Naamkaran 17th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Naamkaran 17th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Avni seeing Aman with Riya. He asks Riya not to worry, nothing will happen to Neil, we will enjoy in your marriage, when I m here, then why fear. Avni says my heart says right, my Aman can’t hurt anyone even by mistake, I can’t wait more, Aman tell me what happened that day, I promise I will make everything fine. Dayaben and Riya leave. Aman goes inside house. Avni recalls him and cries. Aa leke chalun tujhko…..plays…..She enters the house. The maid says there is no one at home. Avni says I came to meet Amol, Dayaben told me. Maid says he is upstairs.

DD asks Neil what are you doing. Neil says I m making mango shake, will you have it, why do you ask if you know everything. DD says you did mistake before also, do you think Ananya is case 123. Neil asks him to go and find out about the car and that man. DD leaves. Avni thinks will he identify me, he will be worried about the accident. She opens the room door. She gets shocked seeing Aman beating old servant. Aman says you know the cost of this shirt, you can’t iron a shirt well. The servant apologizes. Aman says call me boss, you can’t pay for this shirt by your one month salary. She shakes seeing him. Aman asks the servant to leave. Aman drinks wine. Avni moves back and drops a vase. Aman asks who’s there. She runs downstairs. He goes to see. He asks maid who came. She says Ananya came asking for you. He says I don’t know any Ananya. Diksha comes home. She sees Avni leaving.

Diksha says why is Avni worried, I will find out. Dayaben says Neil is not at home, where did he go. Riya calls Neil. He does not answer. Avni comes home and thinks of Aman. She gets sad.

Neil asks when did you come. She says this is my house, do I need to take permission to come here. She sees the machines and asks what’s this. Neil says its polygraph machine to find truth and lies, it catches lies. She asks what is it doing here. He says I got this especially for you, you don’t say anything else than truth, the machine does not hear anything else than truth, it hates lies. She says I have no waste time for all this. He says I don’t care where you want to want, you are prime witness of this case.

She says I was helping you and got stuck. He says if you are not thief, what’s the need to be scared, this machine finds lie unlike us, it does not get emotionally blackmailed. She says lets do this, truth has to prove itself, not lies. He fixes the cable end to her hand and sits. He asks who are you. She says my name is Ananya and I stay here with my mum. Machine shows truth. He asks her motive for coming here from Delhi. She says I lost something and came here to get it.

Diksha comes to her house and says so Ananya stays here. Neil asks did you take my and Riya’s pics, yes or no. She says no, I won’t answer such questions. He says I trust you, have water, you are hiding a truth, you know the name of the person who did my accident, tell me are you trying to save that man, yes or no. She shouts yes. Machine shows truth. She asks what’s this stupid questions, why will I save anyone. Neil stops her. Diksha sees them close and takes photo. Neil says I don’t know whom are you trying to save, I just know you are saving a criminal, the one who was drunk and driving, he needs to be behind the bars. He leaves Avni. Diksha calls Riya.

She says come to the address I have sent you. Riya says I can’t come, Dadi and I are stressed about Neil. She ends call. Diksha says foolish girl, I had to say Neil is here. Riya says Diksha was calling us somewhere. Dayaben says maybe she stopped taking medicines, come.

Neil says if you stay quiet, the criminal will get encouraged, fate gives just one chance, if any innocent person died by him, you will be responsible, you are not showing right path an diverting him, you can save him now, if anything happens again, you have to come to me. He goes. Diksha says Riya lost the chance to see live show.

Neil comes home and changes. He calls Riya. She asks where are you, are you fine. He says I m fine, sorry I could pick your calls. She says I should say sorry. Aman hears them. Riya says I was tensed, you did not call me. Neil says it was a small accident. She asks when and how. He tells everything. She says its so bad, how can they hit and run away, was anyone there. Neil says Ananya. She asks did Ananya see the accident happening. Aman gets shocked. He says yes, she helped me, else don’t know where I would have been right now. She asks can we meet, please. He asks her not to apologize. She says we are going to start a new life, can I come your home. He says sure, but after 2-3 days, I will see you. Aman asks Riya how is Neil. Riya says fine. He asks who is Ananya. She says my friend. He thinks I hope she did not tell Neil about me. He asks where does she stay. She tells address. Aman thinks just wait and watch Ananya, none can save you now.

Avni says Dayaben raised you for 15 years, she ended Aman’s identity and gave birth to Amol, I will make you Aman and do your Naamkarann. Aman and his friend reach her house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ovb

    I think they will try to harm her and then Neil will save her. I hope? it’s just my opinion.

    1. I think ur right!?by the way the tracks going superb! Loved it!

  2. this is sad … Aman had such a horrible childhood … see, this is what happens when grandparents take the role of parents, they spoil the children rotten … Aman is now all set to man-handle his own sister … sigh
    Neela better get home quick to stop this before it turns even more ugly than it is now …
    Mrs Mehta needs counselling, so does Diksha … what a psychopath family …

  3. Didn’t neela managed to escape frm the goons last night itself..then why didn’t she reach home yet?

  4. Wasn’t there a promo in which avni takes dayaben’s blessings and neil helping na nanno and bollywood theme party set in the bg? but where’s that in the show…I think it’s gone missing…really wanted to have that one where neil says u r not bad at heart??

  5. where is ashish need him back as a good and caring dad

    1. caring dad….so funny

  6. it is good going .. exited to see what will happen next

  7. Where is Aashish? He’s a powerful character.director and writers r not using him well.And why is ketan hiding from family and Riyas inlaws?

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