Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi thinks how to bring Masterji’s reality in front of everyone. Rashi is about to go to sleep. Pari suggests her to come out with her and have icecream. Jigar brings icecream just then for Rashi. Pari takes it and says it is her favourite vanilla flavour. He gives it to her and takes Rashi with er to sleep.

Kokila is busy in the morning performing pooja closing her eyes. Paridhi sees her and takes video clip of her. She opens her eyes, sees Paridhi standing in front and drops pooja thali. She scolds Paridhi for entering temple without taking bath. Jigar sees that and rescues Paridhi saying she will learn soon. Kokila warns her not to enter mandir without bathing next time and leaves. Paridhi thanks Jigar. Rashi says to behave in front of Kokila. Paridhi says she will change Kokila like her.

Vidya asks Ahem when are they going to buy rakhi. He says today. She says I will buy 4 rakhis for Tolu, molu, pappu, and Meera as she thinks Meera is her brother. Ahem says god gave me 2 pretty daughters and takes them for breakfast.

Gopi takes a rakhi and thinks she will tie it to Rashi and clear their fight.

Dhaval gives money to Kinjal and asks her to buy gifts for Meera and Vidya and says he will buy sarees for Rashi and Gopi. Urmila gets annoyed hearing that and asks him to give them greeting cards instead and says till now only Rashi used to get gift and now Gopi and her daughters have joined forcefully. Kinjal says total gift amount is far less than her cosmetic expenses.

Gopi checks masterji’s cupboard and is shocked to see her and Ahem’s pictures and thinks why is he keeping these, that means he came here with a plan. She sees masterji’s mobile and calls his wife from it. His wife picks it and Gopi asks who is she. Wife asks she has called her, so she should tell her identity. Gopi asks her name and she says Anuradha Anurag joshi. Gopi asks why did masterji leave you. She says he left me for you and starts scolding her. Gopi hears masterji’s footsteps and hides. Master says to get Gopi, dunno what all he has to do. Gopi is stunned to hear that, but goes out of room. She thinks if she tells about master’s plan, Rashi will think she is again trying to get master out, so she will speak to Rashi first.

Urmila shows Madhuben 2 sarees and asks to select one. Once she selects one. Irmila says this is your raksha bandhan gift and asks her not to expect more from her brother. Kinjal asks Urmila about the sarees she kept for servant. She says she does not know. Madhuben brings sarees from her room and says Urmila gave it to her as a rakhi gift. Kinjal gets annoyed hearing that and says she has stoop to such a low level.

Gopi informs Rashi about master’s plan. Rashi says she does not believe her. Gopi says she has proof. Rashi says she will not believe even then. Hetal, naani, and paridhi come there. Paridhi sees Kokila’s pooja ladoos and eats them. Kokila scolds her for having ladoos without performing pooja and scolds Rashi for not stopping Paridhi. Paridhi jokes she will speak to her god and eats more ladoos. She even jokes that if Kokila eats ladoos, she will gain more weight. She then hugs her and apologizes. Kokila asks her to respect elders and to stop behaving wierdly.

Precap: Gopi says Masterji that she knows about his plan. Masterji asks nobody will believe you, especially Rashi. Gopi challenges that Rashi will thow you out in 24 hours.

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  3. parhidi and jigar’s wife… nooooooo pls…. hope they disclose masterji’s intention and bring a happy ending to the serial.. its been too long dragging it.. making them act like dumb which is actually too non realistic…

  4. Just hoping they will end this soon and get a new serial 🙁

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  7. Nooooooooo…….I can’t imagine paridhi in Rashi’s place….poor kids now they’ll miss their cute,pretty mom who used to support them n get chocolates for them….but why can’t this Gopi explain the thing to Rashi in a friendly way……stupid kokila…and now I want the same kokila who used to be like a dumb lady after meera’s death she must behave like that only after Rashi……no changes it must be same to same….. Writerji….!!”kill this kokila instead of Rashi……..idiot always keeps on shouting on others…..if I were in the place of Rashi I might have given a tight slap…idiotic serial….please take my comments in a positive way….

  8. Pari is disgusting to do thinks without bathing first n she supposed to be a city girl? yuck

    1. *things*

  9. Everything else is fine.. but why parhidi as jigars wife. .it should’ve been the girl from sasural simar ka..i love her shes preety and much suitable for that character. Parhidi is a kid.. and its iirritating thinking her as his wife. .please telly update let saathiya team know that fans are not happy with parhidi.

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