Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2013 Written Update

Kokila thanks Urmila for getting new diapers . Urmila brings one woman and tells that she is pregnant and so she brought her to meet Rashi. Kokila is fine with it . Here Rashi is telling Meera that her name is so beautiful unlike her sons names . Urmila brings that lady and Rashi says she’s pregnant ? and congratulates her . Urmila says she has 2 daughters so this time she wants a son so she brought to her . Rashi says she believes that whoever has children are lucky. Urmila says Rashi to touch the lady’s stomach so she will get sons but before Rashi could touch Meera touches and the lady starts crying . She says she will get a daughter this time too. Urmila shouts at Meera . Gopi sees this and tells Urmila to stop it. Gopi asks Urmila what she’s saying and girls are never unlucky. Urmila says Gopi to keep quiet but Gopi says her to. Gopi tells they had never made a difference in boys and girls and its a belief which is false. A child is a blessing from god and one should accept it . Rashi agrees to what Gopi says .

Kokila is here seeing all what is happening . Gopi says what is wrong with girls . What is unlucky about girls ? They even care for the family and help whenever needed Urmila says her to keep quiet and Rashi to just touch her stomach . Rashi says she will not . Urmila forces her to . Gopi says to stop all that as it will not work in modi mansion. Rashi says she agrees. Kokila who is seeing all this is glad about Gopi.

Urmila is at home blabbering about whatever happened. She bumps to Kinjal who came to take biscuit . Kinjal says her to fix the kitchen pipes or else she wont work there and says she has ordered for food . Dhawal comes with food . Kinjal notices that the bill is for 340 and she gives to Urmila and tells her to pay as she is the one who is not fixing it. Dhawal says to leave it and have food . Urmila says she will not have food. Kinjal says then leave it and takes Dhawal to their room to have food.

Gopi asks Meera what she wants to do and she brings a book about Kanaji . Ahem says Meera loves the book. Gopi reads the book for Meera and Ahem is admiring both. Ahem picks Meera up and kisses her. Ahem says he have to go for a meeting and waves goodbye . Gopi and Meera too waves good bye

Here chawl people comes and tells Urmila to fix the leakage in her kitchen . Urmila says its not in her kitchen and they says that they have checked all the houses and this house is remaining. They further tells that if it don’t get fixed power will go off from the whole society . They tries to go and check but Urmila closes the door on their face.

Hetal and Urmila are trying to make the babies sleep. Rashi calls the babies tolu molu and Hetal says it sounds cute when Rashi says that. Kokila tells Meera to come with her so she can play with her brothers . Gopi tells she too has to go and give calcium pills to Rashi.Urmila tells that she told Rashi to give birth to boys and she did too . After all the boys will be the ones who will take care of business and Meera cannot . Kokila comes and asks Meera what?. hetal who wasn’t giving much attention sees Kokila . Urmila changes the topic. Kokila says Rashi to rest and Gopi gives her the pills . Gopi tells Meera to come but she is in no mood to come . Rashi says to let it be as she’ll go and take a shower too . Rashi says there is some problem in her bathroom . Hetal says to go to her bathroom. Rashi and all others leave except Urmila and Meera . Urmila shouts at Meera for touching the babies. Meera starts crying. Urmila runs out from the room and the door get locked from outside . Kokila sees and asks who and who are inside and she replies the two babies and Meera. Kokila is shocked

Precap : I have to watch this but main one I guess was Urmila mistreats Meera . Ahem and Gopi who sees this is angry and kokila SLAPs Urmila

Update Credit to: Muskii

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