saath nibhana saathiya fan fiction: Gaura takes her revenge- Episode 4

And while Modi family was waiting for Kokila to get better, The mother of Gopi, Madhu, was very happy of this situation. She was happy to see Kokila in this condition. She was angry at Gopi and Kokila for killing Radha. Yes, it was true that only Gopi was guilty for the death of Radha. But Madhu blamed Kokila as well, for she thought that Kokila had asked Gopi to kill her own sister.
Madhu wanted to take revenge for the death of her younger daughter. She knew that Gaura is the greatest enemy of Modi family. That’s why she decided to talk with her and ask her for help.
Madhu easily found the house of Gaura. She rang on the door and waited.
In less than a minute, the door opened. Gaura Suryavanshi was standing in the doorway.
“Namaste, Gaura.”Madhu said.
Gaura knew that Madhu was the mother of Gopi. So at first, she wasn’t happy to see her.
“Namaste, Madhu.”Gaura replied, looking suspiciously at her. Ären’t you Gopi’s mother?”
Exactly.”Madhu replied back. Ï am Madhu, the mother of Gopi. I want to talk to you about something. Please, let me come in. I mean you no harm. In fact, I am here because I need your help.
“Come in.”Gaura said and stepped forward. Madhu followed her and Gaura closed the door.
Gaura was still suspicious about Madhu so at first, she didn’t trust her words. Madhu felt that Gaura is afraid of her.
Ï know.”Madhu said. ?I know that you suspect me. You think that maybe I am here to pretend that I am a friend of you but in reality, I want to help Modi. No, Gaura, believe me. That’s not the case. I am here because I need your help. I want to revenge Modi. I hate them just as much as you do. Doesn’t matter that I am Gopi’s mother. I hate her too. I hate her because she killed her sister. My younger daughter Radha.”
These words got Gaura’s attention.
“What?”She then said. You’ve had a younger daughter? Gopi has had a sister? And she has killed her? But how? Why? Why would Gopi kill her sister?”
“Because Radha gave birth to a baby girl. They named it Rashi, after Jigar’s first wife. And Radha got mad. Besides, they wanted to take the baby away from her and give it to to Paridhi, since they thought that Radha is mentally ill. But believe me, she wasn’t. Gopi sent her to a mental institution just to get rid of her.”
“Such a fascinating story.”Gaura said after some time. Ï am not surprised though. Gopi is very similar to Kokila. It seems that they both love ruining other people’s lives.”
“So, now that you know my story, will you help me?”
Yes, Madhu, I will. But first, I want you to do something for me. Just to prove that it’s worth helping you.”
“What should I do?”
Ï want you to go to the hospital where is Kokila. I want you to pretend that you are really worried for her. I want you to be there all the time and when Kokila Modi opens her eyes, you must tell me immediately. And I must be the first to know it. I must see her before anyone else.”
“But why?”
“There are things that you don’t know. I made her go into the river. I wanted to drown her and I asked her to go to the deepest place of this river. I told her that if she doesn’t obey, I will kill her whole family and she agreed. But upon going in there, I told her that if for some reason she survives, she must not tell anyone that I have made her do that. That’s why I want you to be the first to know when she wakes up. I want you to tell me when she opens her eyes. I will come and talk to her. I must make her keep her mouth shut. Are you agree to do that?”
Yes, I am. I will do everything you ask for.”
“That’s nice to hear. Now go. And call me whenever something happens.”
And in 30 minutes, Madhu was in the hospital.
“Namaste everyone.”She said upon approaching Modi family.
“Mum! Mum, I am so happy you are here..”Gopi said.
Ï came here to support you in this moment.”Madhu replied. “How is Kokila?”
“She is getting better.”Gopi replied. “Mum, I am so thankful you care for my mother in law.”
Of course, Gopi. She is my relative.”
And then, a nurse appeared and went up to Modi.
“Mrs Kokila Modi is already awake.”She said. You can see her if you like. But only one of you.”
Ï want to see her!”Madhu was the first to say.
“Fine, mum.”Gopi added. “But when you come out of her room, please tell us how she is.”
Of course.”
And then, Madhu entered into the room of Kokila.
Modi was so happy to hear that their beloved Kokila was finally awake. But they didn’t know that while Madhu was talking to them, she had secretly sent a message to Gaura, informing her that Kokila is awake.
Gaura read the message and became worried.
Ï must go to the hospital right now!”She thought. Ï must ask Madhu to be with Kokila until I arrive.”
And then, she messaged Kokila back, asking her to be with Kokila until she arrives. Madhu agreed.
“How are you, Kokila?”Madhu then asked. “Do you know how worried we were for you? Your whole family, and especially Gopi. I am telling you, she cried her eyes out. She went to the temple, together with the rest of the family. She prayed to Krishna, offered him flowers and Prasad, she sang songs and all that stuff. We were so worried we would lose you. But thanks to Krishna you are fine.”
And then, Gaura appeared. She was happy to see Madhu there and she quietly told her to leave them alone. Madhu agreed and left.
“Namaste, Koili.”She said. “How are you?”
“How dare you ask me such questions, Gaura?”Kokila replied. Ï am in this condition because of you, did you forget?”
“No, I didn’t.”Gaura replied. “But you know what you promised me when I sent you into that river. You promised me not to tell anyone what has happened. Because if you do, I will kill your whole family. Understand?”
And then, Kokila got frightened.
“No, Gaura. I will not tell them anything. Just don’t hurt them.”
“Fine. I knew that you are a good girl, Kokila. Now listen. If they ask you what has happened, you will tell them that you have slipped and you have fallen into the water, understand?”
Kokila shook her head in agreement.
“Fine. I am leaving now.”
And then, Gopi entered. She was so excited to see Kokila. But she didn’t know that Gaura was secretly watching them. Gaura wanted to see if Kokila would keep her promise.
“Namaste, mum.”Gopi said. “Tell me, how are you, mum?”
Ï am fine, Gopi. Don’t worry for me.”Kokila replied.
“Mum, do you know how worried we were for you? We thought we’d never see you again. We thought that you will never get better. But Krishna listened to our prayers and now, you are fine. But tell me, what happened? How did you get into that river? Did Gaura do something to you?”
“No, Gopi.”Kokila replied. Ït wasn’t Gaura’s fault. She just wanted to tell me something and… We went to the river because the environment was very noisy and… When we went there for some reason I slipped and fell into the river.”
But Gopi wouldn’t believe such a story that easy. She could see in the eyes of Kokila that she was lying.”
“Really, mum? Really? Do you know how this story sounds? If you have really slipped, and you have really fallen into that river, why Gaura didn’t try to safe you?”
Kokila couldn’t give an answer to this question.
“See?”Gopi continued. You are lying and I know it. I know that something else has happened. I know that someone has threatened you. I will not ask you anything anymore. I will find out the truth on my own.”
And then, Gopi left.
Gaura could hear everything. She was happy that Kokila kept her word.
“Kokila didn’t say anything.”She thought. Ït seems like she is really scared. But now I should be careful with Gopi. I must keep an eye on her. She will try to find out the truth. I must be careful. And I also must help Madhu take her revenge.”
And then, Gaura left outside of the hospital. Madhu was waiting her there.
“Namaste, Madhu.”Gaura said. Ï am happy that you are waiting for me here. I have to tell you that you did a really great job. You did everything exactly the way I told you. You proved me you are loyal to me. Now I will help you. We will think of a plan to revenge Kokila. I will help you to take your revenge for the death of Radha.”
Madhu was delighted to hear these words.
“Really, Gaura? I am so happy to hear these words. Because I really need your help. Every night when I go to bed I think of Radha. And every morning when I wake up, I think of her again. Sometimes I see her in my dreams. She tells me to take revenge for her death, or her soul will never be at rest.”
“Don’t worry. We will think of something. I promise you that Radha’s soul will be able to rest.”
Gaura and Madhu would think of something for sure. They would not let Gopi and Kokila get away with their sin. And while Modi family thought that everything would finally be fine, they didn’t know what expected them. They didn’t know that someone was planning their revenge. Gopi didn’t know that her own mother would soon turn her life into a living hell.

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