The crush love story of RagLak – 3

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Hai all…

Thanks all for the responses. I’m so glad and happy.. thanks for the silent readers too…

This is pre episode
Part 2 here

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Ragini holds the bag to beat Lakshya. But he grabs it from her hand and throws aside. Ragini cries, “someone help me”

Lakshya then keeps hand on her cheek Ragini looks at him.

“Why beautiful why? Why are you afraid of me? Everyone are afraid of this super star. All give me respect as a hero. I never found love anywhere. I came in search of it near you. Why are you saying no?”

Ragini just stares at him.

“Do you think I will cheat you? I really need you. I need someone who loves me ever” says Lakshya and sits on in floor.

Ragini feels bad..

“It’s alright. I’m right. I don’t deserve anyone’s love. I’m alone always.” Tells Lakshya and starts going away. Ragini holds his hand.

“I will be with you always”

Lakshya turns back with surprised eyes.

“Yes. I’m ready to take your hand.” She says.

“Promise?” He asks

“Promise..!” She says.

Lakshya without thinking anything soon hugs her. Ragini shocks but remains calm as she thinks he really need some love. Lakshya loves her soft body which is simply emerging in his. He liked it a lot. He didn’t wanted to leave her soon.

“Ragini, you are mine.” Lakshya keeps telling lost.

Ragini feels tight in his hug. “Lakshya sir, please leave me. I can’t breath.” Ragini pushes him. Lakshya breaks hug cups her face, “sorry to hurt you. You will talk with your parents know.!”
Ragini nods her head.

Lakshya drops Ragini at her home. Lakshya holds Ragini’s hand.

“You will do it?” He asks. Ragini assures him. Lakshya smiles. Ragini goes inside house.

Ragini to Her parents,

“I will marry Lakshya.”

But.. her parents are about to ask.

“If you don’t agree for this marriage.. I will die”

Her parents shock and they agree.

I’m not going to stretch story with all things. Directly to engagement.

The engagement day has come. Lakshya is so desperate to marry Ragini. He fixed the engagement soon. Her parents were worried about his intentions.

The engagement rituals are completed. Ragini is going to her change room to change dress. Suddenly someone pulls her aside. It’s Lakshya.

“Lakshya..”Ragini shocks.

He soon grabs her tightly near and before she open her mouth he smashes his hard lips on her soft ones. Ragini shocks. Ragini tries to escape, but she was locked to wall and his hands have locked her tight. Ragini feels happy inside, it’s her crush.. whom she never expected will marry.. but he was kissing her now.. it was always only her dream.. she stops protesting him back.. she gives her access to his tongue into her mouth.. Lakshya explores his tongue into every corner of her mouth…then he sucks her upper and lower lips.

“Is this correct?” Suddenly a doubt pops up in her mind. Then she pushes Lakshya. Ragini runs away from him feeling embarrassed.

Lakshya falls on wall, “once i tasted your lips, I won’t leave them Ragini.”

The crush love story starts now…

To be continued.

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    Is lucky obssesed with ragu
    Waiting for the next part

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  5. Eagerly waiting for next update

  6. Follybraverl

    Lucky love Ragini????Or something else

  7. superb

  8. Mintu

    Amazing..!! Interesting… Lucky love ragu whole hearty?? or he is taking revenge for the rejection..????

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  11. Interesting episode and Raglak first kiss is superb. Eagerly waiting for next episode. post next part soon

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  15. Bela

    This boy is so obsessed! But since he is Lucky, I will forgive him?
    Awesome update?

  16. Poor Ragu.Laksh is continuously forcing himself on her

  17. Waiting to know whether laksh loves Ragu or not

  18. Asra

    awesome interesting dear….laksh really love ragini or taking revenge…eagerly waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  19. A.xx

    amazing and he seems well obsessed xx

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