Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soha has set the trap consisting of a sharp wire and drops some oil on the floor. The Fab5 comes and Cabir says that we shouldn’t have done it, Aliya stops him and they get into a fight. Muktii says that at the night of musicana I came to see you and saw the two of them. Aliya says that’s why you went to the rehab, Manik comes and calms her down while Cabir says that let’s play some music to calm us down. Soha sees them going up and says that we need to shoot again as the prints were mixed. Soha stops him while Manik says that this is how we work and goes upstairs.
Nandini is running to Manik’s aid when a janitor comes and falls on the floor because of the wire. Manik sees the wire and though he calls Nandini but she doesn’t stops so he runs to her and manages to catch her in the nick of time. Everyone is surprised while Manik asks Nandini if she is Okay. They then get up and Manik hugs Nandini surprising everyone. Soon Dhruv comes and sees the wire and stops everyone from moving.

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Cabir asks Nandini if she is fine and then says that she could have gotten seriously injured. Manik asks Nandini why she was running and Nandini asks Manik about his hand. Manik says that his hand is fine while Nandini explains of what she was told. Soha says that is so sweet while Nandini says that she is the manager and leaves to see Navya. Cabir says that this was planned and someone was trying to hurt Nandini. Manik says that of coures it’s Harshad and Cabir backs him up against ALiya. Manik takes the wire looking for Harshad and while looking Abhymanu comes as well. Manik asks of what he is doing in this costume, soon Manik leaves.
Harshad just came out of the Principal’s office as he is suspended and angry when Manik comes and cuts his arm with it. He warns her Manik while Manik says that one cut on Nandin and I would have cut your throat.
Harshad pushes Manik back and says that you are possessive over Nandini and asks what is cooking. Manik doesn’t answer and starts to fight back and so does Harshad, Aliya comes and stops the two of them, and says to Manik that you are not sure that he has done it. She says that everything is already a mess so don’t create more. Manik says that whenever there is a mess he is around there, ALiya asks him to leave and Manik does.
When Manik leaves Aliya says to Harshad that for how many people I have to apologize for you. She asks of what is wrong with him and tells him to leave and get out of her life as she is sick and tired of him. Nandini is wondering whether to call Manik or if Aliya had stopped the fight.
Abhymanu is sitting with pain when Muktii comes and asks if he is Okay. He stands up and says that now I am feeling much better. Muktii says that you are sweating and Abhymanu says that a hot girl has just came so the body started to react. Muktii then mocks him and says that you need to go to the doctor. Abhymanu asks her about the rehab and says that I don’t have much time. Muktii asks of what that means and Abhymanu says that I have to get these files on a desk. He says that you are scared which means you care. Muktii leaves saying that there is a time for a joke and leaves while Abhymanu falls again feeling severe pain.
Nandini comes and sits with Manik and says that what did you do, and was there any need to do this. Manik says that look who is talking, who told you to instigate that idiot. Nandini asks of he hurt him and Manik says that I did nothing wrong as I stood by my friend just like you did by yours. Manik than holds her hand as they are sitting. Manik asks if friends can’t hold hands and puts his head on her shoulder saying that a friend could use a friend’s shoulder. He then goes to kiss her when Nandini says that this is cheating as friends don’t do this. Nandini tells them to go to his friends and be ready for the questions. At first Manik says that they won’t ask questions but gets confused himself.
Cabir is sitting with the Fab5 and says that I want to get rid of these clothes as they are uncomfortable. Dhruv says that he doesn’t feel anything when Cabir starts to crack jokes again. Aliya says that she just wants to go home and sits down. Dhruv sneaks up to Aliya and holds her hand when Muktii says that what is happening. They let their hands go when Muktii says that something is going between Manik and Nandini. Cabir tries to back Manik up and Manik is about to leave the room again when Muktii calls him. She asks of what is going on between you and Nandini and though Cabir tries to change the topic, while Muktii tells him to shut up.
Manik answers to Muktii that Nandini is our band manager and Dhruv and Cabir like her and I am just trying to be her friend. Mukti than asks Manik to whatever he has said to swear it on the fab5.

Precap: Manik is with Soha who is lying on a piano and says to her that you are very beautiful. Nandini walking by hears and sees Manik say that can we not talk about her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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