saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge part 10

“Gaura behen, did you do something with Meera?” Bhavani asked. “How did she disappear like that?”

“Of course, Bhavani.” Gaura replied. “I did. But you shall not know what. Be happy now that you  will be able to marry Dharam.”

“But how? How will we marry?”

“I will tell you. Don’t worry. Now I will talk with Dharam as he is feeling very lonely without Meera.”


And then, Gaura went to Dharam. He seemed to be very sad.

“Dharam, how are you?” She asked him.

“Maa, why do you even ask when you don’t care?”

“I know. It’s because of Meera. She has decided to leave you and go away just like that. She does such thing for a second time.”

“Maa, don’t talk about Meera like that!”

“And why? Why don’t you recall what happened the previous times? We will wait a few days and if she doesn’t come back, we will find you another wife.”

“But what if she is kidnapped?”

“Dharam, kidnapped people don’t take away their belongings when they leave, do they?”

“You may be right maa but…”

“Don’t worry. This time I will find you another wife, who will be better than Meera and this time, she will not be a criminal. I promise you, believe me.”

And then, Gaura went back to her room where Bhavani was still hidden.

“Gaura behen, what happened?” She asked. “Did you talk with him?”

“Yes. I did, don’t worry.”

“And now what?”

“We will wait a while. Meera will not come back, don’t worry. And then, I will make Dharam marry you. You only have to believe me. Now I want to go to the Modis.”

And some time later, Gaura arrived in front of the Modi mansion. Kokila opened the door for her and it was obvious that she was worried for her granddaughter Meera.

“Jai Ambe Kokila.” Gaura said. “How are you? I know, you can’t be fine knowing that your granddaughter has disappeared but don’t worry, we will find her.”

“Gaura, I am very worried. Why such things happen to our family all the time?”

“Oh, my friend. I understand your sadness. I came here to offer you my support.”

“Thank you.”

And then, Gopi appeared.

“What are you doing here again?” Gopi asked, pointing at Gaura.

“Gopi, what is wrong with you again?” Kokila asked.

“Maaji, I am sure she has something to do with Meera’s disappearance!”

“What are you saying, Gopi?” Gaura asked. “Why I should’ve done something to her? She leaves my son whenever she wants and comes back when she wants to!”

“Be careful how do you talk about my daughter! I am sure that you are responsible for absolutely every single thing that is now happening in the family!”

And then, Gopi went towards the door.

“Gopi, where are you going?” Kokila asked.

“I am going to the temple. I will seek Krishna bhagvan’s help in order to prove you how evil this woman actually is.”

“Gopi, stop it already! Wait, you are not going anywhere, me and you will have a conversation!”

“Yes, maaji, we will have. But when I come back. I want to get some strength in order to fight our enemies!”

Kokila went towards the stairs where Gopi was. She wanted to hold her back but instead of holding her, she pushed her and Gopi fell down the stairs with such a force that her injuries were really bad.

“Gopiiiiii!” Kokila screamed.

Gopi’s injuries were so bad that she lost consciousness immediately.

“My dear Gopi, please wake up!”

“Kokila, what did you do?” Gaura said. “Why did you push her off the stairs?”

“Gaura, I did not want to! I wanted to hold her back, she wanted to leave, I wanted to stop her but I… I don’t know what happened. Really, I never meant to hurt her, never!”

“Kokila, what did you do?” Hetal asked. “Now Gopi is badly injured because of you! We must take her to the hospital, immediately!”

“But, Hetal, I just… just wanted to stop her, I wanted to have a conversation  with her!”

And then, the Modis took Gopi to the hospital. Her condition was critical and there was a serious danger for her live.

But the actual truth was something else completely. Kokila did not push Gopi off the stairs, Gaura did it. When Gaura saw Kokila going towards Gopi, she quickly came behind her and pushed Gopi without no one to notice her, making it look like the actual culprit is Kokila.

“This Gopi suspects me.” Gaura thought. “I had to do something about it. Now she will die and she will stop suspecting me. Because if she continues trying to instigate Kokila against me, she may finally succeed and I don’t want that! Now she will never say another word again. And if Gopi dies, everyone will think that Kokila has murdered her own daughter in law. She will probably be send to jail and then, the Modi’s destroyal will be finalized!”

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