Eternal love (Ishq mein marjawan 2 FF) Chapter 18

Hii guys I am back… With chapter 18 of our FF Eternal love… Before starting I want to tell you that from now on I will update this Ff on every Sunday.. as it is getting difficult to manage studies and story…. So… Hope you understand…

So let’s start
Vansh suspect riddhima for hiding something. Pandit ji does puja. Angre found transmitter in garden area below vansh’s study. Riddhima does Aarti. Vansh become mesmerized by her voice but didn’t showed. Then Riddhima give Aarti and parsad to everyone including vansh though he refused but riddhuima gave him forcefully (not exactly force) Vansh gives dakshina to Panditji and he leaves. Dadi praises Ridhdhima.

Now episode starts with

Angre sing something to vansh. Vansh goes there. Angre show makeup kit and tell that he found this below his studies. Didn’t understand whome this belong. Vansh examine it

V : Intresting very Interesting

He come to Riddhima and give her that makeup kit. Riddhima and 2 more person become tensed and nervous. Vansh sense Riddhima’s nervousness.

R : Why are you giving it to me.

Vansh ignor her and ask

V : how it comes to garden area

R : I don’t know

V : lie… You went to my study, this is fallen outside window, you were there.

Dadi says what is the need to create issue for a makeup kit. Vansh told everyone that it is not an ordinary makeup kit but a transmitter. Everyone gasped. Vansh ask Riddhima in anger loud tone.

V : say the truth

Riddhima flinched. Anupriya asked

An : But vansh To who Riddhima is talking through this transmitter and what information she send. And more importantly who send her here

I : May be bhai’s enemy

They all are saying some or the other things about this. Dadi is trying to quiet them. Vansh is silently observing everyone. And it seems Sia is controlling herself for something. Riddhima also Listening but time to time looking at vansh with moist eyes.

D : enough is enough everyone. Riddhima is not saying anything that doesn’t mean ki you all will blame her. And vansh you are scaring her. She is not like that as you are thinking.

Ishani irritate.

I : Dadi why everytime you support her.

And before there argunging session again starts Vansh glare everyone and everyone become silent. He looks toward Riddhima

V : I am asking you last time. Don’t check my patience

Riddhima felt some unknown emotion. It’s not of hurt but may be disappointment. Tears started flowing from her eyes. Siya become worried and said

S : Bhai this makeup kit is mine

Vansh , Riddhima and everyone looks at Sia with shocked expression.

R ( shocked, unbelievably) : Sia

But Sia ignore

Vansh looks at Sia with this look 🀨🀨

S : What… Don’t look at me like this. I don’t know this is transmitter. I ordered it but it turned out to be waste. So I gave her this to throw.
And you are the only one who brought her here that to without her permission. I hope you remembered that she refused to come to VR Mansion.
Do you really think ki..

All this is unbearable for Riddhima. She wipes her tears and said

R : Sia Rehnedo…. Don’t say anything

Then she move little closer to vansh and looks directly in his eyes with her glossy moist eyes and said with intensity

R : Do you really think I am here to harm you.

They are looking in eachother eyes in the way as if trying to find answer from them.

Vansh takes a step back

V : Put this in your mind I hate betrayers, never forgive them no matter how ever he/she is.

Saying this with same intensity and emotion which is only noticed by Riddhima Angre and Sia He leaves from there with Angre. Riddhima started crying. And before anyone say anything not able to hold more she runs from there crying directly to here room and closed the door.

Everyone also leaves from there to there respective rooms accept dadi and Sia. Dadi is going toward Riddhima’s room to console her but Sia stops her

S : Dadi give her some alone time and you please go to your room you are looking tired.

First dadi denies as she want to console Riddhima. But after many insistance of Sia she finally goes to her room. Sia is think for something and then she also goes to her room

Here vansh directly goes in his study. Before Angre say anything vansh said..

V : leave me alone

Angre sense something is off with vansh. He quietly leaves.

( Now the scene are parallel)

Vansh sat and rest his back on the chair and close his eyes. Angre is overpowering him. Otherside Riddhima is sitting on floor with support of door and crying.
After sometime in vansh’s study vansh get up from chair in anger and throw vase broke it into peaces. Then said

V : She can’t affect me. She is nothing to me. I have to find out why she again come in my life.

Other side Riddhima get up and wipe her tears harshly saying

R : He can’t affect me. I don’t care what he thinks about me. I have to complete my work and go from here as soon as possible

( Parallel scene end her)

Kabir is trying to call someone but that person is busy. Last time he is talking with Riddhima in transmitter. Then he heard vansh voice after That transmitter got disconnected. He want to know what actually happened. So is is calling someone. Call connected

K : Why are you not picking my call and what the hell going on their.

Person : see I am busy. And about what happened… Vansh find out the transmitter which you give to Riddhima.

K : Mujhe laga hi tha. Before transmitter got disconnected I heard vansh voice

Person : you are useless Kabir. You found only Riddhima to sent her here as a spy. Vansh little shouted her she she started crying.

K : I know she is innocent and navie. That’s why I send her there.

P : Are you out of your mind.

K : you don’t worry…. Just wait and watch her that innocence will trap vansh in my Revenge. No one can save him from me.

P : Ok….. I am not doing anything as I don’t want to come in between your revenge….. It’s your right to destroy vansh…… I saw you many times, tadpte hue that’s why…. But if I feels that you are not doing that then I…… You can’t stop me.

Then person from other side cut call. Here Kabir is thinking that with this plane she can trap and harm him in the name of revange. What he don’t know is vansh has a shield with him which is protecting him unknown to everyone and from himself


That’s it for today chapter. Hope you enjoyed.


And ya please ignore spelling and grammatical mistakes

I will come with new chapter…. Till then stay safe and happy.

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