Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

the kids are playing cricket, with Radha batting and Sahil bowling. She looks at Ba walking and wants to hit ba, thankfully ladoo does not fall, but Radha manages to switch the ladoos. Ba does not see this though.

At Preeti’s office, Dhawal offers to help Preethi since the report is in Hindi.
Rashi is irritated because of the heat and wants to switch the AC on… but is seen by Koki… Koki as usual, comes over only to be asked by Rashi if Kok’s had the prasad. Kok’s confirmed that yes, she had it, but during conversation, Rashi realizes that Koki does not remember anything and hence the medicine is not working. A panic call to Gopi and both decide to wait a couple of days wait and then check.

Urmi overhears Ahem talking about business, and gets happy thinking of stealing 3-4 lakhs from the 20 Lakhs that Ahem was getting delivered there. Ahem thinks that the files that he needs are in Modi Mansion. Ahem discusses this with Gopi, tries to call Jigar and when unsuccessful, decides to go over and get it.
Urmi is trying to distract Ahem all through.

jigar refuses to go into the house due to Koki and asks that Ahem wait for morning. Urmi tells a surprised Ahem and Jigar that it is very easy to sneak into Modi Bhavan and takes Ahem into the kitchen through the window.
Ahem questions Urmi on how she knew how to get in and Urmi blurts out that the lock has been ruined since long… Ahem asks Urmi to wait and that he will go get the file back… Urmi meantime sneaks out to meet Rashi.

Ahem goes over to his room, switches on the lights and starts hunting for the files. The kids hear the wind and are scared, while urmi manages to wake up a sleeping koki by knocking over something inadvertently.
Urmi gets locked in the store room by the kids.

Koki walks to see the light… seeing this Ahem manages to hide out, while Koki switches the light off and locks the door.
Ahem, though he has gotten the file, cannot go out now. The kids come running back to their room screaming Bhooth… Gauri is trying to tell them there is no such thing as ghost.

Hearing the kids scream, Koki walks over and is told that there is a ghost in the store room. Koki goes with the kids to the store room to cross check, meantime, urmi finds an unlocked window and goes out escaping. Koki manages to hear the sound Ahem is making and turns to check, but AHem has managed to hide. The kids ask Koki to go to the store room, by which time Urmi is gone.

Koki sends off the kids to go sleep, and Urmi walks to find out where Ahem is. Urmi calls up Ahem to find out where he is, and Koki manages to hear the ring tone, after which conveniently Ahem’s phone runs out of battery. Urmi sees Koki going towards the room and is visibly scared. Hetal and Ba also end up running into Urmi and are told that Koki needs to stop before entering the room and that Ahem is in the room. Urmi runs out to hug Koki and in the melee Ahem escapes.

Precap: Ahem who is on a scooter is trying to avoid a kid that comes in front of his scooter and ends up hitting Koki… Koki starts blaming Ahem for the mishap and that he is trying to kill her.

Update Credit to: Abhita

  1. It is disgusted… Radha should b caught now…

  2. Radha will get caught wen baa is 100 yrs old n all d kids have grown up n have their own kids..!!!

  3. Please change the lines im fead up of all this

  4. Ridiculous. Absolutely ridicilous.

  5. Got fed up with same sequences!

  6. hw much more u writers are going to drag the story. You are ruining a sweet title, and a good story by stretching it. Enough of Radha kaandh , we dont have the patience to bear with the radha kaandh for more weeks.

  7. Hey bhagvan!!!!!!!!!Give me some patience so that I won’t break my TV …..kya bakwaas serial hey Yaar there is no work for the characters in this serial other than running around roads,hospitals and police stations. What are the writers thinking to do with this serial story.if it continues like this only all our audiences will becomes kokilas n forgets watching the serial!!!!!!!!!!
    ******In the upcoming episodes we will see modi family going to picnic for their kuldevi temple where koki gets her memory back n reveals the truth about Radha n tripti.hope at least this will become true by gods grace.

  8. Stop this nonsense enough of radha’s stupid irritating face radha’s face is likr mouse so irritating change the sequence n get radha caught

  9. Plz display nice episode from when the omang and tripti were gone so after all drama is very bad plz called them again

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