Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Zindagi Abhi Baaki Hai Mere Ghost 5th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Keith telling Veronica that his men have gone to kill Doctor and Yug. Veronica says I don’t care about them and asks what to do with Sophia. Keith says we will kill her too. She can die in swimming pool while swimming etc. Veronica smiles and says whenever you talk like this, I want to make love with you. Keith says really and laughs. Veronica looks romantically. Dadi teases the goons. They slap each other. Yug asks Aaji to leave them. Ria says they tried to kill you. The goons get shocked and ask if he knows black magic. Yug asks them to tell what is Keith’s plan.

Yadav slaps them repeatedly. Yug asks them to say the plan. The goons say that they got supari to kill him, and Keith have sent other goons to kill Doctor. Yug is shocked. Radha asks Yug not to get involved in all this, and says we don’t want justice. Yug says how can I sit idle at home. I will get Keith punished. The goon asks who is here? Other goon says he is talking to ghosts. Radha says you can’t go from here and says you have to listen to me being my son. The goons leave from there scared. Yug asks Radha to listen to him. Radha says you won’t go anywhere and will not follow Keith. She says she don’t care about their mukti and can’t risk his life. She says today Keith have sent the goons, tomorrow he might attack you in your shop. She says you won’t go anywhere.

Yug says I heard everything. What do you think that I will feel good after losing you, no, never. I don’t want you all to get mukti as I got someone close to me. I got my family now and don’t want to lose it. He says you will get mukti and will go far from me. He says do you know, why I am after Keith as I love you all…..I have seen your sufferings with my eyes. I want you to get freed of the suffocation and sufferings. What should I do? Shall I become selfish? No..! I can’t be selfish when I have accepted you all. Radha says but. Yug says I am your son….and asks her to accept her son’s sayings once. He says you gave me immense happiness and this is the chance for me to do something for you all. I will take care of my life. Yug cries and says I won’t let anything happen to your son.

Keith tries calling Ballu and tells Veronica that his call is not connecting. Veronica asks where did you send him. Keith says to Palekar Mansion. Veronica laughs and says Palekar Mansion are haunted and ghosts do stay there. Keith says seriously. Veronica says she has been hearing ghost story since 25 years and they are helping Yug. Keith asks her to get psychiatric treatment done. Veronica says I will, but where is Ballu. Keith says doesn’t know. Veronica says this Ballu might be unconsciously lying somewhere. Ria is seen tying the goons. She says what to do to them? He goons say that they can hear the voice, but can’t see anyone. They shout ghost………….and cries. Ria, Dadi and Yadav couldn’t stop laughing. The goon says where are you? Please forgive us. She has a small wife….and says we have done this crime for the first time and promises never to do this. Ria asks do you want to see me.

Suraj comes to Yug and says I know you have convinced Radha. I have supported you, but Radha is not right. We don’t want anything happen to you. Yug promises that he will be fine. Suraj asks what is his plan? Yug says I will go to old age home to meet Dr. Ashok. He says Dr. Ashok will be witness against Keith. Suraj says this proof is not enough and it doesn’t prove that he had killed us. Yug asks why does he change his name from Kishore Kadam to Keith Adams. Suraj asks what? What did you say? Yug says Dr. Ashok said that he is Kishore Kadam. He says he heard this name before, but couldn’t remember. Suraj says how can you forget it. He says do you remember three ministers were related to my Bustura bridge project, and Kishore Kadam is one of the minister.

Yug and Sophia come to the old age home and comes to know that Dr. Ashok died yesterday night. The nurse gives them file and says Dr. Ashok asked her to give it to them. Yug looks at the file.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Toooo sad for witness… and whole ghost family was sooo concerning….
    Feeling sad as only 5 episodes are left…..??????????

    Plzzzzz want to see happy ending only….

  2. Was such an emotional episode today, I felt really bad for Yug he got a family in the ghosts, I hope the makers don’t kill Yug n make him a part of the ghost family also that would be kind of weird and won’t make any sense, I just want it to be a happy ending , can’t tolerate sad endings

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