything to me.” The lady shouts. “ Now leave.” Priyanka gets up and leaves the mansion. The lady laughs evilly. Vamp tune plays. “ We will meet soon Modi family.”

Precap- During Griha Pravesh, Devki asks Lakshmi to lift her veil. The bride lifts her veil and everyone is shocked.

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  1. Isaaq

    You will find out on the 23rd of April who that woman is? That’s my one year celebration twist

    1. Isaaq

      The identity of the mysterious lady that Priyanka is working for, will be revealed on the 23rd.

      I hope you all are excited.

      Do you have any guesses who she is?

  2. Isaaq

    There’s going to be a grand entry on the 23rd as the identity of the woman will be revealed. I’m so excited for the part 7.

    It will be the darkest day for the Modis?????? im so excited because there’s going to be a grand entrance with loads of music and dancing.

    There’ll be lots of drama and thriller. I’ve never built so much suspense before

  3. Jasminerahul

    i doubt if its alka n lakshmi’s plan 2 get married 2 modi guy.waiting 2 c the mysterious lady.hope its not sindoora

  4. Riana

    Nice episode but plsssssss Isaaq Dont bring Sindoora back again its a request ?????

    1. Isaaq

      I’m sorry??? but writer has to do what she feels will make her story thrilling. I’ve been planning this for a long time. Jaya track was boring and my ff was losing charm. So hence I have to bring back an old villain again.

      I can’t reveal anything yet?

      And remember, Sindoora is dead and Priyanka had her ashes, how could she still be alive? But I’m going to let you think about that… your suspicion might be true however there are other vamps as well.

      it won’t be the same story as before. I’ve planned this season very well and it’s amazing.

      Riana and Jasmine, your suspicion is half right. That’s all I’m going to reveal now. This isn’t Sindoora from before.

    2. Isaaq

      This could be even Radha, Kumari, Sudha, Mandira, Alka, Yamini or even Jaya.

      Who knows who she is?

  5. Isaaq

    LOOOOOOL everyone is scared of Sindoora. Why does everyone hate her looooool??

    1. Riana

      Looool….I will be waiting for 23rd april episode…????

  6. Nandhini

    You mean “half right” so is it sindoora’s ghost caught in lakshmi’s body?????

    1. Isaaq

      I can’t reveal anything??? you have to wait and see on the one year celebration episode????

  7. Siddharth

    Who is this mysterious lady and wer is priyanka’s son varun and JrJigar&heer.
    precap is interesting

    1. Isaaq

      All will be revealed soon? I’ve decided to do the special episode today. Soon, you all find out the Modis fate

  8. ha ha ha bullshit it is not a lady but your ADAM who ditch you lol sooo sorry yaar

    1. Isaaq

      ???? why are you after me? I thought we were best friends?

      You thought you could comment here so nobody can delete your comment???? you stupid witch.

      And my Adam never ditched me. I’m warning you. You dare say anything bad about him and I won’t stay quiet.

      Poor jealous girl. You’re jealous of me. Stupid witch. Why don’t you just f**k off????

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