Suvreen Guggal 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 6th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Episode starts with Suvreen searching for Yuvi. She thinks to herself, if here love is true, then Yuvi would be infront of her eyes. She thinks again that all this stuff doesn’t happen in reality but is surprised to Yuvi. Yuvi syas something and Suvi asks if he is flirting with her. Yuvi tells that he only can tell what he feels. She asks him to tell. He tells her that she is the most beautiful girl not only in this party but all the parties in the city today. She smiles. She tells that the dress is given by someone special and someone thoughtful. He asks who. She looks like she was about to tell. A drunk Alisha maata comes there and tries to take Yuvi away. Yuvi tells that he needs to talk to Suvi for a minute and that he bought a gift for her, but in vain

In her cabin, Ira talks to her Childhood friend, Varun who seems to love her. Ira tells him that they arfe only friends. Varun asks her to close her eyes. She hesitates but does, he comes closer to kiss her when RC enters. Ira and Varun look at him. He tells that he’s sorry to disturb, places the glasses and champagne and leaves. Ira goes behind him.Ira tells RC that Varun was just her childhood friend and that was Jolly’s surprise. RC tells that everything is okay and that he’s actually happy that Ira has someone for her. He tells that he thought it was awkward after everything has happened and that it would stain their friendship but feels good to see her with Varun. RC leaves and Ira just sheds tears from her eyes..!

Matha Alisha takes Yuvi and they’re alone. She asks him why he always goes gaga over Suvi and why can’t he see what she has done for him. She also asks him why he cannot hang out with her and love her. She tells him that Suvreen has Samar and that he has gifted the outfit. Yuvi gets angry.

Part 2:

Yuvi goes out to see Suvi and Samar dancing. They also pose together for the pics. Suvi sees Yuvi and waves at him. But he’s angry. She notices it and goes to him. She asks him what happened? He shows her the gift he bought and tells her about it but also tells that she liked the dress better. He turned to go when Samar stops him and tells him there’s nothing like what he’s thinking and asks him to feel at ease. Yuvi Punches him and he retaliates but tells that he wouldn’t punch Yuvi because he’s a model. But Yuvi tells he can punch Samar. Suvreen shouts to stop. RC, Ira and Jolly comes and asks what was happening. Samar tells them that no one would now ask why punch was missing in the party. He goes back asking to start the music. Yuvi and others leave.

Part 3:

Suvi goes to Yuvraj and asks what was he doing. He asks her why she was dancing with Samar. She tells that it was just a dance and they posed because journalists asked them it. She tells him it was just an act and tells that it’s her office and Samar’s her boss and that he has to even make this a mess. Yuvi tells that she need not dance with Samar. She tells that she only danced with him and didn’t kiss him. Yuvi tells that she cannot see the concern he has for her in his eyes. He tells tha, even now, all she cares about is Samar and not him. Suvi tells that Samar was the one who got punched and asks him if she was supposed to ask about his hand. Yuvi tells that they had chemistry in their dance. Suvi asks him if he is telling that she is cheating on him. She asks him if he is doubting her. She tells that she didn’t expect this from him and leaves. Yuvi stands there and Maata Alisha enters the place and looks at Yuvi.

Precap – RC tells every one that he has a good news. He tells that they’re supposed to design red carpet collection to a famous star who goes to film festival and puts Suvi and Alisha in a team and rest in another. Maata Alisha tells Suvreen to back out as she must have not wanted to work with her. Suvi tells that she likes challenges and asks Alisha to bring it on!

Update Credit to: SomerholicGirl

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