Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni was talking to Raj on call, he says he wants to meet her. she says no way, she cant step out of her house. He says her father is bringing the solution to this problem himself. Suket knocks her door, she asks is everything alright. He tells her he went to his house. She gets worried. He says he is a hardworking employee and had a big accident; they should have gone there at least. He says his sister gave him this Prasad for you. Avni opens the box, there was a flowers exhibition pass in it.
Suket comes to the room and asks Bhawna is she alright. She says it is ok. He stops her and says it is for the first time that she didn’t ask him for tea. he says he always get to know about what is going on in her life. she gets worried had the nurse called him. Suket apologizes Bhawna for burdening her not to talk to Akshit and keep an eye on Avni. Bhawna says she has full faith on his decisions. Avni comes there and tells Bhawna that dad went to Raj’s house and brought this Prasad.
Avni says there is an international flower festival and her teacher says she must attend it. Suket says she cant attend it except if Devika goes with her. Avni cheers saying Devika will pick and drop her as well. Bhawna goes out saying she saw happiness on Avni’s face after so many days.
Avni and Devika come to festival. Devika tells her she will go and attend the lecture and Avni will go and meet Raj who is waiting her. Avni comes, Raj begins to fall but she holds him. He says they must bring Akshit and Arpita’s problem, as they helped them get married. He says if they get the licence to their marriage, then he will come to her home to ask for her official proposal. They goes to sit, Raj brings ice-cream for both. Avni cleans ice-cream from his mouth with her dupatta. Devika comes to say it is too late. Raj stops her but she says if she goes today in time, she will be able to come tomorrow also. She begins to leave; the stops to ask will their plan work. Raj says the way to them being together goes through this route. Raj sees Avni going, he says if you love me, you will turn to look at me. He waits, before sitting in the car she turns around and waves at him. He says you are so stupid although you know well she loves you.
Sanvri calls Pratab to tie a necklace. He recognizes it as the one she gave Arpita on wedding. She says she brought it from bank. He says he won’t go to the pooja of her friend with her wearing this necklace. He tells her to listen to her heart and think if they are doing all right with Arpita.
Avni comes to the kitchen, and asks happily if they are making ‘Karwa- karela’ which is Aksit’s favourite. Bhawna tells the cook not to make them but Avni insists. Avni then points at Arpita to learn making them from maa. Arpita begins following Bhawna’s steps. Avni tells Gopal kaka that maa knows only Akshit bhaiya likes lemon on karela not her, still she poured it. Bauji says one should try doing a work till you get completely hopeless. Arpita thinks she should make Bhawna read the letter of Askhit’s Award, she wont be able to stop herself.

PRECAP: Arpita comes downstairs with the letter. Bhawna was sitting on the sofa. Phone bell rings, Bhawna is worried to pick it up. Arpita wonders why isn’t she picking up the phone.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Baawre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid story I hate this

  2. ye prob kab solve hogi..or raj or avni fir kab pehle jaise milenge???

    paicence nahi hota ab..

  3. Precap is wrong plz update the right one.

  4. i like this serial and totaly crecter

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