Madhubala 7th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 7th March 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 7th March 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu takes the gun from the elderly n points at him n the new guy..! She warns them to stay still or she will fire..!

The guy tells Madhu its a pistol not hair dryer.. ur holding it wrong ! He gets up to close in on Madhu n she keeps warning him..!

Madhu is about to pull trigger when the kid pushes her n she fires the shot in the air.. n says.. dont shoot.. he is my father. SULTAN! Sultan too confirms!

Madhu hands over the gun to him n apologises..n explains! Sultan says that he had tied up his kid as trap the enemies! Madhu starts to chide him for being reckless .. n the kid says.. Sultan said he will he came! She says.. the kid is handicapped.. n Sultan points gun at her n says.. dare insult Sultans kid.. n asks her to go to her room!

Sultan asks him son – Aryan to go to his room..!! He limps and the elderly drops him to his room..!! Later Madhu goes to Aryans room n calms him.. n asks him to go to the toilet..! He pushes Madhu n says..he is brave.. n doesnt need anyone! Madhu tries to help but Aryan limps off!

She stays back to watch over him ..but he says..he is not scared n can change n Madhu says..he is not ..but she is

He takes off his shirt n asks for another shirt .. n Madhu gets .. ! He thanks Madhu! They change the bed sheet n he lies down to Madhu tells him about her own childhood memories! She talks to him about his chant..! Paddo-Trish-Radha chant the mantra..!

Right then there is a knock on the door.. n Paddo opens n its RK! Radha asks.. RK ..! Trish pushes RK out n asks why he is here? Where is Madhu? What did he do! She threatens to kill RK! RK says.. he promises.. he will come to her willingly if anything happens to Madhu ..but nothing will happen.. will get her! Cops arrive! RK tells them that its MADHU .. he wants RESULTS!!

Part 2

Dips calls RK n he thinks its Madhu..! Dips asks RK where he is? RK cuts the call saying if he wanted to hear crap will call her! Dips is about to drink when Sikky comes n asks why call RK Madhu! Dips says..her first wish to a jeanie wuld b that may Sikkys name disappear!

Sikky tells Dips that she is a naughty girl..!

Part 3

RK tells cops that he will stay back at the chawl till Madhu comes..! All look on ..!!

Precap — BG – Tujhe bhula diya o… Madhu is lying next to Aryan n lost in thoughts of RK..!! RK is walking in the chawl lost in Madhus thoughts ..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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