KKB FF – The path destiny shows (Intro)

Hi this is laksha this is my first FF based on kkb I am very glad kindly support me and I am inspired by sana and avniel fan thankyou.

Nowadays kkb track is very boring I hate it always bad things win easily good loses so im going to stop these nonsense I am going to write it in my way I want to share with you also so if you like read it.

Abhishek Prem Mehra

A rock star turned buisnessman

Husband of pragya

Father of Kiara Prachi Rhea

Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra

Wife of Abhishek Prem Mehra

Mother of Prachi Rhea Kiara

Sweet loves her family

Bold and a professor


Daughter of abhi and pragya

Sister of Rhea and Prachi

A student

Sweet and bold girl



Daughter of abhi and pragya

Totally like her father

Naughty wants to become boxer


Daughter of abhi and pragya

Sweet and kind heart give misses her mother loves hor sister

Iwill introduce some new characters as the story goes on please guide me support me help me if you are reading kindly comment then only ie will decide to continue or not give your opinion

Thankyou for taking time and reading

  1. Sorry I wrote short the other new characters I will introduce afterwards if you comment me I will continue

  2. B.Sankar reddy

    When is your next update pls post regularly

    1. Ok sure I will introduce new characters in my next update

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    1. Thank you sana

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