Ek Mutthi Aasman 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kamla comes upstairs and says vitthal left home in anger today. I don’t know what to do. Once kalpi will come he will handle everything herself. kalpi comes inside the chowl. SHe tries to recall the moments she has spent there. She wanders in. Kamla is in balcony, she wonders what is suhana doing here. Kalpi touches the café front. People look at her wonder who she is. Kalpi looks at the chowl temple. Kamla comes downstairs. Kalpi’s head hurts and she faints. Kamla holds her and asks pakiya to take her home. Manda and kamla take her home.
The driver is looking for suhana. He calls sanjay and says yes I will look at temple. He says yes I will call dheraj as well.

kamla massages her hands. Manda says you have suffered helping one rich girl already kamla tai. pakiya comes and asks pundit ji if they know the address of suhana. Sanjay and dheraj come there too. Pakiya tells thme that he is in chowl and she fainted.

Kalpi opens her eyes. Kamla syas don’t worry you are in my house everything is fine. Sanjay says suhana are you okay ? Thank God you are fine. we were so worried for you. he hugs her. Kalpi says I was walking and suddenly I fainted. She saved me. Sanjay says thanks to kamla. He says you don’t know you have done me a favor. Kamla says I just did it for humanity. Pakiya gets a call Dheraj gives some money to kamla and says take it as a gift from us. If you ever need anything ask us. We will feel glad to help you. Kamla says there is no cost of humanity. We work to ear. sanjay recalls her massaging kalpi’s feet. he recalls pundit ji telling him that she can take care of suhana. Sanjya says you can work in my house as a maid of suhana. Kalpi says please don’t say no I will feel good If you come. Kamla nods. Kalpi prays. She finds a rakhi there. She asks whom does it belongs to / Kamla says its my son’s. My daughter kalpi isn’t here so I thought I will bind him the rakhi.next year when kalpi will be here she will bind it. Kamla says she is the same girl I found at temple. Kalpi says can I ask something ? If you people don’t mind can I bind him the rakhi ? Kamla says why not. kamla gives her the arti. Kalpi does the arti of pkaiya and ties the rakhi. pakiya gives her a small sculptor and says God will always be with you. Kalpi says this is so good I will keep it in my room. Sanjay says can we go now ? Kamla nods. kamla asks her to take care of herself Sanay says please come tomorrow to kamla.

Scene 3
kamla is sleeping in her bed. and so is kalpi. kamla recalls how she met her at the temple and how she saved her. Kalpi is thinking about her as well. Kamla gets up. Kalpi sleeps on the floor as she can’t sleep on the bed. Kamla says kalpi please come everything will be fine once you come.

Scene 3
pakiya says to vitthal baba I ahev two three interviews today. I hope it works. Kamla says in heart they are so worried I shouldn’t tell them. but how will everything run if I don’t work. Kamla says I am going to temple. Vitthal laughs and says nothing happens by going to temple. if your God can return my kalpi then you cn go to temple. Your wish might not come true but your hope will. Kamla says in heart I am lying to my husband and son but I have no other option.

Precap- Kalpi says I don’t know what I would like to eat. Kamla tells her some Marathi dish. Sanjay says no she doesn’t eat those dishes. kalpi says no I wanna eat. Kala makes it for her. Dheraj gives kamla the medicines and asks her to give it to her thrice a week.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Just crazy, what a nonsense about plastic surgery which is done on the face. Turns out as asha who is so fair. Ok fine agree face change fair but what about her body also plastic surgery ah.body also turn fair. Not logic. Now ema not interesting anymore, no more excitement to watch ema

  2. My god ek mutti aasmaan has lost it touch,bring back Kalpi and Raghav, they should not be dead !!!! BUT THE WRITERS SHOULD CATCH A WAKE UP!!!
    how boring!!! I used to be glued to the Tv,now watching another TV sereial.
    one viewer thats me not going to watch:
    South Africa

  3. Good gracious, i can write better scripts than these people! Plastic surgery, recovery, not a scar in sight in just 13 days!! Give me the name of ANY plastic surgeon that can accomplish that! And where on earth is Raghav? Where is Neetu’s husband? Why is Paakhi not in jail? And really….a blue pill that makes you forget your memories?? I want one of those too so i can forget all my bad memories, especially the horrible writing and ridiculous twists in ths show. Come on guys, surely your own mentality is telling you this is a load of bulltwang served on a straw tray….do better please im paying for a service and im not in pre-school anymore where i believed in santa claus and the tooth fairy, do better and tie up these loose ends for heavens sake. Nothing but nothing makes any sense at all.

  4. Hmmmm get to the point ppl let the truth comes out

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