IS THIS A FAMILY SHOW??????? I USED TO WATCH IT WITH MY FAMILY FEW YEARS AGO BUT NOW THEY STOPPED WATCHING IT LONG AGO AFTER A LONG GAP I AM WATCHING THIS SEASON AFTER SEASON 8 AND 10.IT WAS FINE TILL SOME POINT OF TIME BUT IT’S GETTING DISGUSTING DAY BY DAY ESPECIALLY I’M SKIPPING VISHAL AND MADHURIMA’S SCENES BECAUSE I JUST CAN’T SEE THAT DRAMA WHICH LOOKS SO DIRTY FIRST OF ALL THEY FIGHT AND THEY LOVE EACH OTHER THERE IS NO RESPECT IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP,RESPECT IS NEEDED IN ANY RELATIONSHIP,I GET SO IRRITATED HOW RECKLESS AND LAZY MADHURIMA IS AND SID TILL YESTERDAY WAS ANGRY WITH SHENAAZ AND ALL OF SUDDEN THEY ARE CUDDLING IN BED,LIKE SERIOUSLY,SHENAAZ IS JUST GAINING SYMPATHY SHE’S NOT DUMB SHE’S SUPER SMART ACTING LIKE A KID SHE DOES EVERYTHING AND THEN PRETENDS LIKE EVERYONE IS GOING AGAINST HER AND SHE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO IS RIGHT,EVEN I FEEL THEY ARE CUTE BUT NOW I AM DONE WITH ALL THAT DRAMA,EVERY WEEK SHE DOES THAT AND WE FIND HER RUNNING AROUND SID BECAUSE SHE KNOWS PARAS IS OF NO USE AND COMING TO PARAS AND MAHIRA THEY SEEM EVEN MORE IRRITATING THEY DO EVERYTHING AND THEY SAY THEY ARE FRIENDS IT’S NOT THAT FRIENDS DON’T BE CLOSE BUT THEN IN EPISODE WE FIND MAHIRA ASKING PARAS SERIOUSLY WHETHER SHE IS REALLY HIS FRIEND,PARAS SAYS I ALWAYS SAID I ALWAYS LIKED YOU MORE THAN A FRIEND BUT YOU NEVER AGREE SOMETHING LIKE THAT……….PARAS WAS TRYING TO MANIPULATE ASIM BUT ASIM IS CLEVER ENOUGH SO HE DIN’T LISTEN TO PARAS,,,RASHMI,AARTI,SHEFALI THEMSELVES HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND THAT STUPID MADHURIMA AND VISHAL DON’T DESERVE SO MUCH OF FOOTAGE AND THE TASKS ARE GETTING CANCELLED…i am not supporting anyone and i genuinely felt sidnaaz were cute together though i really never liked shenaaz,she just needs attention and the way she beats herself is not normal she just wants sympathy.and yesterday we could clearly see sid asking her what happened she was the one who started acting mad and she was hitting him with slipper and all of course anyone will get fed up with such behavior so sid started annoying her and now she was trying to say she had done nothing and sid is irritating her, seriously such a drama today’s episode she herself is showing that she is jealous because sid talks with others but then sid never says anything when she sits with other people every person needs to have space she just can’t control anyone it really reminds me of beyhadh ok jokes apart she can like him but i honestly feel she is fishy,in some situations her looks give me a negative vibe i don’t know how people like her but it’s their choice but i can definetely say she’s acting.

  1. aadhira,,,,, you wrote everything perfectly i am from america…. some shows i watch this bigg boss was good fr season 4 to maybe 10 or 11… no vulgarity… now these indians are showing really disgusting stuff not suitable to watch w family especially in india… none of the contestants are good BUT asim even that rashmi i don’t know either of them stays reserved with just disgusting behaviors… that SHEHNAZ is just creating drama very very CHEAP over here we consider her WHORE word…. that SID is a psycho … so i think ASIM rashmi or maybe that arti should win…..

    1. Aadhira

      yes i agree,the show has become very be honest i don’t consider anyone to win the show but let’s wait and watch.

    2. JA and Aadhira… I totally agree… I am originally from Bombay and moved to the US over 20 years ago and watch the show regularly. But I am so irritated and disgusted with Shehnaz. Her best friend said she is shocked with Shehanz … she is portraying that she is very naive but reality is different. I have never seen a 25 year old girl behave this way… so desperate for attention. Sid is a player and sometimes I am also surprised with this behavior. He better buckle up since he has a stalker on hand. Maybe this is his strategy to win by keeping him in her good books. I saw online videos the way she went after Himanshi Khurana…very bad. In Unseen BBB13 video posted online Paras, Vishal and she are talking about their s*x lives and she says she slept with a guy 2 months before she joined the show. So my conclusion is that she is trying to rope in Shukla which I think is difficult since he had so many girlfriends and must be familiar with her type. If he sleeps with her after the show then his fate will be like Himanshi.

      Overall I am always surprised with their bed sharing partners. I think we Indians in the US still maintain our morality compared to the folks in India.

  2. Aadhira

    i agree with you lata,shennaz is not dumb but i feel she is the smartest player.some times even the way she looks at people gives me negative vibes.hope people stop trusting her because she’s too fake

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