Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Baa saying that they are going to there after Meera came . Kokila asks about Gopi .Rashi says she dont know about Gopi. Kokila says she said everyone to stay together .Here Gopi is coming and sees a a child crying and the child says he lost his parents . Gopi says she will help him. Ahem says he will go and see for Gopi . Falguni and Dhawal share there memories . Falguni goes to washroom . Kinjal comes with gifts to dhawal .Here Falguni slips and falls in to dhawal’s arms. Kinjal is shocked to see both of them. Kinjal slaps falguni . Dhawal shouts at kinjal and asks what she did . Kinjal says how dare Falguni touch her husband . Kinjal says in the name of friendship she’s cheating him . Falguni says to stop it and if she has to do it she could have done earlier . Dhawal is only her friend . Falguni goes from there . Ahem is searching for Gopi. Kokila and others are worried about Gopi .

Ahem comes and informs everyone that he couldn’t find Gopi and her phone is with him .Here Gopi is searching for the parents of that boy . Gopi says she wont leave him till he finds his parents . Here announcement is done to find the boy . Gopi and that boy follows . Everyone is searching for Gopi . The boy finds his parents . Gopi is pleased . Ahem sees gopi and they hug . Koki starts saying why she didn’t stay together . The parents of the boy and thank Gopi . Everyone pleased. Rashi said to herself whats new in it . Kokila says she should have come to them earlier . Gopi tells its due to the boy . Kokila says now its final and everyone should stay together and walk by holding hands . Gopi says Rashi to hold her hands but rashi holds jigar’s hand . Gopi sees Ahem with meera she thinks how he can hold her hand. Gopi gets lost there leaving others .Koki and others come near the wholy water and does a prayer . Rashi sees that Gopi is missing and everyone starts to panic . Rashi remembers Gopi saying her to hold her hand.

Kokila asks Rashi why she didn’t hold gopi’s hand . Ahem , Jigar and Rashi goes to find Gopi . Here Gopi is worried . Kokila sees someone who had word similiar saree like Gopi . Kokila , Parag and Baa apologises and leave to Mandir .RaJi searching for Gopi . Jigar says he will tell them to announce and she can go and search for her . Rashi us guilty and feels if she could have held her hand . MMians searching for Gopi here and there . Gopi sees Ahem and she shouts Ahem.Ahem hears and sees back . Here gopi is crowded with others. Someone pulls Gopi and she is shown drowning in the sea and and that time a holy practice of idol going on . The prayer is going on and gopi is drowning . Kokila here prays to god to pray for Gopi. Ahem is shown searching for Gopi and gopi drowning.Again the same Baba meets Rashi . Rashi says she will shout . Rashi tries to let him go . Rashi sees the one gopi was wearing around her neck in sea. She cries and shouts gopi , jiju and all others .

Here jigar is announcing for gopi . Rashi goes sea shore and remembers that gopi dont know how to swim .

No precap !!

Update Credit to: Muskii

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