Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts off with Gopi saying that Raashi is feeling better because Jigar is taking good care.

Further Gopi and Jigar are shown taking good care of Raashi. Children are separated from the mother who is sick. Turns are taken by the Modi family, including Baa and Jigar, to look after the twins. They are separated because the twins could get sick.

Hetal brings food to Jigar and Jigar refuses to eat saying that he is not hungry. Urmilaa comes in and creates a scene, saying that Modi family is showing false affection and love. Raashi looks disturbed, Madhu comes in and shuts Urmilaa up, Urmilaa goes out of the room.

Sometime later Gopi brings juice to Raashi and Raashi vomits after drinking it. Kokila takes care of Raashi, cleanses the waste, she asks Jigar to step aside when he was about to clean the waste.

Urmilaa once again comes in from nowhere and begins her tirade against Modi family. Kokila asks her to shut up sternly. Reluctantly Urmilaa leaves.

Kinjal is doing something muttering to herself that because of Raashi She cannot do a proper puja festivity. Kokila comes over and says that Kinjal by virtue of staying with her in law aunt, is turning out to be like her in law aunt. Kokila says to Kinjal speak sweetly. All these comments by Kokila stun Urmilaa and she is speechless.

Later Kinjal is taking something and Urmilaa stops her that festivities cannot be done or something to that effect. Hetal says that even though Raashi is ill but festivities should be on and Kinjal is right.

This starts another round of verbal fight. Urmilaa says her daughter was thrown out by Modi family, then they come over with artificial affection and love, her daughter falls sick. All this is because of Modi family. Her home festivities are facing hurdles. Urmilaa holds Modi Family responsible for all the ills and troubles. Hetal says that they want their child Raashi who is their own and Lakshmi of their family, they all care for Raashi. Much more is said and Hetal also says what kind of mother is Urmilaa, instead of uniting hearts and her daughter’s married life, she, Urmilaa is hell bent on breaking her own daughter’s home. This stuns Urmilaa.

Kokila,, tells Hetal that it is of no use talking and reasoning out with Urmilaa who does not have a heart, she is heartless, rather heart of stone.

Baa says some ritual of her home will not be held, after witnessing this horrific incident.

This commotion is heard by Raashi, in her sick bed.

In between Umaang flirts with Radha and wins her trust. Gives her a cellular phone.

After sometime Gopi finds that fever touched normal and Raashi feels better. All rush in ; checks out Raashi. Urmilaa comes in and showers her artificial affection. Then invites Raashi to do a kind of ritual and helps Raashi out of the bed.

Downstairs Raashi frees herself from Urmilaa and tells Jigar that they go home. Urmilaa is taken aback and questions why is Raashi going back to a family who threw out, Jigar who misbehaved with her, Raashi I mean.

Raashi tells her mother to keep shut. Further says to Urmilaa who is she, Urmilaa speaking ill off { ? } and then she goes round. First she goes to Kokila and says this aunt despite being ill she took care of her, Raashi. Then Baa’s turn, despite her old age took care of her babies. Hetal showed full of affection and love, just like a mother shows to a daughter.

Finally Jigar who took care of her – his wife – tending and caring day and night.

Hence Raashi is going back to her home and family who care and have fondness for her.

Raashi says she will do the ritual puja at her home, Modi Home.

Episode Ends On Raashi’s Confident Face ! ! !

Preview :- Kokila tells Urmilaa that a Home is built on love and affection, not with money. Kokila takes a few steps forward and turns round and says that Urmilaa is forgetting something.

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