Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam calling Deepak to tell him how much they need him. Vandana stops her. Poonam tells them that Akash is emotional and did not think before taking the decision. Akash comes to his parents and Shashikant and Mangla scold him for not asking them before taking such a big decision. Akash argues with them saying Prabhunath and Vandana need me as they have no one with them. Mangla tells him to think about the society, they will laugh on them and us, what will we answer them. Akash says why to worry about the society, do they help us in the hour of need, then why should we think about the society and not be dutiful towards our loved ones. Kanno taunts Akash and says its only because of Poonam. She speaks against Poonam and says she has taught all this to Akash.

jai also speaks against Akash and tells Shashikant I think Akash is going out of this world. Dadi explains Akash that we are not asking you to ignore them but they also won’t agree to stay here with us. She says it an insult for them if they stay in our house as its Poonam’s in laws house. She says think about them, not about us. Kanno tells Dadi why to think about them. She insults them. Akash gets angry. Kanno says if we ask them to stay here, they will happily agree. Akash says Bhabhi…. jai scolds Akash and asks him not to forget he is talking to Kanno. Akash tries to explain Shashikant saying imagine yourself at their place and Sudhir at my place. Shashikant says it won’t happen with us, and its my son’s duty to take care of me, not Sudhir’s.

Akash argues with them and says I don’t think this. Shashikant asks him by whose permissiong did you take this decision, this house is mine and I’m the head of the family. Akash says I also have some right in this house and I can make my decisions. He asks Dadi what am I doing, their son is not with them, how will they stay alone. He says they must have some support and I m trying to be that support because I think son in law is also a son. Mangla is shocked. Everyone looks at Akash. He says I want them to stay with me, where I live. He tells Mangla try to understand I can’t leave them like I can’t leave you. Mangla says they should also agree to stay here, else think you will be forcing this decision on them too which is wrong which you will realize soon.

Akash says I think you all will accept this decision soon because this decision is not wrong. He says one day will come when you all will tell me that my decision was right, and I did right keeping Poonam’s parents here. He says I will wait for that day because I have full faith in me and my loved ones. Mangla looks at him. Akash leaves and comes to Poonam. Poonam asks him why did you do this, without saying me. She says you know here everyone insults my parents, I know no one likes them here, then how could you think of keeping them here, why, don’t you think about their respect, don’t you care about their feelings. Akash says I care for it thats why I want them to stay with us, as they are my parents.

He explains Poonam and says if they need anything at night, what will they do. Poonam says I know you want to take care of them, but this is Deepak’s duty, let him do this. Akash says Deepak is not with them, so we have to do this duty. Poonam says I respect your feelings that you want to see them happy, but think how will they feel and your parents think about them. She says I know you do your duties well but think about them, what they want, where they get peace, we have to think about that. She says thats why I decided we will shift to Lucknow instead of jai and Kanno. Akash says this cannot happen. Poonam asks why.

She says I told you about this. She tells him that she always thought that I will marry in Lucknow so that I can be close to my parents and care for them. Akash says I can’t leave them alone and about Lucknow, I don’t know who will go there, what till then. Poonam says but… Akash says no Poonam….

Akash explains Poonam how much parents need us at this age. Poonam says you are not getting my point. He says I don’t want to understand, you were not there when I was running in the hospital to find them out, when I was asked to see in the morgue. Akash says I can’t tell you what I went through. He says I faced this all alone. He says I don’t want this to happen again in our life. He says I don’t want you to go through this, so I can’t let them go out of my sight. He says when I married you, I knew what you wished. You accepted my parents and I m doing the same. I care for their self esteem, trust me, its our dto make them feel as they used to in Lucknow. He says my family is not bad, when everyone stays together, then you see how things change. They will accept them as their family. He says Poonam, it will take some time.

He says I made my decision, don’t try to stop me or explaining me. He leaves. Poonam looks on. Akash comes to Vandana and Prabhunath. Vandana says what did you do, how can we stay here, why did you not ask us. Akash says I know I did not ask you before taking this decision and I m sorry for this. He says don’t ask me why I did this. He says I m your son, let me do my duty. He explains them can’t I take the decision which is necessary for you, why can’t I think about you, if Deepak was there in my place, would you doubt on him.

Akash tells Shashikant if Poonam’s parents go from this house, even I will leave from this house. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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