Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urmila sees Kinjal sitting sadly and asks her to have food. Kinjal says she is not hungry. Urmila forces her to start food. Kinjal opens plate and does not find food in it and asks Urmila why did she joke with her. Urmila says she did not. Just then, Pappu brings a dog with him and says dog ate food and will stay with them from hereon. Urmila scolds him for getting dog inside house. Kinjal takes Pappu’s side. Mr. Mehta reaches Urmila’s house

Kids asks Gopi how did she get injury and where is Kokila. Gopi says she slipped and Kokila has gone to temple. Once kids leave, Hetal says Kokila will be fine as Ahem and Jigar have gone to bail her out. Gopi says she has to herself something.

Urmila calls Gopi and tells that Pari’s dad is asking Pari’s goods. She makes her hear Kinjal and Mehta fighting, Kinjal telling that her mother is innocent and he telling police will decide it and he wants his daughter’s goods right now. He walks out angrily. Urmila scolds Kinjal for making issue worse.

Vivan keeps Pari hostage in a tin shed and brings her food. She says she does not want to have anything. Vivan says she is taking advantage of his love and touches her face. She asks him not to touch her. He says if she continues protesting, Jigar’s family will be in more trouble, because of her Kokila is in jail now. Pari asks him not to trouble Jigar’s family. He says he will go and tell that she did this drama of kidnap to get into Modi’s good books if she does not say him I love you. She says she loves only Jigar. He gets annoyed and shouts at her. He gets Radha’s call, asks her why did she call him, and says he does not want anyone know that she is with him. Pari thinks who must be the other person. Radha thinks though Pari is not beautiful than her, she has trapped both Jigar and Vivan in her love.

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Urmila gets dog out of house. Pappu requests her not to send her dog out. Urmila says it will bite her. Pappu says dog is just playing with her. Gopi comes there and asks Urmila about Mr. Mehta. She says he went some time ago. People run behind a man calling him thief. Dog runs and catches thief. People find wallet in thief’s pocket and take him to police. Ladies discuss that this dog is very intelligent and whose dog it is. Pappu says it is his dog and he will protect chawl from hereon. Gopi asks since how long ago Mehta left from here. Kinjal says some time ago and he was telling he will get stay orders for Kokila’s bail. Gopi says why did not she tell her before and rushes to police station.

Ahem gets bail for Kokila and asks inspector if he can take his mother home. Mehta comes with stay orders and says she cannot go out, if she does, Pari’s life will be in trouble. Jigar asks if he thinks Kokila can do this and says instead Pari was trouble our family. Mehta and Ahem start verbal fight. Gopi interferes and asks them to stop fighting. He ask Mehta why is he adamant to send Kokila to jail instead of finding Pari. Mehta says Kokila knows where she is and maybe she has been killed. Gopi asks how can he think like that and says he should get her also into jail. She says Kokila is just angry on Pari and does not hate her. If she wanted to kidnap her, then why did she call him and inform that she is dropping Pari to his hotel. Kokila says Pari is orchestrating her own kidnap drama. Mehta gets annoyed. Gopi asks them both to stop blaming each other.

Precap: Gopi says Mehta that she will get Pari back and her first step will be to apologize Vivan.

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  1. Mr.Writer, please i insist, can u make this serial show us 7 days a week, instead if 6. This is such a amazing show.

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