Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premlatha comes back home with Sona and asks her to show howmany gifts she bought her. Sona shows he precious sari, jewelry, and makeup kit. Premlatha asks Gopi why is her sari dirty and her face red as if someone slapped her. Gopi stands silently and thinks someone must be behind Premlatha, else how will she act so daring.

Gopi goes to Premlatha’s room and searches her mobile. Premlatha comes, thinks she is cleaning room, and says that is why Gopi is mad behind Gopi and calls her adarsh bahu. She walks out. Gopi continues searching, finds mobile, and tries to leave silently. Premlatha comes back and twists her hand and orders to give back he mobile. She slaps Gopi and asks her to be in her limits, else she cannot imagine how her maaji will be tortured.

Dharam gets engrasped in Meera’s thoughts. Gaura calls her. He does not reply. Durga brings tea for her. She throws tea on Durga and shouts she is so ugly that Dharam does not even look at her and is in Meera’s love. She then tries to slap. Dharam gets conscious hearing Gaura’s shouting and asks her to stop insulting Durga as he has promised Vidya and Shravan that Durga would get respect in this house. Gaura shouts because of Durga her son insulted her and tries to slap again. Dharam stops her and asks her to spare Durga.

Gopi asks Sona if maaji was with her whole time during cinema and shopping. Sona thinks she should not break daadi sa’s promise and says yes she was with her always. Gopi thinks she is lying. Premlatha hears their conversation and thinks whatever gopi tries, she cannot reach her maaji.

Dharam at his spice factory sits on a cot and starts looking at Meera’s pic on his mobile. Truck’s breaks fail and it crawls towards Dharam. Vidya is on mobile talking to Meera looking via balcony. She sees Dharam and shouts papa. Durga hears her shout and sees truck crawling towards Dharam and shouts. Truck hits cot and he falls down. It then rolls over Dharam and Gaura shouts nahi….

Precap: Premlatha orders Gopi to drink juice if she wants to save her maaji. Gopi hesitantly drinks juice.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Guys i think dharam’s part is over.Aab Keya hogare Tera kaliya(Meera)
    Dharam ko upor se dekh kar father in law,father in law karke nehi chillakar iss time pe usko bacha bi sakti Thi.Poor durga,thodi si 32 daat Keya dikha di gaura Ki chappal pitai start ho gayi.Duga kabhi bhi gaura Ki samne apki dry haasi maat Dena.Haasna ho toh room Ki andhari haasna,nehi toh chappal khaogi.

    Aab sona pe doubt???
    Aaj er ek baat mail leads ko dikhaya nashta karte Hu a.
    Kitna nashta khati he.Aagar un sabko role e nehi hain toh keu in sabko nashta khilakar nashta waste karti hain?un logoko nehi khilakar hamari,apki,sabki gopi bahu ko khilana cahiye.uski dimaag oor bhi jada tez hogi.

  2. Damn, i would rate today’s episode as a 10/10.

  3. I am confused, some please help. I thought I read that is the real Kokila with Gaura and the other witch. Am I wrong?? I thought the real Kokila was rescued.

  4. This will make Meera realize her love for Dharam… I hope so.

  5. Kokila’s acting is very good in this show.

    Gopi acts as if she is God, and always thinks she is right.

    Meera & Dharam relationship is utter nonsense. She loves him, and he loves her, so why is she always crying? Silly girl! What is she doing in the Modi house, she should be living with Dharam, he is her husband after all. Their part in this show is dragging, why make life harder for herself, she knows they both love each other, all she has to do is confess her love like he did. All she does is run away and cry. Stupid acting of Meera!

    1. I agree with you…meera is just wasting her time by crying,crying,crying….all unnecessary dragging…either she can confess her love for him and stay wit him or she can get divorce frm him…stupid meera!…

    2. You are totally right Nandhini! Meera is so stupid, because she already did confess to Gopi in Modi house that she loves Dharam, but i don’t understand why she keeps crying, because it is annoying, and very poor acting!

  6. Confused episode….what to do?????
    No Janu I didnt….heard…

    1. ok sweetu

  7. Meera loves Dharam but does not realize that… with the accident he will be injured and she will realize her love for him. Cant wait for them to get togather!!! it will be rocking. Love Dharam

    1. Hi abe, Meera realised long time ago that she loved Dharam, she confessed to Gopi in Modi house. The storyline wanted to drag thats all 🙂

  8. I thought Gopi was smart. She is actually stupid. She thinks she is such a heroine to fight this alone? Ahem will not forgive her if he discovers she knew Kokila’s suffering.

  9. I really like Dharam n meera jodi…

  10. I hope dharam dont die or leave the show n meera love him but dont realize it n now she will feel more for him n also gopi needs to someone wat going on

  11. I thought the real Kokila was rescued. Yes or no? Is this the real one or fake?


  12. Today episode was overall nice ??

  13. If dharam choose meera for his life.and if meera accept his love .so what is about durga’s life

  14. I think the real kokila is rescued

  15. Dheera rocks…. love this couple..hope meera confesses her love soon.

  16. Love Dharam meera. I know the telly updates is biased against them. Have noticed this whenever I read your written updates. Whatever. Meera will go running back to dharam now and will stop crying at last!

  17. yes i have noticed this too…they completly ignore dheera scenes in this episode..this should not be done..but lets see how can they ignore…running sequence scene…or may be they still will.Heights… !!!!!!

    1. may be TU team also hate couple of meera and dharam

  18. meera realize love for dharam thats conclusion of today’s episode

    1. I watched an episode before this, when Meera already confessed to Gopi that she loved Dharam, so she realised long time ago! 🙂

    2. ok Seema maybe i miss that episode. so……….

  19. Cool epi….where is todays comment box?????hi SNS

    1. Sweet can I be ur friend by any chance because I love nibir as much as you do
      Love nibir

    2. hi sweet do u know where is achu and athira (athu)??

    3. miss old days

  20. rocking episode

    1. bestum best sns

  21. I dont know Janu….Hey Couple Lover…yeah sure we can become frnds……I hope DhEera couple will unite… is blind…love is ageless…love is true….love is life’s turning point…..

  22. Hey buddies,where is todays episodes written update?What’s wrong with sns?
    comment. Of 7/2/2016 is here.

    First time dekha Ki koi truckki niche padkar bhi sref head paat Ti hain.Real life mein esa herogiri nehi chalta.Truckki niche girna toh dhur Ki baat, agar truck Ki hawa lagti hain toh kaha jakar girti hain patai nehi chalta.Good

    Meera itni din dharam Ki liye roti Thi.But today gopi usee dharam Ki paas jab bhej na chahti hain tab voh keh rahi hain “Maa aap bhi mujhe uss ghar Mein bhej na chah Ti hain?”.Meera Koto aab “It’s the time to disco” song per dance karna chahi hain.

    Gopi Keya aane Ki time par dimaag par chot pahi hain Keya?Voh hamari bechara Ahem vai ko bite kiya.Poor Ahem,saradin sref office or important meeting karti rehti hain.Calmly ghar par bhi sit nehi kar sakti hain Gopi Ki bite karne Ki bajase.

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