Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi Destiny Season 6 Part 5 (Special Episode)

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The Modis call Rashi down the stairs to sit at the mandap. Priyanka irks seeing Rashi being successful. Durga arrives along with her husband Karan (Karan Sharma) and Mandira. Mandira tune plays. Mandira goes to Priyanka to talk. Karan is annoyed with Durga.
“ Why couldn’t you look after Om properly? He gets a fever because of you. Whenever I am at the office, you don’t look after him properly. Why kind of mother are you?” Karan shouts.
“ Hey! Don’t question my motherhood. You are never there for my Om. I cant believe I agreed to marry you. Now I have to bear your abuse for the rest of my life.” Durga says. Karan is about to raise his hand on Durga until Mandira stops him.
“ Karan, not here. We will teach her a lesson back home. Don’t create a scene here please.” Mandira says. Karan agrees and walks off. Mandira turns to Durga. “ And you! Where is all of this braveness coming from? Have you forgot that he is my grandson and Mandira Kapoor’s grandson is powerful enough that nobody not even you, can insult or challenge him.”
“ You have spoilt your grandson. You have turned him into an animal. Not stop talking, it is Rashi maasi’s marriage to Papa and I am here to support them.” Durga says and she goes off to Rashi. Rashi gets emotional seeing Durga.
“ Durga?” Rashi says.
“ Maasi, I am so happy you are marrying Papa. Only you can bring him back to his normal self. Mama will be so proud of you.” Durga says.
“ I miss Gopi myself. 10 years ago, everything was perfect when she was here. Everyone was right, only Gopi was capable of uniting this family and protecting it.” Rashi sobs. Durga wipes her tears.
“ Mama may have gone to Bagwan but she left you here to protect us. You are our last hope Rashi maasi. Look at my fate, your fate and this whole family. I was forced to marry Karan and now me and my son suffer every day at the Modi house. But only you can make everything right. Maa was the soul of this family and this house was her mandir. Today, this mandir has become impure.” Durga says.
“ I promise you Durga, one day this family will be happy again.” Rashi says.
“ I hope so. Anyways, my friend is coming. Her name is Lakshmi.” Durga says. A girl enters wearing worn out salwar kameez. Her face is not shown. The girl is trembling. “ There she is!” Durga goes to get her.

“ Durga, I told you I don’t like gatherings like this. There are big people here.” The girl nervously says.
“ Be quiet and come with me. You stay at home and you clean for your aunt and cousin everyday. You never have fun.” Durga says and she drags the girl.
“ Durga please, im scared. What if my maami ji finds out?” The girl says. Durga brings the girl to Rashi. Rashi observes Lakshmi and is shocked.
“ Durga, this girl is exactly like Gopi was in her previous birth. The same expression and same shyness. Nice to meet you Lakshmi.” Rashi says.
“ Jaise Krishna, congratulations for your incoming wedding.” Lakshmi says. Her face is shown (Sonarika Bhandoria). Gopi tune plays.
“ Thank you, you are so sweet. Please sit down with me.” Rashi says. Lakshmi sits down and starts getting scared.
“ Rashi maasi, I’ll be right back.” Durga says and she leaves.
“ So, Lakshmi what do you do? Do you go college? Or do you have a job? Are you married?” Rashi asks.
“ No maasi. I don’t go college nor do I have a job. And I am also unmarried.” Lakshmi says.
“ Hmm, what have you studied till? I assume 12th right? Most girls stop at 12th and then they get married. Other girls go on to study at college.” Rashi says.
“ Forgive me maasi but I have never been to school. I am illiterate.” Lakshmi says. Dramatic tune plays. Rashi is stunned.
“ What? Why?” Rashi says.
“ My maami ji said I don’t need to educate as it would be a waste of money. She said I should just learn housework chores.” Lakshmi says. Rashi feels guilty remembering when she and Urmilla said the same to Gopi long ago.

“ Listen, all girls should educate. Nobody should say it would be a waste of money. It is the problem in our nation that we all believe women belong in the kitchen. All women should be empowered alongside men. Maybe your aunt doesn’t understand all of this. I will tell you a story of my sister Gopi Modi. She herself was illiterate like you. Me and my mother never let her go to school. Then we both got married into the Modi family. My sister is no longer on this world but she became a strong courageous woman over her years in this house.” Rashi says. Suddenly, the priest asks everyone to gather everyone. The ceremony is going on. Kajol brings down Ahem and places him next to Rashi. Kajol lifts Ahem’s hands and makes him put garland over Rashi. Priest chants the prayers. Kajol lifts Ahem up and both Rashi and Ahem do pheras. Ahem has flashbacks of him and Gopi’s memories.

Gopi sits with Ahem. Gohem’s love tune is played.
“ Thank you Ahem Ji. After so many years, I am your Gopi again and you giving me this happiness after so many years.” Gopi cries with joy. Ahem wipes her tears.
“ Gopi, you have done so much for my family. 63 years you have suffered Gopi to protect our family in mom’s absence. If mom was alive today, she would have been very proud of you.” Ahem says. Gopi hugs Ahem. Saath Nibhana Saathiya tune plays. Gopi and Ahem cry.
Finally, Rashi and Ahem sit down. Kajol lifts Ahem’s hand and makes him put sindoor Rashi’s forehead. Suddenly, Ahem wakes up and spills the sindoor on the floor. Kajol and Rashi are shocked.
“ Ahem?” Kajol says.
“ What is this? Where am I?” Ahem says and he quickly gets up. Everyone is stunned. Priyanka and Amba get scared.
“ Ahem listen to me please. I was getting you married Rashi to bring your happiness back.” Kajol says.
“ What happiness? My happiness ended when I lost the most important person in my life! My Gopi!” Cries Ahem.
“ Ahem please.” Kajol requests.
“ Who are you to control my life? You only gave birth to me but you never brought me up. How dare you get me married to another person when I only belong to Gopi?” Shouts Ahem.
“ I agree Ahem. I tried so many times to explain to Kajol aunty but it never gets in her head. Ahem only loves Gopi. Rashi cannot take Gopi’s place.” Priyanka says.
“ Bas! Don’t you dare interfere! This is a family matter and outsiders cannot get involved!” Shouts Kajol. Kokila tune plays.
“ Kajol aunty, forced marriage is against the law. You could get arrested if you don’t be careful.” Priyanka says and she smirks evilly.
“ Beating you up here would be against the law as well and I wont stop myself from doing that. I’m warning you for the last time Priyanka, I will cross all lines.” Kajol says. Priyanka stays quiet.
“ You are getting me married to Rashi? Rashi was supposed to be married?” Ahem says. Raj interferes.
“ I divorced her. Me and Rashi are no longer together. But I agree with you and I am advising you, this woman is a demon. Don’t marry her.” Raj says.
“ Ahem I am begging you. If you love Gopi so much then she will be very happy that you have moved on with your life and you are looking after her sister. Please, for Gopi.” Kajol pleads. She places Ahem’s hand on her head. “ My kasam.”
“ Papa, please agree. Kajol Dadi is right. Mama would be happy if you married Rashi maasi.” Durga says and she hugs her father. “ I missed you so much.” Ahem cries holding his daughter. He releases Durga and sits down to continue the ritual. He grabs the sindoor and is about to put it on Rashi’s forehead when a mysterious woman enters. Ahem looks towards the woman and is shocked. Everyone turns around and is shocked as well.
“ Ahem Ji, I am here.” The woman says. She is shown as Gopi. Gohem love tune plays. Ahem gets up from the maddap and walk towards Gopi. He gets emotional seeing Gopi. Priyanka is shocked seeing Gopi.

“ I killed her with my own hands. How is she still alive?” Priyanka says to herself. She starts getting scared.
“ Gopi? Is that you?” Ahem says.
“ Yes Ahem Ji. Your Gopi is back.” Gopi says.
Ho O0H0..O0
Kaise Mujhe Turn Mil Gayeen
Qismat Pe Aaye Na Yaqeen
Ho O0H0..O0
Utar Aayee Jheel Mein
Jaise Chaand Utarta Hai
Kabhi Houley Houley Dheerey Se
Gungunati Dhoop Ki Tarah Se
Tarannum Mein Turn
Chhookey Mujhe
Guzri Ho Yun
Dekhoon Tumhe
Ya Main Sunoo
Tum Ho Sukoon
Turn Ho Junoo
Kyun Pahle Na
Aayeen Turn
Kaise Mujhe Turn Mil Gayeen
Ho O0H0..O0
Qismat Pea Aye Na Yaqeen
Ho O0H0..O0
Main To Ye Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal
Oopar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi
Phir Bhi Tumhe
Banake Woh
Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya
Rutbe Mein Woh
Aur Badh Gaya
Aaaaaa Aa Aa Aa
Ho O0H0..O0
Ho O0H0..O0
Badley Raaste Jharne Aur Nadi
Badley Ret Ki Tim Tim
Chhedhe Zindage Dhool Koi Nahi
Badley Barkha Ki Rim Jhim
Badlengi Rituen Ada
Par Main Rahoongi Sada
Usi Tarah
Teri Bahon Mein Bahen Daalke
Har Lamha Har Pal
Aaaaaa Aa Aa Aa
Zindagi Sitar Ho Gayee
Rim Jhim Malhar Ho Gayee
Mujhe Aata Nahi
Qismat Pe Apne Yaqeen..yaqeen
Kaise Mujhko Mil Gayee Turn

Ahem hugs Gopi and starts crying. “ Where were you all this time? You know how much I missed you.” Ahem sobs. Gopi starts crying.
“ I will explain afterwards to the whole family later. Let me come inside and greet everyone.” Gopi says. Gopi enters and gets teary seeing the Modi family. Kajol comes and hugs her.
“ You know how much this family missed you. My whole family was empty without you.” Kajol cries. “ My Gopi Maa. I remember when you came into this house after you faked your death. You taught me how to fight and protect our family. Today, years later, you have given me new hope once again.”
“ I am proud that you have looked after my family in my absence.” Gopi says. Gopi sees Mandira and is confused. “ Why is she here?”
“ Mama, she is here because she is my grandmother in law.” Durga says. Gopi turns around and sees Durga. Durga touches Gopi’s feet and then hugs her.
“ Durga? I missed you so much.” Gopi says. “ But you married her grandson?”
“ Yes she married my grandson. It’s nice to have you back Gopi.” Mandira says.
“ But how?” Gopi asks.
“ I will tell you later Mama.” Durga says. Gopi approaches the mandap and sees Rashi in a bridal suit. Rashi gets up to greet Gopi. Gopi stops her and slaps her. Dramatic tune plays. Greyscale effect. Everyone is shocked.
“ Gopi?” Rashi says.
“ Don’t even utter my name!” Gopi shouts. Priyanka smirks evilly seeing all of this.
“ Gopi, this is Rashi, your sister?” Ahem says.
“ My own sister tried to marry my husband while I was gone?” Gopi shouts.
“ Gopi you don’t understand, Ahem was in coma so we decided to get him married to Rashi to bring him back to normal.” Kajol says. Gopi ignores her.
“ I know Rashi very well. From the starting, she always wanted to be better than me. She always wanted to be malikan. She hated the fact that I married Ahem and she married Jigar. When I was gone, she tried to marry Ahem Ji.” Gopi says.
“ Gopi, you don’t understand?” Rashi pleads.
“ Oh please, I know how you are like. I wont trust you anymore.” Gopi says. Gopi sees Priyanka.
“ Oh no, what if she remembers everything?” Priyanka says to herself. Gopi turns her face and Priyanka gets relieved. “ Good, she doesn’t remember.”
Gopi grabs Rashi and throws her off the mandap. “ Get away from the havan. Only I will marry Ahem Ji, not you.” Rashi is shocked by Gopi’s behavior. Gopi and Ahem do the ritual and finally at the end Ahem places sindoor on Gopi’s forhead. Jyoti quickly runs to Amba’s room. Jyoti opens the door.
“ Mom Ji, OMG you wouldn’t believe what happened just now.” Jyoti says.
“ What Jyoti? Did Kajol have a heart attack? Call the ambulance. I hope she dies anyway. She gives me a headache.” Amba says.
“ No Mom Ji, Gopi aunty is alive. She just came and dragged Rashi. She married Ahem in her place.” Jyoti says.
“ What?” Amba shouts. She gets worried. “ If my eyes werent hurting, I would have been downstairs by now. My dreams are over. Gopi is back and I am no longer malikan.” Cries Amba.
Lakshmi walks to Durga. “ So this is your mother? Rashi maasi said Gopi aunty is really sweet and nice, but she is fierce right now.” Lakshmi says.
“ Mama has come back after 10 years into this house. Of course she would be angry seeing her love being snatched. But this isnt Rashi maasi’s fault. We never knew Mama was still alive.” Durga says. Gopi greets everyone else. Gopi approaches Priyanka.
“ How are you Priyanka?” Gopi asks.
“ I am good thank you. I need to leave now. It is great that you are back.” Priyanka says and she leaves quickly, worried that her rule might be over soon. Priyanka reaches the gate. Suddenly, she bumps into a woman who is wearing heavy green sari.
“ Cant you watch where you are going? Have you seen Lakshmi Sharma in that house?” The woman asks.
“ No, I don’t know any Lakshmi. Please leave me alone.” Priyanka says annoyingly and she leaves.
“ Strange lady.The woman says. The woman enters through the gates. A big storm happens.
Gopi sees Lakshmi. “ Durga, who is this?”
“ This is my friend Lakshmi. I met her at the hospital.” Durga says. Lakshmi touches Gopi’s feet and gets up. Suddenly, the woman grabs Lakshmi’s hair and throws her out of the way. Gaura tune plays. Her face is shown (Alka Kaushal). Everyone is shocked.
“ Who are you? You have come into my house and abusing my guest?” Gopi says.
“ I am Alka Virani! Your guest is my widow gawar daughter in law!” Alka shouts. Alka grabs Lakhsmi and slaps her. “ You left the house to go to this wedding? I warned you many times not to lie to me!”
“ Maami ji, please don’t hurt me.” Lakshmi cries.
“ She called you maami?” Gopi asks.
“ Yes, she is my dead sister’s daughter in law. 5 years ago, her parents and her husband died. I took her in and I am her family from now on. Her family were poor villagers, her parents died when she was born so she had nobody.” Alka says.
“ The way you have treated her, I wont let her go with you.” Gopi says. Alka pushes her. Gopi almost falls on the floor.
“ Don’t you dare touch my wife!” Shouts Ahem. Ahem grabs Alka and throws her out.
“ I am warning you. I wont spare you all. Give me Lakshmi or else this family will suffer like her.” Alka says.
“ We wont give Lakshmi. I wont let her stay with a monster like you.” Gopi says. Alka laughs evilly.
“ I warned you, now watch.” Alka laughs. Vamp tune plays and she leaves.
In the evening, Gopi calls someone on her phone. “ Hello?” Mohini picks up the phone.
“ Oh Devki, excellent work.” Mohini says. Mohini tune plays. “ Excellent acting. You made everyone believe you are Gopi Modi.”
“ I know, but this Alka, she is going to cause problems for us all.” Devki says.
“ You have to fight with Alka if you want to prove to everyone that you are Gopi Modi. Don’t worry about Alka, she seems powerless. You need to focus on getting Rashi out of that house so then you become the malikan of Modi family. Amazing job at showing her place today.”
“ Fine, Alka wont be a problem but Rashi is my main focus. I wont let her live here anymore. I promise, in a few weeks, she will be on the streets.” Devki says.
“ That’s my girl!” Mohini says. “ Ok I will put the phone down, bye.” Mohini puts the phone down. “ Bechari Gopi doesn’t know that she is really Gopi Modi. I have turned both sisters against each other.” Mohini laughs evilly.
At the Virani mansion, Alka enters the mansion. Her servants are quivering with fear. “ Madam, we made you your favorite dishes.” The servant says. Alka slaps her and she falls on the floor.
“ I was keeping a fast today. You also know that!” Alka shouts. The servant starts crying. “ Why are you crying now? Its enough that the gawar Lakshmi has ran away from here that I have to handle more gawar people like you!” A man arrives (Deepak Qazir).
“ Alka, why are you making so much noise?” He says.
“ Jatin, that stupid gawar Lakshmi ran away. She is living like a mahraani at a big mansion. I wont spare those people who are protecting her. I will break down the doors of their house and I will burn their family for snatching away Lakshmi.” Alka says.
“ Calm down Alka.” Jatin says. “ We will find a way to get her back.” Alka walks off to her temple. It is an idol. Gaura tune plays.
“ Oh Kali Maa, give me strength to punish my enemies. Give me strength Kali Maa. I vow to you Kali Maa that Modi family will perish before me. Their mansion will turn to dust and the ground will be a pool of blood.” Alka says.

Precap- Devki steals Kajol’s jewelry and hides it in Rashi’s room.

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  1. Isaaq

    How do you all like it???

    Introduction of Lakshmi and Alka. Alka is a deadly vamp and she looks like Gaura quite a lot.

    Gaura and Alka share resemblance so much. Alka track to begin now… she’s going to be a thrilling vamp- Priyanka is going to be too busy scared so Alka will take over and torture the Modis???

    This is Alka Virani, a lioness who wants to see the Modi bhavan covered in blood

    1. Isaaq

      Meanwhile Gopi-Rashi battle to begin alongside Alka track…

      There’s an interesting twist and big shock for readers at the end of Alka track, it will change everything for the Modis

    2. Isaaq

      But don’t worry Priyanka will also be back with her deadly plan. She will also begin a formidable plan to destroy the Modis.

      This season will be the best season so far as vamps will create the most deadliest plans and it will be hard for Gopi to defeat them. Vamps during this season will be extremely cunning and clever. Alka especially is a dangerous woman who has no soul at all.

      Priyanka has a brilliant plan later this season…

    1. Chetan

      It’s awesome….. please update regularly I wait for your ff

  2. Jasminerahul

    ahem getting senses back at the time of wedding like gopi gaining senses when Krishna was marrying her was nice.most thrilling part was gopi’s arrival and stopping rahem wedding.shocking that gopi still doesn’t know that she is gopi and is pretending as gopi on mohini’s instruction. hope gopi will remember everything. alka lekshmi story is interesting. it reminded me of bhavani sita

    1. Isaaq

      It will be slightly different from Bhavini and Sita story as there will be a shocking twist at the end of Alka track 🙂

  3. Isaaq

    23rd April will be the special episode of one year celebration???

    I’m excited because it will be a big twist and Gopi Destiny will be more thrilling than before

  4. Siddharth

    Nice episode ?. Gopi is acting still she dint get her memory back .
    And Mohini is behind this.

  5. Nandhini

    Lots of twists in just one update and some new characters…even though alka is the vamp,, i assume lakshmi may become the next vamp because you said before ur story’s next vamp will be an orphan and poor girl like gopi…but i want her to be positive throughout because sonarika is one of my favourite! Gopi gave a fantastic entry in the marriage and rocked the whole family!(though she is not aware of her own identity) totally loved it!!?????

    1. Isaaq

      The next update on the 23rd April will be the best thrilling one. Biggest twist ever in Gopi Destiny.

      You all will get shocked???

    2. Isaaq

      Although I won’t reveal the big twist on the 23rd April, I will build onto.

      I’m going to give clues throughout the season. I’m going to start to give clues next update on the 23rd. Slowly these clues will add up.

      At the end of season 6, will be the most horrifying and exciting twist ever.

      23rd April episode, you need to read the update carefully to guess what the big twist will be at the end of the season!

  6. Riana

    Brilliant Isaaq!!?????….Exciting ep. Alka n lakshmi…nice❤❤❤….Precap seems gooood….Waiting for Special Episode ??????

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