Saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura’s revenge part 1

Gaura’s time in prison would soon end and she would see the outside world again. She had some friends in there and her life there was some what good. The other women had respect for her, for they knew what the consequences would be if they mess with her the wrong way.

However, she didn’t know that soon, a friend of her, or perhaps we should say an enemy would join the same prison. Bhavani would be send in jail do to her attempts of harming the Suryavanshis and torturing Sita.

And the day arrived. Bhavani was arrested and would spend a few years in jail. She would make some plans to leave earlier though.

“You will not be alone in your cell.” The prison  guard said to Bhavani.

“Really? And who will be with me?” Bhavani asked with curiosity and a bit of   irritation.”

“Don’t ask too many questions and come with me. You will see for yourself.”

And a few minutes later when Bhavani was taken to the prison cell she couldn’t believe her eyes. To her horror, her prison made would be Gaura.

“This is your new friend.” The prison guard told Bhavani. “She was a friend of Gaura and her name was Radhika.”

And poor Bhavani. She didn’t know that all of this was planned by Gaura. Radhika had told her that Bhavani will join their prison and Gaura had intentionally asked her to put Bhavani in her cell so she can torture her.

“Jai Ambe, Bhavani.” Gaura said and tried to act like she is surprised.

“I don’t want to be with her here!” Bhavani protested.

“Listen, that’s a prison and I am the commander here.” Radhika said. “You all are required to listen to what I tell you. You and Gaura will live together so don’t make too much drama and be kind to one another, understand? Bhavani, you are new here and you don’t know the rules, so let me explain. Don’t make me angry or there will be punishments. I am the strictest guard here and no one dares to disobey my words. Be careful how you behave because I am always watching. Now goodbye, I am leaving you. Be happy that you will not be alone and you will have a friend.”

And then, Radhika left and Gaura and Bhavani were alone.

“What did you do to get in here?” Gaura asked Bhavani.

“I tried to kill Sita and the Modis. I wanted to kill Vidya, Meera and Shravan. But Dharamji tricked me. He used me to get his beloved Meera back because I kidnapped her and locked her in a room. I tried to bury her alive but Dharamji rescued her. I am so unlucky, Gaura behen.”

“Poor Bhavani.” Gaura replied. “You thought that when you betray me you will live happily, didn’t you? You left me because of your Dharamji and he didn’t even pay attention to you. He has used you to get his Meera back, you say. Of course. He is that kind of a person. When he betrayed his own mother, do not expect him to care for an unknown woman. My son is ungrateful, I know. But you are even more ungrateful than him. You forgot about our union and you cared  just for  your feelings for Dharam. They  were most important to you. But now did you see what happened? I am not surprised by your feelings, I was starting to notice some things. If you had told me everything at the right time, I would warn you of the consequences and who knows? Maybe you would not be here now. But you chose to forget about me. And I will not  forgive you for that.”

“And what could I do? How can I trust a woman that doesn’t  care even about her own family?”

“You didn’t know the whole story, Bhavani. If you have asked me, I could have told you everything. I loved them a lot but they chose my enemies and left me for them. Dharam married that stupid Meera, and Shravan fell in love with Vidya, though I told him not to. But that doesn’t matter now. What matters is that, you agreed to be with me and then you left me. And I don’t tolerate such behaviour. You know, I warned you what happens whenever someone decides to disown me.”

“Listen, Gaura behen, do not threaten me right away. I am not afraid of you. I lost everything so what can be worse than that?”

“Bhavani, I know we have been friends for a short time and perhaps you didn’t have enough time to understand me well enough. But you must be afraid of me because you turned against me. Why you did nothing when I was being arrested in front of you? You could do something but you just watched.”

“And what could I do? I knew nothing about your crimes. And they are a lot, I must admit. I knew you would not be agree of me marrying Dharamji and that’s why I didn’t help you. I thought that when you are here, I will take over your family and your son will be mine forever.”

“But things didn’t go as planned, right? You are so ungrateful.”

“No, Gaura Behen, you are the ungrateful one. Did you forget how I rescued you from the Modis when Kokila Behen asked you about Meera’s whereabouts? If it wasn’t me, who knows what would they do to you!”

“No, I did not forget. And I was ready to return the gesture. But you turned out to be a selfish woman. You only think about your own good. You know what? I know all the things you did in order to be Dharam’s wife. You was happy when his marriage with Supriya failed because she got arrested. I also know how you tried to kill Divya.”

These words surprised Bhavani.


“Yes. I know how you attempted to poison her. But your poor husband had to pay the prize  of your wrongdoings. I am not that naive, Bhavani. I sensed that something isn’t right. People don’t die just like that, do they? So I did some investigation and I learned everything. I know all your secrets, Bhavani. So you will be nice to me. Otherwise I will reveal all of your crimes to the police and your time here will increase.”

“And do you have evidence?”

“Of course I do. Don’t ask such unneeded questions. And really, be careful how do you talk to me. I organized Ahem’s murder when I was here the first time. So if I can be dangerous when I am free, only imagine how terrifying I can be even when I am locked up in here. Your time will also come, Don’t worry?”

“My time? Time for what?”

“For death.”


“Ha ha. Did I scare you? Don’t worry, that’s only the beginning. You shall not stay unpunished for you betrayed my trust.”

“Gaura behen, please stop it. I did nothing wrong, I didn’t betray you. I just fell in love with your son, is that a crime?”

“No, Bhavani, you betrayed me when you did nothing to stop my arrest. Yes, maybe you would not be able to do anything, but you didn’t say even a word to protect me. And no, generally falling in love is not a crime, but you fell in love with an enemy of mine?”

“Enemy? How can you consider your son as an enemy?”

“I explained you everything so don’t make me repeat my sentences. If you had chose not to turn against me, now we would be still friends. But you  chose to support Dharam and now, not only that you have no friends but you are locked up in here. Your feelings for Dharam gave you nothing but suffering. And our friendship would give you happiness and maybe victory. You lost everything not because of Dharam’s betrayal but because of your careless acts. Now not only that you lost me as a friend, but you also  made me your enemy. Do you know why I never forgive betrayals? Because if someone ever turns against you, they will do it again and again no matter how sorry they are, or how hard they will try being loyal the next time, that just will never happen. The same goes about being loyal. If you feel loyalty for someone you will never choose to betray them, no matter who or what may make you want it. I never forgive betrayals, no matter are you a part of my family or a complete stranger. If you are loyal to me all the time, I will trust you and it wont matter who you are. But once I get betrayed, there are always punishments because people never learn from their mistakes if you don’t show them where they have gone wrong. Understand? And do not worry, you will not be the only one to feel my revenge. The Modis will also suffer. You just wait and watch. I will soon be out of here but that doesn’t matter. I will not waist my time and my revenge will start. Now!”

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